Priya couldn stop thinking about Arav, even though she tried to focus on her relationship with Raj. She couldn shake the feeling that she had made a mistake by not pursuing things with Arav. She wondered if she would ever see him again, and if she did, what she would say to him.

One day, Priya and her mother were at a lavish shopping mall, browsing the racks of designer dresses and suits. Anjali was in her element, chatting with the shop assistants and trying on various outfits. But Priya felt out of place in the opulent surroundings, and she wandered away from her mother to explore the store on her own.

As she wandered through the aisles, Priya noticed a man standing near the back of the store, looking nervous and out of place. She recognized him immediately – it was Arav, the man she had met at the party.

Priya approached him cautiously, unsure of what to say. ”Arav, what are you doing here? ” she asked, her voice low.

Arav looked at her with relief and gratitude. ”Priya, thank god you
e here, ” he said, his voice urgent. ”I… Im trying to get inside this store to investigate some illegal activities, but the security guards won let me in. Can you help me? ”

Priya was shocked and intrigued by Aravs request. She didn know much about his work as a journalist, but she trusted him and wanted to help. She nodded and took his hand, leading him towards the back entrance of the store.

”Come on, I know a way in, ” she said, her voice low and urgent. ”But we have to be careful – the security guards are watching us. ”

Arav nodded, his eyes shining with determination and gratitude. He followed Priya as she led him through the back entrance of the store, and into the heart of the investigation.

Once they were inside the store, Arav quickly explained the situation to Priya. He was a journalist, and he had received a tip about some illegal activities taking place at the store. He had discovered that the store was employing children, and that they were being paid very little and treated poorly. He was trying to gather evidence to expose the truth, and he needed Priyas help.

”Priya, I know this is a lot to ask, but can you help me? ” Arav asked, his voice urgent and sincere. ”I need to take some photos and gather some evidence, but I can do it alone. Can you help me? ”

Priya felt a surge of outrage and fear. She couldn believe that such illegal activities were taking place right under their noses, and she wanted to help expose the truth. She nodded, her eyes shining with determination.

”Yes, Arav, Ill help you, ” she said, her voice low and resolute. ”I want to expose the truth and make a difference, just like you do. Lets do this together. ”

Arav smiled, his eyes shining with gratitude and admiration. He took Priyas hand and led her through the store, pointing out the various illegal activities that were taking place. They saw children working long hours in the back rooms, with little rest and no proper meals. They took photos and gathered evidence, moving stealthily and cautiously to avoid detection.

As they worked together, Priya felt a deep connection with Arav. She admired his passion and courage, and she felt proud to be helping him expose the truth. She didn know what the future held, but for the first time in a long time, she felt alive and purposeful. She squeezed Aravs hand and continued to help him gather evidence, determined to make a difference.

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