ossible to weaken you, extracting strength from your fear, and then, killing you.
To fight it, you must first get rid of this influence.
Do not not enter the opponent’s energy-farming system.”

“You’re right.”

Ye Zun lowered his head, resisting his body’s rejection, and tried his best to deliver the food into his mouth.

The man opposite stopped the movements of his chopsticks and watched him, quietly and devotedly.


After lunch, the two walked side by side to the teaching building.

Ye Zun’s fingers unconsciously pressed on his chest.

Lin turned his head and looked at him.
“Is the food in the cafeteria not good?”

Ye Zun shook his head.
“I don’t know why, but the feeling in my chest is like I swallowed a big rock.
In that environment, my mind is always thinking of nonsense.”

As for what he thought about, although he didn’t say it, it didn’t hinder Lin from sensing the problem.

The priest stared at him and lightly nodded.
“If that is it, you should be more careful.
How about this ba, from now on, I will make and bring lunch to school, and we can go to the rooftop to eat ba.”

Ye Zun froze for a moment, looking at him: “……”

“En.” Lin’s eyes were gentle and quiet.
“It may be relatively simple, but will probably be much safer than those from outside.
Would you like to try?”

“It’ll be too much trouble for you.” Ye Zun stared at him, startled.
He felt that the priest’s whole body was enveloped in a soft holy light.

Lin looked back at him for a moment.
The light in his eyes were like the reflections across cool spring water, gentle and quiet.
“It won’t be.
I am very happy to cook for you.
If there is only one person, it is more likely to not want to eat anything, given the waste of good ingredients.”

Being able to do things for others but putting it as though the other’s own existence was helping himself a lot, Ye Zun seemed to be immersed in the warm and clear sunlight.
There was a crumbling and soft emotion in his eyes that were looking at Lin, slightly at a loss.

He really, really wanted to let Lin know how grateful he was to him, that he has completely received his kindness.
He couldn’t wait to give a perfect and fitting response, for fear of not properly accepting this wonderful gift.

“Thank you.
I’m so happy to have met you in this world.
Father, among all the people I have met in my life, you are the one who treats me best.”

What is the proper thing to say at this time? I will repay you, like that?

Naturally, he was resolute in returning this kindness, but straightforwardly saying he will repay the priest like this was akin to an exchange of courtesy and reciprocity, tainting the pure goodwill of the other man.

If it was himself who gave an act of kindness, he definitely wouldn’t want the other party to say such a thing, right? He’d just hope that the other will be happy because of his presence.

But if he didn’t say anything, will he be taken for someone who expected this kindness? Will the other party feel that he is too cold and be disappointed?

There has never been such a moment like this, where he is annoyed at himself for his poor skills in communication, unable to think of eloquent words that are pleasant to listen to, words that can convey the truth in his heart.

But actually, there was no need to say anything.

Lin watched him.
In those clear and beautiful eyes, even the overflowing emotion of ‘like’ was cautious, carrying a faintly restless anxiety and unsteadiness.

Being watched by those eyes wholeheartedly, it was like he was almost able to touch that hidden heart.

“En, I know.”

Ye Zun’s lips opened slightly, raising his eyes up to look at him: “……”

Lin stood there, tilting his head slightly.
His eyes lowered as he looked at Ye Zun intently for a moment, slowly raising the corners of his lips.
There was a tenderness in his eyes, like starlight melting in the cool mountain spring.
“It is okay, I understand.”

This person seemed to have never been cherished by the world before, so at the smallest gesture of kindness, he became uneasy and lost.
As if he had suddenly received the whole world, he was in a hurry to use everything he had to return the good deed.

Looking directly into the abyss, he thought he was seeing the reflection of Heaven.


The fear experienced on the first day was almost concentrated in the morning, and since leaving the second year’s Class 1, he didn’t encounter another supernatural event again.

It seemed that the source of the initial danger and the key to breaking the game was in Class 1 of the second year, where Nogawa Kaoru was originally located.

The only trouble was that cheap big brother sitting next to him.

As long as Ye Zun thought back to the scene of him rudely insulting the hostess during dinner last night, he couldn’t muster up any good feelings about him.

However, perhaps because of close contact, he had an itching feeling that he was a completely different person from last night.

Today, the other party’s behaviour was a bit more neurotic, and it’s hard to say whether today’s or last night’s version was more bearable.

The four class periods in the afternoon ended quickly, and there was a two-hour break before the evening self-study session, where the students could leave the campus.

When the end of school arrived, Ye Zun immediately got up to leave the school grounds.

He didn’t expect for his tail to still catch up to him.

“En, where exactly are you going ah?”

“Not going anywhere, don’t follow me.”

Shen Yuan hung behind him at a short distance, catching up with a few steps with his long legs, looking at him curiously while walking.
“The sun is setting soon.
You’re walking in a deserted area ah.
Aren’t you afraid of encountering ghosts in the wilderness?”

Ye Zun saw that he couldn’t get rid of him and gave up the struggle, saying with a flat tone, ” There is no sun at all today.”

“But the sky is about to go dark.”

Shen Yuan was right.
Because of the gloomy weather, the sky grew dark even earlier.

Ye Zun didn’t stop, continuing to walk up the mountain road.

Shen Yuan stayed by his side, saying a few nonsensical things from time to time.

Very soon, the corner of a yellow brick building appeared in the middle of the mountain, where a solemn sounding bell rang from within.

“Oh——” Shen Yuan drawled out a long, clear note.
“It’s a temple ah.
Come to pray to Buddha for help?” 

The temple doors were open, so Ye Zun walked in.
Gazing at the solemn and serene Buddha statue, he headed to the back where the monks were.

“I have been met with harassment from ghosts.
May I ask what you have that can save me from danger and grant blessings? I will donate incense and oil money accordingly.”

The author has something to say:

Looking directly into the abyss, he thought he was seeing the reflection of Heaven.


But the abyss he saw, was indeed the existence that most resembled Heaven thus far.
A beautiful existence.

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