ng only a little bit ahead, trying not to squint.

Shen Yuan leisurely followed him, talking non-stop all the way.
“Yi, there’s a cemetery ah.
If these ghosts have nothing to do and come out for a walk at night, do you think they’ll see and think of us as similar beings and come up to greet us? How do ghosts even greet each other? ‘Hello, may I ask how you died’?”

“Stop talking.” Ye Zun’s voice lowered in pitch.

Shen Yuan’s voice was cheerful and undisciplined.
“Oh yeah, can ghosts talk? Or can they only make those ghost sounds? En, what sounds do ghosts even make?”

Ye Zun pursed his lips.
“Something like wolves ba, probably.”

Didn’t the saying go something like, ‘to wail like ghosts and howl like wolves*’?

[T/N: 鬼哭狼嚎]

Shen Yuan cupped his hands around his lips.
“Is that so? Ao——”

Ye Zun pressed down on the the rising arc at the corners of his lips and glanced at him calmly.
“Almost ba, but needs a little more.”

Shen Yuan’s eyes opened without blinking.
He looked at the young man’s clear and pure eyes in the darkness, hiding a little smile in their depths, and unconsciously lowered his voice.
“Then, like this? Ao wu~”

Ye Zun lowered the eyes that couldn’t hold back their smile.
The corners of his lips couldn’t help but lift upwards, and he said lightly, “En, it’s very alike.”

——The neurotic child finds joy in such ways.
As long as you’re happy.

But it was undeniable that with this person walking by his side along the way, it dispelled the fear and discomfort that the darkness brought.

In the end, they managed to arrive back at school before the evening self-study session.

The atmosphere of Class 9 was indeed much better than Class 1.
Ye Zun easily borrowed the homework of the study tyrant behind him to use as reference.

Maybe it was because he had walked up and down the mountain road for more than an hour, but Ye Zun suddenly felt very hungry.

“Here.” From the side, a bag holding a small steaming baozi was handed over.

Ye Zun startled for a second.
He looked at Shen Yuan to his right, whose head wasn’t even raised, and pursed his lips, not receiving the bag.

Shen Yuan lifted his head.
Under the orange light, the face that looked like it came straight out of a manhua wore an undisciplined and bored expression.
Slowly blinking, he dangled the bag of food off the tip of his index finger in front of his eyes.
“It’s vegetarian stuffing.
What, are you worried it’s human flesh stuffed baozi?”

Smelling the tempting aroma steaming from the bag at close range, Ye Zun pursed his lips slightly and stretched out his hand to take it.
“Thank you.”

He lowered his eyes, fingers lowering themselves into the bottom of the bag, and took a careful bite.
As promised, it was filled with tofu and vegetables, but it was very delicious.

“Thank you,” he said again.

Shen Yuan propped his head with his right hand, tilting his head and unblinkingly watching him biting the baozi with one small bite at a time, every swallow showing as his little Adam’s apple bobbed with the action.
The corners of the man’s lips gradually rose, and the knot on his throat also rolled slightly after much restraint.

Ye Zun raised his eyes unintentionally, and suddenly saw the other staring at him attentively.
His nerves suddenly tensed, and he sat in place, frozen and stunned.

Shen Yuan blinked once and withdrew his gaze, bored as usual.
His left fingers supported his forehead, and grinned while speaking with a dragged out unruly voice, “Even veggie and tofu stuffing can be eaten so happily, are you a rabbit or a hamster?”

Ye Zun ignored him, eating while his other hand held a pen to write down his homework.

And with this, he ended up choking later on.

“Do you want Gege to buy you a drink?” The saccharine voice next to him pretended to be innocent and cute.

Ye Zun didn’t even lift his head.
“No need.”

After a while, before the second period of the night time self-study session.

Ye Zun returned from his trip outside and sat back in his seat, placing a cup of milk tea next to Shen Yuan who was sprawled over his desk, fast asleep.

He also held a drink in his own hand.

The late self-study music awakened Shen Yuan.
He stretched his waist and saw the cup of milk tea.
While piercing the plastic lid with a straw, he smiled frivolously and said, “Ang, a cup of milk tea as repayment is not enough.”

Ye Zun glanced at him.
“Are you a loan shark?”

“I am ya.” Shen Yuan blinked, and the corners of his lips curled up as he pushed his homework over.
“Finish the entire thing, thank you for your patronage.”

Ye Zun looked at the notebook the other pushed towards him.
He had nothing to say, only sighing softly.

Sure enough, a gift from the devil should not be accepted.

Shen Yuan stood up lazily, slinging his school bag over his shoulder, as if he was about to leave.

“The class time music is still on, school hasn’t ended yet.”

Shen Yuan raised his eyes to look at him, casually saying, “Got a date ah.”

——Dating in a heavily haunted school at night, he really isn’t afraid of death.

Shen Yuan picked up his unfinished cup of milk tea and sucked on the straw while looking at Ye Zun.
“Because my dear Didi will be accompanied by someone else when leaving school, I can only leave by myself.
But if you change your mind, it’s not like I can’t…”

“Hurry and leave.” Ye Zun didn’t bother raising his head.
“Right, on your date, don’t go telling girls that they’ll get old and ugly if they eat meat.
You’ll get beaten.”

Shen Yuan tilted his head.
He blinked twice, and smiled doubtfully, “Have I ever said something like that? When?”

Ye Zun lifted his head and looked at him, flatly saying, “I think the time span between last night and now is not enough for people to develop amnesia.
Whether you really forgot or not, don’t say that to my mother again.”

Although she wasn’t really Ye Zun’s mother, a middle-aged woman who lived like that, being insulted and ridiculed by her boyfriend’s child, it was a sight that made people too uncomfortable to watch.

“Oh——” Shen Yuan looked like he came to a sudden realisation and nodded, unable to hold back his smile.
He blinked once.
“So it’s because such a thing happened, that’s why I was being treated this way ah.”

He wasn’t angry.
On the contrary, he smiled even more, as if he suddenly discovered something that made him very happy.
His white teeth showed as his grin grew more bright and cheerful.
Even his dark eyes were shining for a moment while he looked at Ye Zun .

This person has always been a mental case like this.
By now, Ye Zun was basically used to it, so he simply ignored the other, continuing to bow his head and write the guy’s homework to pay off his debts.

Although Shen Yuan smiled very happily, he didn’t make a sound.
After Ye Zun clearly showed he was ignoring him, he turned and walked out of the classroom.

Not long afterwards, steady footsteps came into the classroom, stopping at Ye Zun’s desk at their own pace.

There was the feeling of being gazed upon by eyes that were like the gentle and serene moonlight.

Even if he hadn’t seen the person yet, Ye Zun was already smiling.
He raised his head and a pair of clear eyes were fixed on Lin.
“You’re here, have you been waiting for a long time?”

The author has something to say:

I feel like I’m writing a sweet campus story (bushi*), dog head*~

[T/N: in English, pinyin for ‘it’s not’]
[T/N: added at the end of comments, telling reader they mean the opposite of what they said]

En, after I finished writing, I realised, the word count is 3520~ 

What a coincidence ah, there is implication

[T/N: 520 sounds similar to ‘I love you/wo ai ni’]

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