Heart’s Prince


Those blue eyes kept following me through the woods, he seemed curious and confused about my presence there. He took a step closer to me as it got darker around, I didn move back but looked at those beautiful eyes and hair touched by the breeze. Those eyes which I have never seen before, who are you? My heart beats were racing when he kept coming closer. I could feel my cheeks burn and turn pink but I couldn look away. I wanted him to be closer to me, more than anything now.

The morning Sun was shining bright and the cool breeze was passing through the open window into the beautiful royal bedroom, I was sitting on my bed with a wide smile on my face when Carli came into the room. Noticing my shy smile she asked ”Same dream again Princess? ”

Happier now in her presence, I just smiled and nodded yes.

”The same blue eyes? ”Carli asked, taking the Day gown off the hanger. It has always been the same dream many times now and she did seem to know it all pretty well.

”Ya but more irresistible now. ” I said looking out the window at the pretty view I never get fed up with.

Pulling off my Nightgown, she soon fixed the Day gown well on me with a smile.

”Carli, could he be my Prince? ” I wondered.

”He could be my Princess. Its time for the flower bath, we should get moving before its too late for breakfast. ”

Carli was young, of my age but pretty punctual and organised which Im not in my Palace at least. Sitting down for the Royal flower Bath I continued ”Carli do you believe he could be the one? ”

”Hopefully he is the one, I remember my grandmother say that the dreams we see are glimpses of our future that God shows us. Did you see his face this time at least? ”

”No, I wish I could. I would have been able to find him then ”

”Seems like its time to marry you off Princess. ” Carli couldn stop laughing.

”What? ”

”I must say Im happy and sad. We know each other from a very young age and youll be getting married when I grow old here alone or are you planning to take me along with you after marriage too? ”

”Can you come with me? Ill help you get married in secret. ”

”That can be a direct road to death, you know, personal maids of royals aren supposed to have a married life and family. ”

”They think that might make maids put their family before the royals in need, that they won be loyal any longer and have high chances of betraying and spreading rumours and royal secrets. But I don believe in all these, I trust you with my life. Lets break the rules. ”

”Speaking like me who knows you from childhood, Linstar, you have always been a rule breaker but now you are the Princess, soon to be Queen. Anyway I hope you marry the best of all Princes. ”

I wore my daily gown and we headed straight for breakfast. ”Its great here that its just us 10. Its more peaceful here than the palace, no restrictions or strict rules. I can always show the childish side of mine. I believe you all so much that I don even have to stay much alert around the way I did there. How bad has my fate been till now I must say a little palace on my own was definitely a blessing. Thanks to grandfather for asking my father to do this. It even made my stepmother go crazy. I needn even worry when bad mouthing her. I wish I never had to leave this place.My Prochea is so peaceful. ”

”You can definitely request the King Prochea too once you get married, this isn even a gift but a land in your name. You own it. ”

”Hmm….my father. That man is definitely in trouble whenever I ask him for something. Alisa does seem to make a lot of trouble already. That witch waited not so long to change her name to my mother when she died. I wonder how well she can put up that act of being a perfect mother to me in front of the whole kingdom. ”

Placing an assuring hand on my shoulder and giving it a light squeeze, Carli said ”Things will turn out the way you want pretty soon now. Sit down, My Princess, your food will be served. ”

Sitting down on the huge table filled with all the breakfast dishes, I looked over at Carli who was standing right beside me ”Carli sit with me please. ”

”Today too? ”

”Yes ”

Moving closer to my ears as the servants were serving she said ”Speak like a Princess, Linstar. Ill stand and watch. ”

”See its just us and Im pretty close to all of you. Please lets eat together. I know you had nothing since you woke up. ”

”None of us had anything since early this morning. We are all hungry so please finish the food soon so that we may eat. ”

”You are rude. ”

”Its the rule honey. ”

Finishing off the breakfast, it was already time for the practice session. While practicing archery under the bright sun but cool atmosphere listening to the birds chirping I suddenly noticed a messenger talking to the guards. He walked towards me accompanied by a guard, ”My Princess hes brought a message for you from the Palace, its from the King himself. ”

”Read it out aloud ” on hearing the command the messenger opened the message and started reading it. To Linstar, the Princess of Grensilas written on command of the King Dormos Grensil. You are asked to come to the Grensilas palace from Prochea immediately within the next two days as a grand party is being held for finding the best possible alliance for marriage which will be held at the beginning of winter which is two weeks away now. Hoping to see you soon. ”and also he asked me to inform the head guard to lock the palace down with just 2 guards to watch over as there won be a return of Princess back to Prochea anytime soon. ”

”What do you mean? I can …this was all too soon. I can come now. ”

”His Highness did know that the Princess might disagree so he told me to specially inform you that it isn a request from a father but an order from the King of Grensilas which you must follow. Im really sorry My Princess for bringing you news that is not so happy for you, please do forgive me. ” bowing down the messenger left immediately.

Leaving the practice session earlier than usual, I stood on my favourite spot in the palace, the balcony to the beautiful flower field behind which the beauty of Grensilas city could also be enjoyed. In the whole kingdom, my palace was the only place which is my favourite to be honest. Where I felt safe and could be myself, having to leave it within the next two days….was just unimaginable. I began to note down in my diary Here standing on my balcony, enjoying such a beautiful view which always calms me down but this time unlike other times I feel nervous and scared to leave my palace. I could say this is my shell and I had no plans to move out of it anytime soon. But it seems like I can deny it anymore; Im already twenty four years old, and completed my education last year. I have no excuse to say NO to my father anyway. He probably would have invited all the Royal families nearby so calling it off would be like calling out for war. Ill have to leave, but I don want to face the one whom I hate, Alisa. How can she live peacefully calling herself Lora Grensil, the great warrior queen of all times. Once the backbone of Grensilas, the strength and brain of Grensilas, my mother. Im sure she is the one who forced my father to send a message like this, that too after inviting royals and deciding the dates without even having a word with me.

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