Having the Same Name as the Demon Lord of the Abyss

Second year, Class 1

Ye Zun felt the priest’s fingertips pause for a moment, before slowly retracting.

“I apologise.”

“It’s okay.” Ye Zun raised his eyes to look at him and immediately assured him, even though he didn’t know what the apology was for nor what was okay.

The priest stood a small distance away from Ye Zun.
As always, although his manners were elegant and like a high-born noble, his words gentle and kind, he still gave people a seemingly cold feeling.
“The shape of your lips are very beautiful, I momentarily forgot what I was doing.”

The man stood there without wearing the clothes of a priest, his spotless white shirt buttoned all the way to the top.
Even though those unusually black eyes were soft with a glassy gleam from the moisture, his handsome face and expression were restrained as usual, giving people a feeling of controlled abstinence.

Even if such a person said that his lips look beautiful, it did not give people any misunderstandings.
It was just purely spoken as a polite compliment.

As long as the other party maintained the slight distance between them, that kind of cold feeling like the two of them were not in the same world made Ye Zun unconsciously nervous.

Ye Zun glanced at him and instinctively said, “But Father, your lips are much better looking.”

He returned to his senses and lowered his eyes.
His Adam’s apple rolled unconsciously, feeling as if he had said something strange.

“En?” The man listened carefully and attentively, looking at him curiously, as if waiting for his next words.

This turned Ye Zun’s words into a perfunctory and polite exchange, a reply without much thought put into his comment.

Under those eyes, one would want for any sign of their own avoidance to be concealed.
In order to make those words spoken just now sound not so strange, Ye Zun did his utmost best to calm his expression, looking directly into those eyes.
“It’s true; not only the lips, but Father is beautiful in every way.
Before I saw Father, I couldn’t even imagine that people could be so good-looking.”

This sentence was not a compliment, but the truth.

Not only his lips, eyes, nose, and other evident features, but even features like the man’s chin and Adam’s apple were on another level when compared with the average person.
It really was perfection beyond imagination in the truest sense, without any dead ends.

“Oh, is that so? Would you like to have a taste?”

“Ah?” Ye Zun raised his eyes, pupils in a daze, shivering in surprise.

The man’s eyes were clear and mellow, directed at him attentively.
The corners of his lips slowly lifted with hidden meaning, and he smiled slightly with an inquiring look.
“Does the coffee taste okay? Would you like to have another cup?”

“En, yes, thank you.” Ye Zun lightly pressed his lips with self control, flicking the bangs in front of his ears that were kept slightly long for the commercial shoots, strongly annoyed with himself at his stupid ideas.

After two cups of coffee and three repeated thank yous, Ye Zun walked out of the office door.

“Will you be okay by yourself?”

“I’ll be okay.
I know where Class 9 is.”

“Remember the location of my office.
Next time you encounter a problem, just come here directly.”

“En, okay.”

“Then, see you at noon.” Lin stood at the doorway and watched him walk down the corridor then onto the stairs.

Fully walking out of the office building, Ye Zun unconsciously breathed a sigh of relief.

——What’s wrong with me?

In Ye Zun’s eyes, there was a slight confusion towards himself.

Although the priest has always been steady and reliable, has always been kind and gentle to himself, when he stands in front of the priest, he unknowingly becomes nervous, and it feels as if every cell in his body was being carefully lifted.

Even if he tells himself that the priest is very self-cultivated and doesn’t mind his mistakes at all, he still seems to care about his own image unconsciously and is never able to really relax.

“It’s because the man looks too high-born and elegant ba.
No matter how approachable, there is no way I can take it for granted*.”

[T/N: to feel like this should be expected (given the other’s position as a priest)]

This must be the only explanation.
If he believed that the other party trusted him unconditionally, yet he himself could not completely let go, it seemed that his subconscious did not trust the man enough.
Otherwise, the way he was acting was too much.

Ye Zun pushed aside his nonsensical ideas and glanced at the right side of the teaching building in the near distance.
Even if he couldn’t see anything this far away, it was still clear if there was anyone walking around in the rooms between classes.

“It looks like people are walking around the classrooms as normal.
Can it be that Nogawa Kaoru really was being bullied and the residual fear affected me enough to cause hallucinations?”

Ye Zun walked towards the second year’s Class 9, then suddenly looked back at the window on the third floor of the office building.
As expected, he saw the priest standing there.

“Is he worrying about me?” Ye Zun smiled, waving to the priest in the far distance.

The man standing at the floor-to-ceiling window on the third floor also waved back to him.
The other slender, white hand held the coffee cup that Ye Zun used before, bringing it to his lips elegantly and calmly.
The knot on his throat rolled lightly and he took a shallow sip.

“So sensitive ah.
He clearly wanted to have a taste.”


Ye Zun walked to the entrance of Class 9 and suddenly remembered that his book and school bag were still in Class 1.

“What to do, should I go back and get it?” 

The instant he thought about going back, the scene of corpses teetering on their seats around the classroom suddenly reappeared in his mind.

Unconsciously, his Adam’s apple rolled a few times.

“Ai, just before, didn’t you say that you made a friend that will go home with you after school? Ah, but now, because you were being bullied, you ran crying to a teacher to change classes?”

That lazy and frivolous voice, who was it if not Shen Yuan?

The other person leaned lazily on the doorway of the second year’s Class 9, with his left elbow raised to support himself on the door frame.
He propped his head on his palm, slightly tilted as he looked at Ye Zun, pretending to be sympathetic, but the corners of his lips were raised without any effort put into concealment.
The curved dark eyes slowly blinked.
Whatever emotions were in them, not many were the truth.

Ye Zun had a slight headache, but after the frightening encounter in Class 1, this rude big brother was only a nuisance at best.

“I didn’t cry to the teacher.”

“Oh——” With a drawn-out tone, Shen Yuan tucked the hair at his sideburns behind his ears, and said lazily, “How about it, do you want Gege to accompany you to get your school bag?”


Ye Zun subconsciously refused, but the other person had already reached out to hook an arm around his neck without saying a word, tucking Ye Zun’s shoulders towards himself as he hauled them to the other end of the corridor.

“Let’s go let’s go ba, in the bottom of your heart, you actually really want to ba. Just let your mouth be honest a little.
But, even if you are dishonest, I still know.
Although you can’t usually tell, this Gege of yours is very reliable at critical moments.
I’ll give you a chance to experience it, en?”

As he spoke, Ye Zun was already taken past two classrooms.

The other party was taller than himself, and even his steps were longer.
Ye Zun had the intention of resisting at first, but now he felt that what the other person said was right.
In any case, he still had to go and grab his school bag back anyway.

He glanced at Shen Yuan, the guy he had only been in conflict with so far, currently leading him by the neck with an outward expression like he was minding his own business.
He thought, If anything goes wrong, it’ll be nice to scare this scoundrel.

“Not making a sound, are you saying bad things about your Gege?”

“I’m not.” The answer was without a guilty conscience.

“Relax ba, Class 9 is my world, no one will bully you.”

——It’s over, I’m afraid this scoundrel is the biggest and most relentless bully!

“Of course, except for me!”

Ye Zun subconsciously looked at him, and the other also blinked lazily and innocently at him.
The corners of his lips hooked up in a very bright and happy villain’s smile, very straightforward without any disguise.

——He’s right when saying that, but even though he admits it himself, it is still so unpleasant.

Just like this, he was forced to maintain the posture of being hooked around the shoulders and tucked into the person’s side, and was taken all the way by Shen Yuan to the door of the second year’s Class 1.

When they walked up to the classroom, Ye Zun unconsciously tensed up.

But Shen Yuan didn’t care.

“Let go of me first.”

“Why? Are you so scared that you’re ready to run off at any time?”

“I’m not scared.”

“But you’re ready to run off.”

Ye Zun, being described: “……”

Shen Yuan continued to embrace him, although it was more like his whole person was lazily draped across his shoulders.
With a smiling tone, frivolous and casual, he said, “If you really hate them so much, I can kill them for you oh, just like how you saw them.
Chop them up and stuff them in a duffel bag.”

Ye Zun stared at him in horror, a tremor in the depths of his brown pupils.

Immediately, he found that Shen Yuan’s whole body was shaking slightly, even passing the tremors onto himself as he was trapped underneath the crushing body.
It was as if he was trying with his utmost effort to resist a smile, but the smile on that handsome face overflowed, showing a neat row of white teeth.
He clearly had no patience in trying to conceal his intentions.
Brilliant and gorgeous, he maintained this silent laugh like so.
Only his eyes were still dull and dark.

“Psychopath.” Realising he was being tricked, Ye Zun retracted his stare, calmly insulting him with a frown.

“Looking at you being so nervous, I just wanted to crack a joke to make things happy ah.” Shen Yuan laughed so hard he was about to lose his breath, making Ye Zun suspect whether he had intermittent mania if he was so pleased with just this joke.

But it was as he said, after this joke, Ye Zun, who was standing outside the second year’s Class 1, had no feeling in his heart.

Everything was normal inside the classroom, the same as when he came in the morning.
Some were in their seats to catch up with homework, some were sleeping on their desks, some were talking together in groups of twos and threes, and some walked out of the classroom, passing by Ye Zun’s side and directing a complicated look at him in surprise.

Everyone looked very normal.
There was nothing unusual that pinned someone as non-human at all.

No, if there really was something unusual, it could only be Ye Zun himself.

Even the students from Class 2 next door were standing in the corridor, talking to their Class 1 friends in a low voice while looking at Ye Zun like he was a monster, intentionally or otherwise.

It seemed that the entire school had heard about it, how he called the police, saying his classmates had been dismembered.

“How about it, you go in and get it yourself, or should I go?” Shen Yuan’s voice from above his head was still filled with an unconcealable smile.

Ye Zun’s Adam’s apple bobbed slightly.
“I’ll do it myself.”

He walked into the classroom.
The people in the aisle gave way to him, as if avoiding.
Unfamiliar eyes sized him up, like looking at a withdrawn character with no friends, and after being isolated, he ran and made up stories to the teacher, the weird classmate who reported them, saying bad things.

The unfriendly stares at the butt of the joke are always stronger than the stares of ghosts.

Ye Zun didn’t care.
He walked over and stuffed the contents in the desk cubby and on the table top into the schoolbag indiscriminately.
Carrying the schoolbag, he left with large strides, indifferent to everything.

Throughout the process, his back was persistently tight and vigilant, fearing that in just a single second, his surroundings will turn into a sea of blood and corpses and he will be encircled by evil spirits.

But it never happened.

As if the world was laughing at Ye Zun’s solemn attitude, everything was normal.
It seemed that Ye Zun himself really was the only abnormal thing.

“Finished so quickly ah, it looks like you really didn’t need your Gege.” Shen Yuan boredly leaned against the railing, still wearing a lazy smile on his face.
Who knew what he was so happy about.

Ye Zun continued to walk forward, hearing the whispers around him, seemingly talking about him.

Suddenly, the burst of chalk frantically rubbing and writing on a blackboard came from the noisy sea, the sound accurately caught by him.

Ye Zun turned his head abruptly and looked at the back area of Class 1——

Through the classroom window, he saw a figure in white pants and a black shirt with its back facing him, madly writing ‘die’ in red.

The entire blackboard newspaper was covered in ‘die’, large and small.

The rest of the classroom was still a blanket of normality, not one person noticing it.

Ye Zun’s pupils slowly dilated.
When he looked at a student discussing something or other in the classroom, he noticed rough black lines appearing on their neck, like a broken limb that was simply stitched back together.

He immediately switched his target, one, two, three… As far as he could see, everyone in the second year’s Class 1 had this kind of centipede-like black lines on their skin, faintly exposed outside their clothes.

In the hallway, the Class 1 student who was talking to the people in Class 2 suddenly turned their head 180 degrees to face Ye Zun.
In an instant, the eyes on that pale face rolled inward, displaying the whites, and a large amount of dirty blood poured out from the black line under his neck, soaking the back of the school uniform.

The author has something to say:

The exam has started, know the meaning of the question——

Lin: Sorry, because the shape of your lips are very beautiful, I forgot to withdraw my hand.

Ye Zun: But, Father, yours look better.

Lin: Oh, is that right? Want to have a taste?

Ye Zun (pupils trembling): ……

Lin (ascetic and dignified, innocent and curious): That is to say, does the coffee taste okay? Would you like to have another cup?

Ye Zun: …thank you.
(annoyed, self-reflecting)


Discuss: Just who was the one who wanted to have a taste first?

Proof: What brand is the coffee?



Don’t be scared ah, after this, there will be a short, supernatural and warm campus love~

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