e with her left hand and inserting it into the keyhole, opening the door to the room.

When she twisted the key in the lock, I saw her hand that was painted with dark red nail polish.

Xiao-jiemei’s hands were very good-looking, but she never did any kind of nail art because long nails would get in the way of typing in her customer service job, so she almost never painted her nails.

After the door to our room opened, the sensor light in the corridor by our doorway went black.

She didn’t have her phone in either of her hands.

My phone was in my right hand.
My left hand was being pulled by her all this time and it wasn’t easy to operate with one hand, so I had forgotten that I never hung up.

“Wei, I’m about to reach the first floor, why haven’t I seen you yet? Lin Lin, where are you? Yi, shouldn’t I be on the first floor now? Why is there another set of stairs…” The phone suddenly hung up. 

The room was dark.
The lights inside were not turned on.

The xiao-jiemei beside me is still holding my hand.
In the dark, she is always watching me. 


Right now, I am sleeping in bed, and the xiao-jiemei is still holding my hand, sticking to my body and sleeping behind me.

Her body is very, very cold.
So is my body.

The clock on my phone shows it is ten past three in the early morning.
When I went downstairs, I was also this time.

After so long, time has returned to its original point.

I feel that I may never wait for the break of dawn again.

This landlord’s name is Lin Youlin, living in Paradise Apartments*, Building 14, Unit 2, on the 6th floor.
The co-renting xiao-jiemei is called… Oh, come to think of it, since this landlord moved into Paradise Apartments, she has lived by herself.
There is no xiao-jiemei.

[T/N: or, Heaven Apartments]

In the darkness, the phone crashed and showed a black screen for a moment.
Ye Zun immediately unlocked the phone with his fingerprint and scrolled up, refreshing a dozen floors of replies.

But the strange thing was, he didn’t see the landlord’s last long ghost-story-like response.

【 Where’s the landlord? The landlord disappeared suddenly? 】

【 Trembling on the spot.
Landlord, did you go up or not? Are you sure that is your xiao-jiemei? Wu wu wu, I’m completely suffering from insomnia, scared awake by my own brain.

【 Hehe, telling ghost stories in the middle of the night and turning into a eunuch once you reach the climax, I wish you a very get-caught-by-a-ghost! 】

【 Upstairs, why are you so vicious, cursing people randomly? 】

【 She was the one who deceived people by posting these green posts first, tricking people in then wasting their time on half a story.
Not wishing her 800 yards* when she goes out is already kindness on my part, you’re very welcome.
To the people who scolded me, may all of you be taken away by ghosts, not accepting any rebounds! Hee hee hee*.

[T/N: 出门八百码 not sure what this means]
[T/N: 嘻嘻嘻/xi xi xi; mischievous laugh]

【 How disgusting ah, how can there be people like the upstairs floor owner.
Maybe something happened to the landlord, didn’t you see her say how scared she was? 】

【 Going out at three o’clock in the middle of the night is a brain-dead move, she deserved to run into a ghost.
Will she choose to be brain-dead or admit that the green posts were to trick people? Since you’re speaking for her, you wouldn’t be her dear xiao-jiemei ba. Your sister wrote you as a ghost and cursed you to die, don’t you mind? Hee hee hee… 】

Ye Zun refreshed the page again, but still didn’t find that floor where the landlord replied, as if he was the only one who saw it.

It was originally horrifying, but the unprovoked malicious hostility of strangers revealed in the post made the horror brought about by the post disappear.

Sure enough, no matter when or where, people are much scarier than ghosts.

Ye Zun exited the post, turned off his phone, and closed his eyes, but he soon opened them again, looking out the window in the dark.

Ye Zun had just finished moving houses during the daytime.
His new rented house, if he remembered correctly, the contract address vaguely made out to be: Paradise Apartments…Building 14, Unit 2… 6th Floor?

It seemed to be the same address mentioned at the end of the landlord’s post.

Duo, duo, duo.

The door near the bedside was suddenly knocked on.

“Lin Lin, it’s me, open the door ah, I’m back.” Outside the door, a female voice gently but strangely spoke in a quiet voice.

In the bed in the dark room, Ye Zun opened his eyes, his whole body stiff and motionless, almost holding his breath.

In this situation, you obviously don’t answer.

“Open the door ah, Lin Lin.” The sound of a twisting doorknob, suddenly paused.
“Oh, you didn’t lock the door ah.”

No, I locked it!

Ye Zun was absolutely certain.
He had made sure he locked the door before going to bed.

However, in the next moment of darkness, the doorknob twisting echoed in the room, and the cylinder lock was opened with a crisp sound.

Ye Zun’s body immediately sat up.
He stared at the door with wide eyes.

Squeak, slowly.
The sound of the wooden door being pushed open.

A dim and hazy beam of light snuck in, leaving a long and thin shadow on the room’s floor.

Ye Zun’s pupils dilated.
He wanted to see whatever the thing at the doorway was, holding the door open .

Suddenly, the light outside faded.

Ye Zun blinked, unable to adapt to the sudden darkness.

At this time, a pair of iron-cold arms hugged him from behind.

The author has something to say:

Get up early, and then even earlier~

Actually it’s not all that scary, but if you are really scared, wu, dove wings will lend you protection.

[T/N: since doves are a symbol of peace?]

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