Having the Same Name as the Demon Lord of the Abyss


Lin cast his eyes down at the fine arc above those eyelids, drawn by the shadow of eyelashes.
The corners of his lips raised in a faint smale, his facial features affable.
“I was temporarily assigned as a substitute teacher for this school’s third year group.
Are you also assigned a certain role?”

Ye Zun nodded.
“I am.”

He was unaware of how happy he was currently.
Ye Zun subconsciously wanted to tell this person everything, but he seemed to be under invisible restrictions.
He couldn’t tell the other about his game-related tasks, so he just smiled with self-control.

Lin didn’t ask any further.
His eyes fell on his name badge, and he said kindly.
“Second year, Class 1, Nogawa Kaoru, is that right? Where I am headed is along your way, let us go together ba.”

Ye Zun nodded immediately.
He happened to have no idea where to go.

While walking, the students at school in the morning were all quiet, doing their own things with almost no one conversing.

“It’s too quiet ba, this school.”

Lin’s eyes followed where he was looking and he lightly explained, “It’s probably because most of them are foreigners.
They don’t understand each other’s languages, and they don’t know each other, that is most likely why things are this way ba.
I have been here for a few days, and I don’t know many people, if I am not careful I will even go to the wrong classroom.”

Ye Zun disguised himself and said, “Me too.”

A gentle, faint smile appeared on Lin’s lips.
He came to a stop.
“We are at your classroom.
Can you find your seat?”

Ye Zun nodded immediately.
“I can.”

Lin’s eyes watched him.
“Let’s also go home together after school ba.”

Ye Zun nodded, the happiness in his heart bringing out a smile without him knowing, and he couldn’t wait to agree.
“Okay ba.”

Lin lightly nodded at him.
The curve of his lips was reserved and subtle.
“My classroom happens to be right above yours, you can come to me if something comes up.
Then, see you at noon.

“See you at noon, Lin!”

Ye Zun smiled and waved to him, watching the man’s back as he walked towards the end of the corridor, then turned around and headed into his own classroom with peace of mind.

The dignified footsteps at the end of the corridor paused as their owner looked back at Ye Zun until he walked into the classroom.
There was a pause, a few breaths taken, before he calmly walked onto the steps towards the third floor.


Ye Zun walked into the classroom, looked at the half-empty desks and chairs in the classroom, and paused on the spot.

Glancing around, everyone had their heads lowered, doing their own things.
Either memorising words, or copying homework, basically no one was conversing with another and no one paid attention to him.

——So, where exactly is Nogawa Kaoru’s desk?

Even if he looked one by one, he couldn’t be sure which one was his position.

——What to do, should I just find someone to ask?

He scanned around the room fully once to no avail and there was no seating chart or anything like that posted anywhere.
It seemed that he could only ask others.

Ye Zun endured his anxiety and looked around among the people in the classroom, wanting to find a classmate who seemed easy to deal with.

At this moment, an arm suddenly stretched out from behind him, wrapping around his neck.
Even Ye Zun’s whole body slightly staggered from the movement.

He struggled subconsciously but failed to break away from the person’s arm.
He twisted his head and looked to the right.

“What are you standing around in a daze for? Can’t find your seat?” The joking voice was impolite, spoken with a casual and lazy smile, just like the domineering tyrannical student that every class was bound to have.

Ye Zun, who was being targeted, was startled.
Then he saw the person’s face clearly.

Ye Zun unconsciously opened his lips slightly.
He was unexpectedly speechless.

Slightly long hair, stylishly trimmed, this person had the looks of a handsome man who walked straight out of a manhua, looking at him with a lazy smile.
His ill-tempered and handsome face was undoubtedly the same as the young man from last night, who waved his chopsticks and cursed at the hostess, always a split second away from pouncing on Ye Zun to beat him up.

——Why is he here?

The man smiled unbridledly, but this smile did not reach the bottom of his eyes much.
His eyes were half-shut lazily and only the corners rose with the smile.
Seeing Ye Zun’s surprised expression, he raised an eyebrow at him, frivolously saying with familiarity, “En, are you curious why I wasn’t eaten by ghosts?”

Ye Zun forcefully broke away from him and backed away a few steps.
The knot on his throat rolled a little.
He didn’t speak, only staring at him with his guard slightly up.

——Is this person here to pick a fight? Because of the conflict last night?

The young man didn’t care if his right arm fell through the air.
The other was also wearing the same school uniform as Ye Zun, but the size was obviously two sizes larger.
Compared with the visual effect of Ye Zun’s overly-slim fit, the young man’s shirt buttons were done randomly, and the obviously strict black uniforms were also worn messily and disorderly.

He didn’t know why, but even though this was clearly the same person, compared to the scumbag last night, this person looked like a completely different person.
Even with this kind of lazy behaviour, all his mannerisms were inexplicable.

The man grabbed a fistful of hair casually, raising his chin slightly, revealing his slender neck.
Still smiling nonchalantly, he watched Ye Zun.
“Why are you so cold? My dad and your mum are now cohabiting boyfriend and girlfriend.
In any case, you should be calling me Gege ba.”

Ye Zun stared at his wide grin, but when he looked at the person, there was no warmth in his eyes.
He subconsciously avoided the other’s gaze, and he noticed the other person’s name badge with the name in romanised pinyin: shenyuan.*

[T/N: name tag is written in English (pinyin).
Characters: 沈渊]

“Shen Yuan.” Unconsciously reading it out loud, Ye Zun was slightly surprised.  “A Chinese person?” 

The corners of the man’s lips lifted and his eyebrow raised slightly, pretending to be angry.
“Heh*, not calling me Gege, but calling me by my name.
You really are quite a character ah, aren’t you afraid your mum will be angry?”

[T/N: scoffing sound]

It turned out that the host, hostess and children of this house were not a real family.
No wonder the middle-aged man treated a seven or eight-year-old girl in such a way this morning.

“The fourth row next to the windows on the left is your seat ba,” Shen Yuan said suddenly, tilting his head in the direction he mentioned.

Ye Zun looked at him.
“How do you know?”

Shen Yuan stood in place, one hand in his pocket and the other holding his bag, a lazy smile peeking from the corner of his lips.
“Ah, I saw you fast asleep once when I was passing by, just slumped over your desk.”

Ye Zun went to the spot he pointed out.
After walking a few steps, he looked at the things on the table and saw the scribbled name on the pages.
It was the same characters as the ones on his own badge.

Sure enough, it was Nogawa Kaoru’s seat.

Ye Zun put his schoolbag on the table and looked at Shen Yuan on the side.
Although the other party had been doing nothing but act lazily with a brilliant smile on his face, his eyes were dark and dead empty, like a smooth lake surface that was persistently dim.

A chill you couldn’t avoid seeing even if you tried, one that sent chills down people’s body.

——Although he was irritable and rude last night, it was nothing too terrifying.
He can’t really have been eaten by ghosts, right?

The other party said lazily, “How about it, after school, do you want to go home with Gege?”

“No need, I have already agreed to go with someone else.”

Shen Yuan’s smile suddenly froze.
The corners of his mouth were still curled up, but there was no smile in his eyes, only a dark obscurity.
He nodded slowly to him.
“You’ve agreed to someone already ah, not bad.
Already making a friend not long after transferring schools.
It seems that you don’t need Gege to take care of you at all.”

Ye Zun did not answer.
Avoiding those eyes made people uneasy, the bump on his throat couldn’t help but roll once.

——You should really hurry up and leave now ba!

This person was actually very good-looking, but for some reason, he made people very uncomfortable.
Being stared at him while he had a big grin on his face, it gave off a much more creepy feeling than facing a blood sucking ghost at night.

This time Shen Yuan didn’t say anything.
He took a few steps back, then turned and walked out of the classroom.

A cracked metal badge laid on the floor of the corridor.
On it, the foreign characters that spelled Nogawa Iwao* flashed in the light, and the next second, the badge completely shattered under a foot.

[T/N: 野川岩: in pinyin: Yechuan Yan]


The corner of his eyes caught a glimpse of Shen Yuan walking out of the classroom, gradually disappearing completely away from sight.
He probably wasn’t going to suddenly turn around and fight him.
Only then did Ye Zun feel relieved.

He sat down and took out his homework book, waiting and looking around.
Even if he borrowed another book and copied the contents, he probably couldn’t copy it all, so he should just find a professional homework master and pay by paper.

It’s only seven days at most, still affordable.

With money and the hard work from professional homework-doers, Ye Zun finally managed to complete the task before class began.

The first period was mathematics.
Ye Zun was a college student, so he had no problems with this subject.
He even finished his homework before the next class.

The second period was a class for this country’s language.
The teacher wasn’t speaking clearly and didn’t interact much with the students below, talking alone from beginning to end.

Ye Zun didn’t understand in the first place, and soon the repercussions of not sleeping well the previous night caught up to him.
His sanity was on the edge of lethargy.

The classroom was constantly filled with hushed voices, as if everyone was whispering to each other.

When he was half asleep, Ye Zun’s consciousness seemed to have detached from his body.
He looked down at the entire classroom from the ceiling.

The light in the classroom was dim and there was a gloomy darkness in the distance.
The clouds looked like they were about to rain but no drop of water fell from above.
The sky only got darker and darker, like it was evening.

The voices in the classroom became a little louder, but he couldn’t decipher a single word.

In this trance-like state, his line of sight suddenly landed on a space in the classroom and ran into a pair of horrifyingly gruesome ghost eyes.
The white face showed Ye Zun a sly smile, and then the ghost face enlarged in an instant, as if it teleported to stick in his field of vision.

Even in the dream, Ye Zun just froze in place, almost unresponsive.

He felt the weightlessness one got from being pushed abruptly on the shoulder.

Ye Zun opened his eyes suddenly, unsure whether he was awakened by fright or from someone pushing him.

His position was near the wall and the window.
All the desks and chairs in the classroom were single-person independent spaces.
It was impossible for anyone to push him and wake him up.

His heart was still jumping from shock.
Ye Zun looked out the window.
The sky was really dark, as expected.

In the classroom, the teacher was still teaching their lesson in that ambiguous manner, but the students were very quiet, not making those noisy whispers like in his dream.

But if one observed closely, they would find that although it seemed that their eyes were alertly staring straight ahead and taking notes, everyone was secretly passing notes.

Suddenly, a ball of paper was thrown onto Ye Zun’s desk.

He looked to his left and right.
No one was looking at him, except for a glance that the professional homework-doer he had hired threw at him.

Ye Zun picked up the paper ball on the desk and unwrapped it.
His pupils suddenly shrank as he read the red words that were written in the common language: Did you know? There is a ghost hiding in the school.

There were many sentences written in different handwritings under this line, all seeming to be the comments from other students.

“I know who the ghost is, do you know?”

“I know too, but, I can’t say.”

“As long as you write that name, it will find out.”

“What to do? I think it already knows that someone has discovered it.”

“I feel that someone has already been killed by the ghost.”

“Aren’t you scared? To talk about something like this.”

“I’ve already found the relationship*, planning to transfer to another school.
The ghost comes closer every day.
If you are found by it, you will die.”

[T/N: I think this person means they found the link between the ghost and something else]


“You can not sleep! If you fall asleep, you will lose control and see it!”

This was the last line on the note, obviously meant for Ye Zun.

Ye Zun sat in place, body tense and motionless, not daring to look back.

There was a goosebump-inducing feeling, as if something abhorrent was stuck against his shoulder, lying there, looking at him with malicious intent, waiting for him to notice it.

Even in the daytime, even while surrounded by many people, there was still the dreadful feeling that sent an icy-chill down people’s bodies.

The author has something to say:

“Little angel, do you have any thoughts?” Lifting the little angel’s wings, shaking~

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