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Or rather, was Lin really the game world’s guide? An NPC?

It was impossible to imagine that such a calm and powerful Lin could be a demon god’s pet, or food.

Lin stared at him, the corners of his lips raised slightly.
“Do your best to clear the levels ba.
When you become stronger, I will tell you.
Before then, if you are in danger, you can escape here, to me.
Or, pretend you are a certain…pet of a demon god, from the upper sector.”

Ye Zun stared into those black and quiet eyes.
The other man told him such important knowledge, taught him how to survive the dangers of this world, and even provided him with a shelter.
Such precious kindness could not be repaid with a simple and lone thank you.

Finding himself unable to respond immediately, Ye Zun felt uneasy.
He lightly pursed his lips, and earnestly said, “I have memorised it.
Thank you, Lin, I will work hard.” 

He wanted to become stronger, and when Lin needed it, he would repay him properly, just like how the man treated him now. 

Although the man may not need it at all, as far as Ye Zun was concerned, if he couldn’t repay the other party, it was impossible for him to accept the priest’s kindness.

But he…really wanted to receive Lin’s kindness.

Lin’s dark pupils dilated from the obvious and refreshing, sweet and delicious aroma wafting in the air.
He had to put all his effort in suppressing the instinctive swallowing in his throat.

He appeared refined and courteous, gracefully nodding and saying with a smile, “You look very tired.
Go to sleep ba.
I am here, no one will come to bother you.”

Ye Zun really was tired.
The schedules in his part-time job of shooting commercials were often irregular.
Sometimes he didn’t have a single job offer for several days in a row, sometimes he had a large workload in a short period of time.
It was because of his work and rest lives being completely messed up that he suffered from insomnia after moving into a new home.

Then, he was dragged into this world…

The young man rested his head on his arm and quickly fell asleep, his breathing becoming deeper and more steady.

After he fell asleep, the whole church was restored to its true appearance.

Lin stood there, looking down at the thick blood on the carpet, soaking the soles of Ye Zun’s feet.
He turned sideways slightly and looked at the giant demon corpse not far behind him.

Perhaps it was due to the night falling, but the light in the eyes that Ye Zun thought to be the same as beautiful black crystals immersed in clear spring water were flooded by an ice-cold shadow.
The crystal-clear mountain spring turned into a bottomless, desolate swamp of death.

“If I knew, I would have never killed it.
Now I have to deal with this.”

From the flesh and blood of the demon god, translucent crystals continually rose into the air like fireflies before vanishing.

The gore and blood on the ground gradually melted into dust and soil.

There was a faint breathing.
For him, devouring power was no longer a necessity.
On the contrary, to eat stuff he was uninterested in and subsequently becoming very sleepy was also a tedious thing.

That pair of dark and shadowed eyes returned to their drowsy and bored state again.
Their owner turned around and walked to stand in front of the sleeping youth, taking a seat opposite him and propped his chin on a hand to stare at the human’s sleeping face with curiosity.

The person was very sensitive.
Something seemed to have triggered a fear, and even in his sleep, he slightly struggled with agitation. 

The Abyss slowly cast his quiet eyes down and lightly sniffed.
“Smells really good.”


Ye Zun slept very well that night.
Even though his sleeping situation and posture were strained, when he woke up, he felt that his mind and body had been fully restored.

Ye Zun stood up and stretched his limbs for a while.
“En, where’s Lin?”

There was only Ye Zun in the church.
He didn’t know if it was because he hadn’t paid attention to it before, but he somehow felt that the church was much more dilapidated than his previous impression.

But it may also be because of the priest.
When a person who was too perfect appeared in some situation, even a poor shack would shine.

Ye Zun’s eyes that were roaming around paused.
Feeling that his shoulders were a little heavy, he tilted his head down to look, and his pupils suddenly dilated.

He didn’t know when, but right now, there was a sleeping little white snake lying on his shoulder.

The little white snake coiled into a ball, sleeping soundly.
It didn’t even fall off when Ye Zun got up to energise his body.

“Why are there snakes in such a place?!”

After his last movement, Ye Zun has since kept his body frozen in place.
Even the trembling exclamation was spoken in a quiet voice.

Even so, the little white snake was still disturbed.
It raised its head, confused and innocent, the rounded mouth and eyes opening one by one as if it was yawning.
The snake suddenly couldn’t balance itself and toppled over, following Ye Zun’s body all the way as it fell down in its dizzy state.

It obviously should be very scary, but at that moment, the snake was incredibly cute.
Not knowing why, Ye Zun raised a hand to catch it.

The little white snake didn’t care if his hand missed the target.
With a sweep of its tail, the tail entangled Ye Zun’s wrist and it continued to sleep without the slightest warning.

It was supposed to be a terrifying existence, but this snake was too beautiful and its yawning appearance was so cute that the person seeing it forgot to be afraid.

The little creature fell asleep in his own hands with peace of mind.
This feeling of being trusted was not just cute.

Ye Zun felt his heart float every so slightly.

“It’s so cute ah.
Looks like it is a domestic pet snake.” He carefully raised the hand with a snake-wrapped wrist and tentatively touched the blunt round head and neck of the little white snake with his other hand.
His fingertips touched the scales that were as cold as jade and he was not attacked.
Instead, the little snake nudged against his fingertips.

Being trusted and approached by a dangerous beauty bred a strange sense of security that paralysed the true fear.

At this moment, darkness suddenly descended, swallowing Ye Zun’s vision.

In the darkness, Ye Zun’s eyes opened wide.
He even hugged the little white snake subconsciously.

A greyish-white translucent dialogue box emerged with the familiar red letters, like the sound of chalk rapidly writing on a blackboard:【 Welcome to the Demon God’s Amusement Park, the game has begun.

【 Please select to accept the invitation: single player game or multiplayer game? It is recommended to select a multiplayer game, which is more suitable for novices to survive.

Ye Zun, without hesitation: “Single player.”

In this kind of place, people were much scarier than ghosts.

The darkness retreated quickly and Ye Zun found himself in a dark and small room.

The light grey, translucent dialogue box emerged in the air:【 Your name is Nogawa Kaoru*.
One night, you suddenly hear a quarrel, and when you wake up the next day the world starts to become strange.
You find that some people around you are ghosts… 】 

[T/N: name: 野川薰, in pinyin: Yechuan Xun]

The dialogue box and the red letters gradually melted into a sentence of blood-dripping words——

【 On the seventh day, Nogawa Kaoru’s body hung from a rope in the air… This time, can you break the fate of death? 】

Ye Zun blinked, hugging the small white snake around his wrist, withstanding the chill that overcame his entire body.
“Are you the priest’s snake? Don’t be scared, I will return you to your owner’s side.”

The little white snake opened its eyes then quickly closed them again, rubbing its head against his slightly unsteady fingers.

The author has something to say:

Snake language translation: Smells so good!

(It’s actually not “don’t worry”?!)

For the Demon Lord of the Abyss, emotions bred from fear are very delicious ah.

This copy is scary, but there is a little white snake acting as a bodyguard ah.

The original setting was a little black cat, but a little angel drew a little black cat and a planet of roses for the previous story*, so I gave up the idea.

If it is a little black snake, it will look dangerous from every angle and Ye Zun will not put down his guard in such a short time, so it should be a little white snake.

[T/N: 给上一本的猫刹刹画了张小黑猫和玫瑰星球: not sure what this means because it refers to a previous novel]

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