In the end, you can’t even cook a meal!”

Ye Zun was stunned for a moment.
He saw a middle-aged man with a gloomy expression, standing in front of the master bedroom with his arms folded over his chest, staring at the kitchen with disgust.

In the kitchen, a seven or eight-year-old girl clumsily cut noodles.

Every time the man spat out an eccentric sentence, the girl trembled and made a mistake, bringing her a meaner, more abusive scolding.

This was probably what the woman referenced last night, the young man’s little sister.

An adult ordered a child to cook for him, but in turn he just ridiculed and threw abuse around.
Even if they were just game NPCs, it made people unable to spectate.

Ye Zun had originally planned to leave right away, but after a pause, he turned around and walked into the kitchen.

“Let me ba.”

He had been with his grandmother since he was a child, and when he was a little older, he took on the chore of cooking.
During the New Year when he was a child, those relatives who came to their house for dinner stood at the door, mocking and directing sarcastic statements at him just like now.

The little girl stood there numbly.
There was no emotion on her face, no fear or grievance, only numbness.

Ye Zun turned his head and glanced at her occasionally, suddenly surprised.

This was the first time he knew that the look of numbness could also give people a creepy feeling.

After cutting the noodles evenly and scattering them in the pot, Ye Zun washed his hands and went straight out.

He didn’t plan to eat breakfast, promptly sliding the school bag on his back and going out without delay.

It now looked like there were about five members in this family, the host and the hostess*, two sons, and one daughter.

[T/N: the man and woman owners of the house]

Ye Zun stood at the doorway.
A school bus was parked nearby.
He saw someone in the same school uniform as him in the bus, so he followed them into the bus.

“Honestly, what are you standing there in a daze for? Waiting for me to invite you guys up?”

Ye Zun found a seat by the window of the bus doors and sat down, ignoring the driver’s eccentric comments.

He was still thinking about how to find Nogawa Kaoru’s classroom and desk when he gets off the bus later.

The bus twisted and turned, stopping several times in the middle before finally arriving at the destination.
The driver got out of the bus and opened the door.

The school’s door had a sign written in the common language*: First International Public Middle School.

[T/N: 通用语/lingua franca]

Ye Zun stood at the gate of the school and watched the students enter.
There were people of all skin colours from all countries.

Although many people walked into the school, everyone seemed to be in a low mood this early in the morning.
Almost no one was chatting, a seemingly quiet environment.

At this moment, Ye Zun unconsciously glanced over at a place.
The eyes that had been calm all this time suddenly widened, like the first gleam of light in springtime shining on water, igniting gorgeous ripples across the surface in an instant.

A smile Ye Zun didn’t know about appeared on his face and he sprinted in that direction, opening his mouth to call out a name, but not making a sound.
The knot on his throat rolled in restraint and he just ran to the person even faster.

On the path leading to the school, there was a man in the same uniform as Ye Zun.
A thin, slender and tall figure, even if it was just the view of his back, he stood out from the crowd, distinguishing him from everyone around.

He just walked slowly in that area, like a superstar walking on the red carpet, calm and noble, elegant and quiet.

Ye Zun flew over quickly, placing his fingers on the man’s shoulders, his somewhat shaky but bright smile filling his eyes with a clear and pure light.
He couldn’t wait any longer and called out a name, “Moros!” 

The man’s footsteps paused with his movements.
He turned around and he looked back at him.

The moment the man turned his head, the smile on Ye Zun’s face stagnated and the light in his eyes solidified.

“En?” The man in front of him asked with a slightly inquiring expression, looking down at him quietly, his handsome face settled in a gentle appearance.

Although the back view appeared almost exactly the same, and even his looks were very similar, he didn’t know if it was because the clothes are different, but the man in front of him looked a few years younger than the priest himself.

This wasn’t the main point.
The main point was that Ye Zun suddenly remembered he entered a single player instance.

How could the priest be here? If he was, what was the identity of the other man?

Ye Zun stiffly retracted his hand, and slowly blinked his eyes.
“Sorry, I mistook you for someone else.”

——He definitely mistook!

The man was not angry.
He watched him and said kindly, “Perhaps, you didn’t mistake me for another.”

Ye Zun startled.
“Wh, what?”

There was no clear smile on the man’s face.
His expression was serene, and his clear pupils took over a larger space in his eyes.
When looking at other people, he looked particularly attentive and tranquil.
Those eyes were beautiful, like rare black crystals sinking in a clear mountain spring, gaze clear and focused.

“I suddenly received a job from the church.
Seeing that you were sleeping well, I left without saying goodbye.
I didn’t expect for us to meet again here.
Did you, perhaps, receive a game invitation from Demon God’s Amusement Park?”

Ye Zun’s expression stirred slightly, his eyes brimming with clear surprise.
“…it’s really you!”

The corners of the priest’s lips raised in a subtle and reserved curve and the inconspicuous affinity was different from the negligible expression on his face.
Those pitch-black eyes, as long as there was the presence of a faint smile, were like the spring water sparking with the reflection of the soft sky, covered with a thin, crystal-clear gentleness, thin enough that it was as if it wasn’t there at all.

Looking at him intently, with a vaguely curious inquiry at the bottom of his eyes, he softly said, “En, I live next door to you.
I wanted to say hello to you before, but you seemed to be very nervous, so I was afraid of scaring you if I showed up so suddenly.
But, when you suddenly saw me just then, were you still scared?”

“This, I…” The bump on Ye Zun’s throat rolled faintly.
He smiled, but his eyes trembled, and his lips took on a somewhat shaky and restrained curve.

He was, indeed, scared.

The author has something to say:

A chance encounter is absolutely not something that happened by chance, but it can happen passively.

It was Ye Zun who ran to him by himself ya, he didn’t do anything at all~

[T/N: 主动偶遇是绝对不会主动偶遇的,但可以被动偶遇 this A/N is like a tongue twister, I can’t find a way to make it make sense]

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