Chapter 31 Farmer’s Wife

But at this moment, Liu Fang’s beauty carried an awe-inspiring coldness.
Making it impossible for those who saw her to look directly at her beautiful face.

Perhaps because of the previous mission, Liu Fang was very used to being in a prominent position and giving orders.

She said to Zhang Zhuo lightly: “Clean up, don’t leave any traces.
Also, I don’t want anyone to know that you met our family tonight.
Do you understand?” 

After finishing speaking, Liu Fang glanced at Zhang Zhuo lightly

Zhang Zhuo immediately bowed respectfully and said, “Yes, Miss, I understand.”

After speaking, he came to his senses.
He was treating Liu Fang as his master.

Immediately, his face turned red, he lowered his head and dared not move.

Liu Fang didn’t care what was going on with him, turned around, and went back to the ruined temple.
Standing at the door, she dried her clothes and hair with internal force, then put away the bloodless iron whip, and walked towards the back of the Buddha statue.

Standing in front of Father Liu and the others, Liu Fang said calmly, “It’s all right, come out.”

There was actually not much room in there, and it was uncomfortable for the Liu family to squeeze in there.

Everyone came out obediently, all in a daze: Is the fourth daughter/sister so powerful?

Seventh Master walked up to Liu Fang and saluted her solemnly, saying: “Thank you for your rescue, I will keep it in my heart, and I will definitely repay you for your kindness in the future.” 

The assassins who came this time were all extraordinary, and the number was quite a lot.
If it was only them, he was afraid they will be dead.

Liu Fang frowned at him with disgust and said: “You don’t need to remember, and you don’t need to repay, you just need to remember: you have never met our family.
The road is open to the sky, and one person has half the other side.
You go your way, and I go mine.
From now on, we are not related to each other and have nothing to do with each other!”

Seventh Master: …

It was really the first time for him to be bullied like this, and he was bullied by his benefactor who he was really grateful and wanted to repay his kindness.

However, who made them unable to beat her? And who let her be his savior?

Seventh Master had no choice but to back away with a wry smile, and said to Liu Fang: “Don’t worry, miss, I will remember it.” 

Liu Fang didn’t bother to talk to him, walked past him, walked to Father Liu and the others, and checked their pulse one by one.
Check to see if they were fine or not, did they get scared or not

Since ancient times, medicine and martial arts have never been separated.
She didn’t know how others were.
In the last mission, she has been practicing martial art since childhood and she had to learn medical skills first –

At least she must be able to treat her own injuries; at least she must be able to prepare some suitable medicinal bath to soak to temper her muscles and bones.

Therefore, Liu Fang still knows some medical skills, but she was not very proficient.

It was not hard for her if it was ordinary pulse-taking and the like.

Seeing her busy taking the pulse, Seventh Master felt both admiration and envy and was even more puzzled.

He touched his face, then turned to ask the guard standing beside him, “Tell me, did my face get rough? Why is Miss Liu so indifferent to me?” 

The guard looked at his master honestly.
His face was as white as jade, with outstanding facial features, he was still a fresh and handsome man, and he has not become rough!

So he replied very honestly: “Master, your face is still as handsome as ever, and it hasn’t changed.”

Seventh Master: …(ー_ー)!!

He finally understands why he hasn’t accomplice anything.
It turned out that his subordinates were so stupid!

So, wasn’t he the master who uses such a stupid subordinate also stupid?

Seventh Master glared at the guard, he would never admit that he was stupid! It’s clearly the subordinate’s fault!

That honest guard: … Why is the master staring at himself? He was obviously telling the truth!

The guard scratched his head puzzled.

Seventh Master ignored this stupid subordinate and drove him outside to help, “Hurry up, are you still asleep? Why don’t you go to work?

The guard went out honestly, still muttering in his heart “It’s almost dawn, why are he still sleeping? The master is really strange…”


Liu Fang has already checked all of the Liu family, only the children who were awakened were frightened, and the adults were all fine.

She took out a bottle of tranquilizing pills from her bag, asked her eldest brother to share them, and then knelt down in front of Father Liu.

Father Liu looked at Liu Fang for a long time, and saw that her expression was still calm, and her eyes were also looking back calmly.

He was suddenly filled with pride, and he really admired this daughter.

“This is the result of your practice?”

Liu Fang nodded, “Didn’t father always know?”

At that time, I thought you were just joking, Thinking that it was a showy but not practical martial arts!

Father Liu glared at her angrily, “So, how did you know these things?”

Liu Fang didn’t want to lie.
In fact, there was no need to lie, anyway, she transmigrated as a fetus, and she has always been herself, not others.

Even though this was a mission, she has always lived life as if it really belonged to her.

Therefore, Liu Fang replied calmly: “I am born with it, and I can’t help but want to practice it when I get older.” 

She practiced martial arts at the age of three.
When she was laying the foundation she was still very small.
The family always laughs when seeing her practice material art, they feel she was very cute.
A little beanie, with weak hands and feet, it was really cute when she moved.

At the age of six, she had laid the foundation, and it was time for her to separate from her biological mother, and officially live in a courtyard by herself, and go to school with her elder sisters.

At that time, the family really rarely paid attention to her martial arts practice.
After all, no one had ever taken it seriously.

The Liu family was not a wealthy family, so there was only one maid, Qiu Yu serving on Liu Fang’s side, plus a rough maid.

Every time she wanted to go out, she took Qiu Yu with her, and Madam Liu didn’t care too much.
As long as she doesn’t cause trouble, Madam Liu will not ask how her monthly silver was spent or what she was doing outside.

So, Liu Fang has practiced martial arts for so many years under the eyes of his family, and she has reached the current level.

Everyone in the entire Liu family, if they hadn’t been forced to leave the capital, or if Liu Fang hadn’t made a move this time, they really didn’t know at all: It turns out that their daughter (sister) was so awesome!

After all, the family now gets along day and night, which was completely different from the previous month when they probably didn’t see each other.

And Liu Fang didn’t think about hiding it.
Even if she kept telling her family about this matter, as long as something like tonight didn’t happen, they still wouldn’t believe it.

Why should she bother herself?

If you know it, you know it, if you don’t know it, you don’t know it.
She still lives her live the same way.

Will the family change their attitude towards her because of this?

Liu Fang just wanted to say: Hehe, you think too much.

Sure enough, after listening to Liu Fang’s words, Father Liu understood after thinking about it.

It’s not that they don’t care about this concubine daughter.
But Liu Fang has been sensible and well-behaved since she was a child.
They all trust her very much and don’t think so much.

Madam Liu naturally wouldn’t restrict Liu Fang too much.
All the elder sisters grew up like this, and Liu Fang wasn’t the only one.

So, the Liu family really didn’t expect what Liu Fang said to be true.

As for her being born with it? Well, it’s not impossible.
For example, the sixth master⎯⎯Liu Mo, his talent for reading was better than others, and he was also born with a photographic memory.

Father Liu didn’t feel that Liu Fang was lying or anything, but he asked, “How are your martial arts now? To what extent?”

Because he didn’t understand, so the question was a little stupid.

Seventh Master heard it and couldn’t help replying loudly: “Miss Liu’s skills are rare in the world, she is a master!”

Liu Fang turned her head to look at him angrily, and said lightly: “Young master, Don’t listen if it didn’t conform to the etiquette, don’t you understand?”

Master Seventh smiled coyly and closed his mouth.

Father Liu didn’t care about his interruption, just asked Liu Fang, “Is that so?” 

Liu Fang turned her head and nodded, “Probably so.
I don’t know either.
Daughter has never fought before, this is the first time.”

This is true, no matter whether it was Liu Fang’s previous life or her first mission, she had never fought.
Basically, she didn’t need to fight.

If she had a problem in her previous life, she would naturally go to the police.
Besides, most of the quarrels she encountered at that time were civilized quarrels.
What about the first mission? She was probably the worst among the sisters, so every time something happened the brothers and sisters will protect her.

Therefore, this was really her first fight and also her first time killing someone.

However, she didn’t have any discomfort with killing people.
After all, she had seen a lot during the first mission, and she was used to it.
It’s just that she hasn’t killed anyone personally, she was not surprised by this kind of scene.

The discomfort of seeing the blood for the first time has already been experienced in the last mission, and now she was very calm.

Father Liu nodded and understood that his daughter was still very good, and she didn’t mean to be a bully.

But he still asked: “Then will you also use force in the future?”

Liu Fang still replied calmly: “It depends on the situation.
If I encounter something like this night, I still have to use force.”

Father Liu was completely relieved now, his daughter has a sense of proportion, he smiled and nodded: “That’s right.
Use force when it’s time to use force, and don’t need to use force when it’s not time to use force.
After all, you are not young anymore.

Liu Fang smiled and said nothing.

She was already engaged before.
After all, she was already fourteen years old, and she will marry next year.
But the other party sent someone to withdraw the marriage when something happened to the Liu family.
Even though Madam Liu felt chilled at the time and lamented the cruelty of the world, she readily agreed without entanglement.

And what about Liu Fang herself? I’m sorry, but she only met him once.
He looks average, with delicate features and gentle manners.
He was just an ordinary scholar.
He was young and about the same age as her.

As for who the other party is? She didn’t know and had no idea, let alone understand!

Therefore, for this kind of marriage with no refund, she said: It doesn’t matter.

Anyway, she came here to do tasks, not to fall in love, she doesn’t have that much heart.

Marrying and having children is just one of her tasks, and she didn’t care much about such things.     

As for the person she had to marry was different in every mission.
Sorry, she really didn’t think it mattered.     

She was not born normally, she came here with a mission.
She was here to work.     

Maybe she would struggle if she fell in love with someone during the mission, but she didn’t.     

Just like her husband Yang An in the last mission.     

Liu Fang admitted that Yang An was excellent and very good.
But she didn’t love him at first, and she didn’t marry him because of love.     

This was just one of the things that she had to do in the mission, and it just so happens that the person was Yang An.     

Liu Fang was also grateful to have met such a good person as Yang An.
However, if Madam Liu had not chosen him, then Liu Fang would not feel regret either.

Even if the marriage was not satisfactory, she will naturally make herself comfortable and will not be too entangled in it.

In the final analysis, she was just too rational and clearly separated the task from reality.

As for her feelings for Yang An after finally marrying him?

Well, she did fall in love with him.
But Liu Fang thinks she has fulfilled all the obligations she should fulfill in that task world—giving the same sincerity, Devoted to each other for a lifetime, live in the same quilt, die in the same hole.

[Sheng tong qin, si tong xue (生同衾,死共眠) When they were alive, they were covered with the same quilt, and they were buried together in the same tomb after death.
Describes a couple who are extremely close and loving]


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