dly in an instant.

He endured the stiffness and dryness in his throat, not daring to swallow, lest he makes a sound that attracts the attention of the thing outside the door.
He laid motionlessly, trying to hide himself as much as possible.

——Should I wake up Shen Yuan? Tell him to watch out for that woman?

——What will he do? Will he beat her? Will he…kill her?

Except for the first night, this person had always maintained an unruly appearance with a lazy smile, talking constantly.
But those dark and indifferent eyes that were impossible to decipher an emotion from were undoubtedly more telling of his nature.
He suddenly glanced at the man, feeling as if he had swallowed a large mouthful of ice water, subconsciously feeling his sanity tightening.

He always felt that once the lazy and brilliant smile on that face disappears, this person won’t be willing to speak so accommodatingly anymore, and whatever he does won’t be accidental.

Ye Zun’s original plan was to wake up early tomorrow to see if the middle-aged man would still show up, then decide whether to call the police.

After all, he had seen the man with his own eyes during the day, and the woman was obviously lost and depressed; her mental state was not right at all.
It was difficult to judge whether the words she spoke were true or false.


A strange sound.

Ye Zun pricked up his ears.
What was this sound?

Like carefully prying open a door, like a sharp knife scoring on the glass, like rope rubbing against wood.

Ye Zun’s mind instantly completed the picture: someone picking the lock outside the door and trying to come in, someone trying to cut the window glass to come in, someone hanging from the door frame…

He covered his ears and shut his eyes, trying to get rid of his nonsensical thoughts, but very soon afterwards, he opened his eyes again, vigilantly observing the darkness around him.

The sound suddenly stopped for a bit, then started up again, becoming more and more clear.

——No, that’s not right, it isn’t outside the door, that sound, that sound is from in here!

Ye Zun stopped his breathing and tried his best to capture the noise, wanting to find the source of that sound.

He slowly sat up, leaning against the wall, then suddenly felt that the entire bed was shaking ever so slightly.

This was a sturdy canopy bed* with almost no elasticity.
There is absolutely no chance of it experiencing such a minor tremor out of nowhere.

[T/N: 架子床: wooden poles for support at the corners]

It was like someone was sleeping on the lower bunk, gently and maliciously shaking the structure.

——There’s a person on the bottom bunk, no, there’s a ghost ba!

There was that sound again, almost like nothing, as if it was coming from another room far away, yet also as if it was very close to him.

Like the crying of pain as one loses consciousness, like a suppressed mutter, like…the tearing sound of teeth biting into bone and raw meat.

His nose smelled the same faint bloody scent from last night once again.
The pained voice was very soft, like silky air, almost inaudible.
Only the sound of biting and chewing gradually became clear.

Even though he couldn’t hear it clearly, he somehow thought that the veiled weak and powerless near-death mutter belonged to a woman.

Ye Zun put down the hands that were ready to block his ears at any time and lightly moved outwards, little by little.

He had not forgotten that in this game, he must solve the deadly fate of Nogawa Kaoru, otherwise, on the seventh night, he will not escape the ending of being hanged.

This was why, despite knowing he will be haunted, he still came here to sleep overnight.

Ye Zun took out the Buddha statue from the pocket of his pyjamas and looked down carefully.

The peeping eye at the corner of the window had been gone for some time, although he was unsure when it disappeared.
The lower bunk was a pool of darkness with nothing in it at all, only the blankets piled up in a mess.

In the cramped room, on the opposite side of the window by the door, a thin and small figure squatted facing the corner.

Actually seeing something in the room, Ye Zun’s pupils trembled instantly and his cold fingers tightened more and more tightly around the Buddha statue.
He opened his eyes wide, trying to see that thing in full clarity.

The dark eyes that adapted to the dark slowly captured the appearance of the thing in the corner.
It was a girl wearing a white dress with loose hair.
She buried her head, as if she was eating something, but then her movements suddenly stiffened, and she slowly turned her head around.

Ye Zun quickly laid back on the bed, blocking himself with Shen Yuan’s body.
His eyes were half-opened, carefully looking at the girl who had turned around.

In the darkness, he couldn’t see anything in clarity.
He only saw the lower half of the pale and petite face, the pointed chin, and the space from the lips to the chin was covered with a dark liquid, like…like blood.

Ye Zun laid there, his body stiff, ice-cold from his hands, to his feet, to his back.

He finally knew what that strange noise in the bedroom was.

That thirteen-or-fourteen-year-old girl stared in Ye Zun’s direction, clutching whatever that thing was in her hand, and mechanically tearing and chewing bite by bite.
She had a mouth full of blood and her bangs covered her eyes, giving people a bone-chilling feeling.

The thick bloody scent almost rushed into Ye Zun’s nose.

——Who is this child? Why did she appear here? What is she eating?

——That noise that sounds like someone in pain, is she making it?

Ye Zun’s heart was beating frantically, with fear and curiosity; on one hand, he was scared and wanted to run away, on the other, he was forced to face the danger with unprecedented calmness.

——No, I can’t, I will be killed!

——You must have a clear look, there must be important clues in here.
The sooner you figure it out, the safer you are.
The more you are behind, the greater the risk.

He was told at the beginning of the game that Nogawa Kaoru will be hanged on the seventh night.
There was a high probability that the first six nights will be full of surprises with passable danger, left as time for him to investigate the truth and the key to his survival.

As if he had been split in two, the calm side suppressed the terrified side.
His cold fingers supported themselves on the bed, and with his trembling breathing restrained, Ye Zun slowly sat up.

Steadily keeping his eyes open, without a single blink, he and the girl on the ground looked at each other.

This time, he saw her clearly——

The girl in the white dress had an empty socket where her right arm should be.
The bloody bones and flesh she was tearing off and chewing in her mouth were the fingers of her right arm that she had ripped off.

Ye Zun’s fingers squeezed the Buddha statue, and it took all his effort to try and restrain the urge to avoid this sight.
He softly asked, “Who are you? Why must you do this? You…doesn’t it hurt?”

He closely fixed his eyes on the girl’s face and saw the other party slowly open her mouth towards him, letting out an extremely faint sound.

“What are you saying?”

Ye Zun unconsciously leaned forward, wanting to hear clearly.

The girl opened her mouth again.
All at once, with her bangs covering her eyes, two tear streams of blood suddenly poured down her pale little face in the darkness.

At this moment, a hand firmly grasped Ye Zun’s wrist.

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