Having the Same Name as the Demon Lord of the Abyss

Demon Lord of the Abyss

In the church, the two-meter-tall demon looked down at the man on the chair and his four heads growled at the same time, vaguely speaking a strange and dark language.

“My lord, the great Demon Lord of the Abyss, this seraph salutes you*.”

[T/N: first, the demon’s saying it like his name is Seraph/撒拉弗, but i just used ‘this seraph’ (like in cultivation novels).
second, the seraph uses honourable ‘you’]

The man who finished reading was still sitting, leaning back on the chair then slowly turning his head to look at him.

On a face so handsome it rendered people breathless, there was a pair of black eyes.
Those eyes were like the bottomless abyss: pitch black, cold, and silent, They looked at their subject without a ripple of disturbance, like the gloomy reflection on the water’s surface after death arises.

Since he was sitting, when he looked at the towering demon, he had to raise his chin slightly.

When the Abyss looked at a person, there was also the same bottom-to-top perspective*, devouring all things and any light that tried to view him.

[T/N: like a tall shadow that is always covering him]

The man had a soothing voice that made him sound like he was close to falling asleep at any time; lethargic and indifferent.
“For you to come here, could there be any interesting new games for the demons?”

After speaking, those slender fingers tapped randomly on the page.
He muttered, “Come closer to talk, it is too noisy.”

The demon with four heads lowered them, and the giant black alien being turned into an adult male of 1.95 meters.
He had a pair of dark red eyes and a bald head, with a face that was strangely handsome and intimidating.

The demon who turned into a human form came in front of him respectfully and began to speak, his voice like countless depressed whispers in the chaos, quiet yet containing endless horror.
“Since you fell asleep, the demons who lost their restraint had started a carnival.
The time had arrived, but you did not return as expected.
Now, the demons think you have fallen into a dream of emptiness and are in the process of killing each other for the position of the new Demon Lord.
Are you not going to stop it?” 

The man turned the page again, reading the contents with the same attitude as before, absent-mindedly saying, “Why should it be stopped? Is this not very good?”


The man’s elegant voice was tranquil, with a touch of cold sleepiness, “It doesn’t matter how disorderly it is.
I’m tired of watching the demons’ game.
Even if they are given another chance, there are no new tricks to view.
When the fighting escalates more, maybe there will be something new.
At that time, if it’s interesting, I will go and take a look.” 

While speaking, those eyes remained focused on the pages of the book.
In the middle of the conversation, he even maintained his reading speed.
The man turned a page.

It seemed that this omnipresent​​《 Holy Covenant 》caught his interest more than the news of the demons’ melee.

The demon lowered his body respectfully, whispering with the voice of countless dark monsters pinching their throats, “Then, will you continue to fall asleep?”

“En, I will sleep for a while more.” There was already a hint of fatigue in his low voice, as if he was about to fall into a deep sleep at any time.

The demon’s lowered head slowly lifted, revealing the pair of dark red eyes.
With the voice of countless whispers pinching their throats, he couldn’t hold back the urge to express his long-held ambitions, “Since you are so tired, it would be better to let someone else sit in the position of the Demon Lord ba.”

The man still sat there, until the book in his hand was turned one page over.
Then he lifted his head slightly.
As if he had briefly overheard a joke, he raised an eyebrow and looked at him.

But the curvature made from the corners of the lips fell before a smile could be formed, leaving only a dull and uninterested expression.
“Do you want to sit in it?” 

Once the man finished speaking, his eyes fell back down on the book page again, paying no mind to the topic at hand.

The look on the demon’s face screamed danger.
The ambition and the uncontrollable fury caused the flesh to twitch.
The human form extended outward with large swaths of flesh leaking out like writing ink.

“We are all demons, why can’t I become the Demon Lord?” 

[T/N: I’ve been using ‘demons’ for 魔神 and ‘demon lord’ for 魔主.
If there are titles every demon is a ‘demon deity’ and the Abyss is the ‘demon God’]

The human-shaped bald head burst into three heads belonging to the demon.
Each head produced a terrifying deep roar.
“Lin • Ilya • Ye, since everyone already thinks you are dead, you* might as well go die ba! Stay forever beneath the abyss, and never wake up!”

[T/N: no longer using honourable ‘you’]

The seraph gradually transformed back into the two-meter-high alien-like form; a man changing into a monster.
The shadow cast from the great height enveloped the man below.

“This church was built for you, and it shall be the burial place of the great Demon Lord of the Abyss!” 

From the cross-shaped window in the dormer, the holy light that burst forth in an instant illuminated the room, pulling the entire church into a world of light.

Like the creation of the world, the kingdom of heaven depicted in the colorful stained glass above their head reappeared.
A pure hymn resounded, as if there were millions of angels fluttering their wings, descending from heaven to conquer the Demon Lord of the abyss and hell.

The demon lord who was besieged by the holy light still sat on the chair, only raising his hand at the moment of the sudden onslaught of light to block the brightness.
He frowned slightly and looked down at the《 Holy Covenant 》in his hand, as if he only felt unhappy when this sudden and excessive bright light interrupted his reading. 

“In the humans’ beliefs, seraphim are burning angels, but…” He slowly closed the book, raised his eyes to meet the demon who had revealed his true face, blinked, then sighed slowly.
“If there really are seraphim, an existence with four heads and six pairs of wings will indeed be considered a monster ah.” 

On the almost mystically handsome face, the corners of those rosy lips were raised, but those black eyes as dark as the abyss held no smile, only the cold, lifeless dreary fatigue.
They stared directly into him.

Looking from the bottom to the top, with eyes that didn’t find such a sight worthy of showing visible disdain; with eyes that were looking at the dead.

The demon went into a crazed rage, flapping his flesh-colored bone wings that were packed with the desire to attack, but rather than an attack, it was more like an uncontrolled resistance in the face of a death threat.
“Ahhhhhhh just die ba!” 

The holy light falling on every surface became more and more incandescent, the absolute light almost annihilating all existence.
The surging hymn vocalised notes, and every sound seemed to pierce and burn all darkened souls.

The man calmly stood up from the chair, staring at him with his gloomy, half-shut eyes for a moment.
He stretched out a hand towards him.

Like the Abyss sending out an invitation to the evildoer who wants to step into it.

The next instant——

The cross formed by the light coming through the dormer turned upside down at that exact moment.

The pure and passionate hymn instantly distorted into the murmurs of demons of this world, warning one of the oncoming danger.

The holy light that permeated the church and engulfed everything fractured, and the ceiling dome that depicted the kingdom of heaven in beautiful stained glass shattered, falling down like a shower.
Every sharp blade plunged into the seraph’s extremely sturdy body.

The demon riddled with holes fell to his knees, blood flowing from countless ruptured wounds.
The sockets around his dark red eyes were cracked, full of panic and unwillingness, “How can—?!”

The man stood in the same place, still holding the book in his hand with a graceful and elegant manner like a sermonising priest, abstinent and noble.
But those cold and gloomy eyes, the eyes that even demons feared once they have fallen upon them, looked down* on him.

[T/N: to stand on higher ground]

The low voice sounded like he was already bored.
“So you can only be a demon, and I am the Demon Lord.”

That handsome face was always peaceful.
Ripples won’t appear in the Abyss just because of any existence; it only devours and kills.

He even remained graceful and reserved from beginning to end.
There was no change in the low and cold lethargy between his brows.

“I can’t see it.
Of the foolish and boring demons, you entertain me the most.
If you want to be the Demon Lord, you should go to the abyss to take a long, proper look, and understand what the real Abyss is like.
After a long time, demons forget what Fear and Death are.
You must be very bored ba, let me help you.”

Even if the whole body’s energy system was cut off by the backlash damage, a demon wouldn’t give up all hope.
Finally showing a collapsed expression, he looked at the man in shock and horror, roaring, “What do you want to do to me?!”

This time, the man did not answer him.

The demon struggled to stand up and wanted to escape, but couldn’t move or even look away.
He could only gaze into the man’s abyssal deep eyes, looking at dismal and merciless death reflected in his own soul.

Like so, the slender and perfect fingers gracefully inserted themselves into the heart of the demon.
The intense pain made the demon’s eyes widen and he let out a scream with sound waves capable of destroying the entire Nightmare Border and the two worlds.
But, in the end, not even a gust of wind was produced.

The man also frowned slightly with an expression of questioning, as if such an experience was also weird for him: That’s right, you are one of the five rare Great Demon Deities ah.
This world was composed from your elements.
You were in such great and obvious pain, why did nothing happen? Why did you die so unceremoniously?

However, the half-lidded, dark, pure eyes looked down on him, containing no signs of life for an endless depth.
The trial had already been given.

——En, you should just die like this ba.

In the next moment, the fingers inserted into the heart of the demon pinched tightly without warning.

The heart of the world’s hardest demon which contained cosmic energy was slowly crushed under this strong pressure, but in the most common manner, as one would squish a tomato.

Nothing happened.

There was no turmoil in the world; the land did not fall into the sky.
Only a single dark element in the Demon God’s Amusement Park went out.

The man pulled out his fingers, frowning while looking down at the blood on his hands with his gloomy eyes, as if he was watching tomato juice that had accidentally spilled on his hands.

The body of the demon collapsed, all eight compound eyes* losing their light one by one.
Blood gushed from the hole in the heart like the water in a river, almost instantly submerging the entire church floor.

[T/N: eyes of arthropods]

As one of the only five Great Demon Deities in this world, the seraph’s blood and meat contained extremely powerful energy.
Even for another demon, it was also a seldom-found rare ingredient.

“It is very precious.
After all, viewing from the principle of a progessive decrease in energy in the food chain, cultivating a demon is not easier than raising a pig or a cow.”

Having said that, the man’s frowning eyes directed at the juice staining his hand was nothing alike to the look of someone staring at a precious ingredient.

At this moment, the man’s gaze towards his hand suddenly broke away.
He turned and looked back indifferently towards the doors of the church.
“En, a visitor has come ah.”

In this place full of the breath from the Abyss, even the city lord of the Nightmare Border dared not to take a step onto the edge of the territory.
But today, there were visitors one after another.

“What is it, did you bring a little tail along while you were courting death? However…” He looked at the human who stumbled its way in, and irreverently murmured, “I do quite need a dessert before going to sleep.”

Especially after someone disturbed the drowsiness he spent so long brewing.

The author has something to say:

Eating dessert before going to sleep, Demon Lord, does your teeth hurt?

Takeaway • Desserts • Ye Zun: ……


ML’s name: 凛·伊利亚·叶

凛/Lin: meaning cold/shiver with cold/tremble with fear.
The ‘L’ in the pronunciation is almost like a rolling R, but Rin would be the Japanese version of the name. 

伊利亚/Yi li ya: Ilya, Russian name from the Hebrew origin name Elijah.
The Russian meaning for the name (Ilya) is ‘strength of God’.
The Hebrew meaning of Elijah is more biblical if you feel like googling it.

叶/Ye: meaning leaf/(historical) period.
Same ‘Ye’ as our MC Ye Zun’s surname.



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