of the intersection.”

[T/N: arrogant way a guy refers to himself, like ‘this master’]

This time, the other party hung up directly after speaking, as if he didn’t care if Ye Zun was listening.

Ye Zun knew where Bi’an Cafe was.
It was located less than one kilometer away from where he currently was.
Fifteen minutes was more than enough for him to get there.

What to do, should he listen to him?

Ye Zun stood there, looking around this hellish place.
On the right was a thick ink-like darkness, but there was light at the end of the darkness.

He turned back, eyes flitting over Paradise Apartments.

The community was a blanket of darkness.
Only a few windows had light shining through and vague, wispy shadows showed through all the curtains.
There seemed to be a ghost staring at him behind every window.

Ye Zun blinked, carefully thinking back to all the encounters tonight, not even disregarding the repeated nightmares.

Then, he changed into the sports sneakers, put on the raincoat, slipped on the plastic gloves, and turned his body around, walking into the community.

The card was swiped and the door opened.

He looked steadily forward as he walked in.
The door of the security room was open.

The ghost who crawled out of the TV pulled the security guard and the two fell out of the security room together.

“Help me!”

As if he couldn’t hear, Ye Zun didn’t spare it a single look.

In the next instant, the security guard’s expression of pain and fear twisted into something hideous.
He and the ghost quickly crawled towards Ye Zun.

With a flick, a small flame appeared above the lighter.
Ye Zun turned his head with a blank expression, then pressed the alcohol spray towards the top of the flame with his other hand.

When the isopropyl liquid met fire, it turned into a fireball, roaring in the direction of the two ghosts.
After the fire dissipated, the two ghosts immediately turned into black smoke and disappeared.

Ye Zun released the lighter, his feet running towards the 14th building without stopping.

This operation was extremely dangerous and a little carelessness would burn one’s own body.
If it weren’t for this life or death situation, Ye Zun wouldn’t have made this suicidal attempt at all.

Even so, his fingers were still somewhat unsteady, in fear that he would not be able to drive away ghosts, or that the flames would burn his hands.

But now, fear cannot prevent these dangerous scenarios.

Only by facing your fear, can you find a solution to the problem.

At 3:30, Ye Zun stood under the towering Building 14 again, raising his head to look up.

Under the gloomy black sky, the whole building appeared like a dark shadow.
Only two windows had their lights on.

Ye Zun’s own room, and the fourth floor that appeared out of nowhere.

Everything was the same as that described in the supernatural post.
A tall, thin black figure watched him from behind the blood-red curtains on the fourth floor.

If it was before, he would run away, never to return at all costs.

But now, he stood here, under the gaze of the dark shadow.
He walked towards the unit door.

The access card came in contact with the lock.
With a beep, the iron door of the unit building swung open automatically.

The right hand wearing rubber gloves grabbed the iron door and pushed the door open wider.
A plastic bag hung on the wrist of his left hand, containing the things he bought.

Ye Zun walked in.

The passage after unit door leading to the corridor on the first floor was pitch black.
Behind him, the sound of the iron door slowly closing was distant, ethereal and chilling, as if the exit of hell had closed behind him.

An icy cold feeling climbed up Ye Zun’s back, but instead of stopping, his feet walking upstairs increased in speed.

After all, there were only ten minutes left before the end of the game.

The phone rang rapidly, resounding in the dark and empty corridor, triggering many floors of sensor lights.

The strong male voice on the other end of the phone spat, “Why haven’t you come? There are only ten minutes left.
If you don’t run away, you will fail.
If you fail, you will be torn apart by ghosts and die a miserable death, staying in this world forever!”

Ye Zun ignored it, turning from the stairs on the first floor to the second floor.

After the angry voice on the phone didn’t receive a reply, the phone changed hands, and a sharp, sarcastic female’s voice said, “You will die.
You will die immediately.
You are the stupidest person I have ever seen in this game.”

Ye Zun was not provoked into anger.
He paid careful attention to whether there were any hidden dangers in front of him, behind him, or above his head.

A child’s sharp laughter flashed across the corridor, eerie and terrifying.

An anxious voice came through the phone: “What are you doing, did you go in? Hurry and come out, don’t you know that there is a ghost in the room? And you still dare to go back? If we wanted to hurt you we would’ve just ignored you entirely ah? Trust us and hurry back out!”

Ye Zun stood at the top of the second floor stairway, about to enter the third floor.
His eyes were fixed on the slightly ajar door.

“En*, I think so too.” This was the first time Ye Zun responded to the voice on the other end of the phone.

[T/N: an affirming hum]

The person on the other end seemed to breathe a sigh of relief, and gently said, “There are still eight minutes left, should be enough.
You should come out quickly ba, and we will also head towards you.
Everyone will help you…”

“Since the beginning, I’ve been wondering, why is the room scarier than the corridor? Why did my escape go so smoothly? Why didn’t the ghost appear in the corridor to block me like in my dream? Until the call came, I couldn’t understand.”

The other end was silent.

Ye Zun still stared at the door.
“If you had stopped calling, if I was scared by the sights at the community gate that I end up losing my mind, I really might have hesitated and tried to make my way to Bi’an Cafe in a panic.
But you were too anxious.”

“What are you talking about? There are only seven minutes left, are you sure you want to waste your time?”

Ye Zun stared at the unlocked door on the third floor, without a trace of repose.
“Why do you keep calling me over and over? What will happen if I agree? I’ll just get farther and farther away from here ba, even if I realise the correct way to clear the game, it’ll be too late.
Right, it’s just a waste of time.
You want me to waste my time.”


“Just like hunting, the real exit is full of danger.
Pretend to leave a safe exit, so that the prey will panic and go in the direction the hunter wants in order to escape, but little does it know, that is the most terrifying trap.”

Ye Zun stared at the door on the third floor.
“You are behind the door, right? The key to escape is in this building, am I right?”

The black door slowly pulled back, exposing an even darker gap near the top.
Towering at two meters high, a pair of lifeless resentful eyes stared at him in the darkness above the door frame.

The author has something to say:

Everyone said it’s not scary, so I changed it to ‘a little bit’.
If I get beaten, those of you who said it isn’t scary have to stand with me oh.

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