ly newcomers dare to walk on the street so obviously.
Since it looks like you were lucky enough to not have run into the demon guards to be investigated, come with me ba.”

After he finished speaking, the other man didn’t care if Ye Zun followed or not, walking straight into the alley.

Ye Zun hesitated for a while, but still followed.

This world was too strange, he needed someone to tell him some basic information.

Walk to the end of the alley, turn right, and then to the end, turn right again.

He turned right for the last time, and in the next instant, two people jumped off the wall behind him, covering Ye Zun’s mouth and nose with a white towel.

Ye Zun’s eyes opened wide.
Before he could struggle, his entire body went soft.

Before he closed his eyes, there were more than ten people standing in front of him.

Except for a few obviously flinching and disturubed ones, there were at least a group of five men and women who stood confident and strong, inspecting the goods with picky eyes, indifferently watching Ye Zun being attacked.

“What are you doing?” A young woman spoke up with a frown.

The man who attacked Ye Zun put the unconscious Ye Zun on the ground and against the wall.
“This newcomer has very poor physical fitness.
It should’ve been a fluke for him to pass the novice trial.
He hasn’t wandered around the Demon God’s Amusement Park, but…he has a face even I find very handsome.
Hasn’t City Lord Alevei* always wanted a pet? While he’s still alive and before he dies in his next game, we can trade him in for a lot of magic crystals.” 

The woman hesitated rather obviously.
“Aren’t you afraid that he’ll gain status at Alevei’s and turn around to take revenge on us?” 

The man was nonchalant.
“With this player’s physical fitness, do you think he can pass the next game? Sending him to Alevei’s is saving his life.
Alevei is a good owner, at least better than those demons who eat their pets as food.
If Alevei likes him, he’ll at least live for two more copies.” 

The woman appeared worried.
“Although what you said is correct, but……”

“Then it’s settled.
For the other novice players, you can pick and choose, grade them according to their physical fitness and reaction ability, see who can be used.
When the others in the group clear customs and come back, we will agree on the magic crystal distribution and send this guy to the City Lord’s mansion.”

“Then, we’ll just leave him like this?” 

The man said confidently, “Don’t worry, there’s no problem.
He’ll be sleeping until they come back.”

It seemed that someone left and the others changed positions.

The woman cleared her throat and said to the other novice players in a serious tone, “Welcome to the Demon God’s Amusement Park.
As a veteran player who has experienced three levels of games, I will tell you the basic rules of this world next.”

“This place It’s called the Nightmare Border.
There are two kinds of people living here: ordinary humans and low-level demons.
Of course, for us outsiders, all of them can be treated as NPCs.”

“We are not the same as the humans here.
We are the guests chosen by the demons, invited to play in the amusement park.
The horror instance is one of the game activities in the amusement park…” 

As the surroundings slowly quietened.
The sleepiness caused by drugs made Ye Zun feel like he was drunk.
In a daze, he saw his grandma walking to his side, reproachfully poking a finger at his forehead.
Just like that, he suddenly woke up.

Ye Zun tried his best to open his eyelids.

Although he tried to hold his breath the first time he was attacked, he still inhaled a little bit of the drug.

While those people were explaining the rules of this world to the novice players, Ye Zun haggardly stood up against the wall, then headed west, swaying left and right.

“Sure enough, in this kind of world, I should be on guard against everyone.”

If it really was as good as those people say, why don’t they become pets themselves instead of choosing to play these horror games that kill people?

Only the sorrowful old man Ye Zun met at the beginning covered him, giving him the only goodwill.

When there was nowhere else to go, Ye Zun unconsciously followed the old man’s words and fled to the west, trying to escape as far as possible before those people notice and come chasing after him.

To the west of the city was a dense forest.
In Ye Zun’s memory, compared to the city in his reality, this area should be a cemetery, and the rest of the land was a mountain.

But now, this city was like something out of a twisted dream.
Deep in the woods, stood a towering church.


In the church, the multicoloured stained glass on the high ceiling depicted the kingdom of Heaven in great detail.

At the foremost, light projected in from the cross-shaped window on the wall, like a cross made by the gathering of holy light.

Rows of chairs were left empty under the holy light.
Only one person sat.

This person wore a slim and pressed long-sleeved shirt and long pants, with his buttons done up to the top of his Adam’s apple.
His whole body was covered in an abstinent pure black; only his neckline was adorned with a golden cross-shaped bronze embellishment, looking dignified and expensive.
He sat back on a chair, reading a book.

The man’s voice was elegant and low.
In the empty church, he recited slowly and steadily, “In the world ruled by the demons, if people at the bottom of the food chain wishes to survive this world, they will need to pay a corresponding price.
Smart people generally choose to offer sacrifices to the demons in exchange for the chance to live.”

“In this world, humans are divided into two categories: pets and food.
Sometimes, they occupy both identities at the same time.”

“Becoming a pet means giving up the right to be a human being; the owner who controls your life controls everything about you.
As for choosing to be food, there is still room for struggle, to choose what kind of food you will end up being.”

“Low-level food is like a piece of delicious meat, cooked and bought by others at will.
However, food is usually devoted to playing the games of the demons, becoming more temperamental and evolving, striving to turn itself into higher-quality food that can be enjoyed by the high-ranking demons.”

“Fear is the best condiment.”

“Your seven emotions and six desires born out of fear are the best offering to the demon.
If the demon is satisfied with the offering…”

Amidst that elegant and low voice, the single-hearted devotion, the slow recitation, a mist of cold and dark matter slowly condensed in the air behind the man, before finally forming into a demon towering at a height of two meters, with six pairs of wings made of bone and four heads.

All four heads of the demon rotated 180 degrees in unison, looking at him in tandem, opening their mouths to emit a grotesque and deep growl.

The man didn’t turn his head back.
He only raised a finger while the demon made those weird noises, lightly placing it on his own lips.

His eyes were still focused, falling on the pages of the book in his hand.
With his previously established slow speed, he finished reading the last sentence: “If the demon is satisfied with the offering, and before finally being drained of the enjoyment you can provide, you can live forever.”

This time, he finished reading.

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