Chapter 29 Farmer’s Wife

As soon as Madam Anping returned to the mansion, she got the news that her daughter-in-law had rejected her mother and avoided seeing her.

She almost fainted in anger, and asked the servant to call Liu Yin over, and asked her to kneel down before reprimanding her.

“Are you out of your mind? That’s your biological mother! How dare you keep her out of the gate, and let the servants send her away? Are you stupid? I really didn’t expect you to be so stupid.
Do you know? What happened today will definitely spread throughout the capital.
At that time, what do you want the people in the entire capital to say? What to think? Have you ever thought about the reputation of the Marquis Mansion? Just because of you, the reputation of the Marquis Mansion was ruined! You really, really…”

Liu Yin bowed her head, aggrieved.
Was it wrong for her not to see her mother? Her mother’s family was already fallen, why did she come here? wasn’t this coming to beat the autumn wind brightly?

[Da qiu feng (打秋风) taking advantage of others by using the pretext of kinship] 

She didn’t want everyone in the mansion to know that she has a mother who comes to beat the autumn wind.


Of course, the news that the young madam of the Marquis Anping Mansion turned away her biological mother was spread, and everyone discussed it.
Accusing Liu Yin of being cold and selfish, making her previous straightforward and neat image collapse.
Ruining her reputation

Liu Yin only found out that she had done a stupid thing after she came back from a banquet, so she was naturally very annoyed.

So, after Madam Liu recovered and when the Liu family was about to leave the capital, she also came to see them off in the Marquis carriage.

Liu Ru and Liu Zhi saw her.
The former frowned, while the latter ignored her after a glance.

The two of them were talking to Madam Liu.
Madam Liu noticed Liu Ru’s gaze and turned her head to look, and saw the youngest daughter who was dressed in gold and silver and surrounded by a group of servants.

She looked back indifferently, and didn’t pay attention to the other party.

Liu Yin was embarrassed all of a sudden, and she couldn’t help but look at her eldest brother Liu Fan who was standing aside.

It’s a pity that not only Liu Fan, but also the other brothers didn’t care about her.

Father Liu even directly said to the two sons-in-law who came to see him off: “All right, that’s it, there is no need to send off.”

Afterward, he walked to his wife’s side and got into the mule cart with Madam Liu.

Liu Fang saw that Liu Yin’s face was flushed, she looked very embarrassed and ashamed, but she still couldn’t let go of her pride, and thought that someone would give her a ladder and coax her, so Li Fang couldn’t help shaking her head.

Really spoiled!

The servants of the Marquis Mansion didn’t care what their young madam thought, a housekeeper sent by Madam Anping bowed to Father Liu said, “Madam was invited into the palace by the empress dowager early in the morning.
She asked this old slave to send Cheng Yi to my in-laws.”

Father Liu has no ill feeling towards the Marquis Mansion.
After all, the Marquis Anping has always treated them with respect and kindness.

Marquis Anping also helped them in this incident, but it’s just that it’s not good for the Marquis and his wife to interact with them at this sensitive time.

Marquis Anping said something like this: “This incident is probably due to the military power in the Northwest.”

The eldest son of Marquis Anping was in the Northwest, and Liu Yin was his wife, but because she couldn’t stand the bitter cold in the Northwest, she didn’t follow his husband.
She only stuffed a concubine for the other party to take care of his daily life.

This incident caused unhappiness in the two families at the beginning.

So, Marquis Anping and his wife had to avoid suspicion.

However, the in-law avoided suspicion, but they did not forget to send servants to greet them.

What about their biological daughter? Even if she came, she didn’t want to condescend, didn’t come over to greet them, and showed concern.

What else was there to say? It was better for her not to come.

Father Liu politely thanked the housekeeper of the Marquis Mansion, but he didn’t mean to talk to Liu Yin.

The housekeeper of the Marquis Mansion also knew his young madam’s temperament, and he understood that Father Liu didn’t want to see young madam now.
He didn’t say a word about Liu Yin, and conveyed everything that Marquies Anping and Madam Anping had said.
After sending Cheng Yi, he respectfully retreated.

The others waited and saw that Liu Yin was still standing still, they all shook their heads and sighed, and got into mule carts or horse-drawn carriages, those returning to the mansion returned, and those leaving the capital left.

Liu Yin was abandoned like this, and seeing the guard and commoners at the city gate looking at her strangely, she ran into the carriage with a “wow”, covering her face and cried, full of grievances.

She never understand why her family suddenly ignores her and didn’t love her anymore.
She just feels that she has been humiliated and aggrieved today.


Liu Fang didn’t care about Liu Yin’s situation.
Their family has seven or eight mule carts.
Because they dare not reveal their wealth, they didn’t even dare to look for escorts.

After all, they pretended they have bankrupt on the surface, and it was really unreasonable to take out the money that others had donated to them and ask escorts to escort them, so they could only go on the road like this.

Moreover, the road ahead was boundless, and their family has not yet figured out where to settle down.

Liu Fang looked at Aunt Chen who closed her eyes and rested her mind.
Her appearance had become ordinary and inconspicuous since she left the inn, and she was wearing a coarse dress.

She was really curious about what Aunt Chen had experienced in the past, which made her develop such a calm and stable appearance.

Liu Fang often felt as if she saw Madam Liu from her, the mother of the previous mission: the same strong heart, with a gully in her heart.

Therefore, who said that ordinary people must be ordinary? Ordinary people can be extraordinary too.

At least, in Liu Fang’s two missions, she met so many seemingly ordinary people who are actually extraordinary.

Wasn’t Aunt Chen in front of her also one of them?

She looked like an ordinary concubine, an ordinary weak woman, but since the Liu family’s accident until now, she has been very calm, as if she had a plan long ago, and she didn’t have any confusion about the future.

Therefore, Liu Fang really admired Aunt Chen and was very interested in her experience.

“What are you looking at? There are flowers on my face?”

Aunt Chen opened her eyes and looked at Liu Fang with slightly raised brows.

Liu Fang smiled, “I didn’t expect Auntie to be so powerful and know how to disguise.”

Aunt Chen smiled, “What kind of disguise is this? It’s just a little trick.
It’s hard to make people beautiful, but it’s easy to make people ugly.

She looked at Liu Fang’s undisguised face under the veil and, “Why don’t you cover it up, this journey may not be peaceful.”

Liu Fang said calmly, “Don’t worry, Auntie I know martial arts.”

Aunt Chen smiled dotingly, “The ones you learned when you are a child?”

Liu Fang nodded.

Aunt Chen shook her head, it was not good to hit her, and she just said: “Forget it, you should show up less, so that the whole family won’t have to worry about you.”

Liu Fang smiled and said nothing.

She knew that Aunt Chen would not believe her words.
After all, the Liu family was not a family who knows martial arts.
Everyone was a literati.

In the last mission, although what she learned was only ordinary martial arts and the assessment by the underworld was only at the entry-level.

However, Liu Fang’s body for this mission was extremely talented.
When she practice martial arts when she was a child, she discovered that the martial arts cheats learned in Duke Liu Mansion in the previous mission were actually very good.

It’s just that her physical talent was too poor at that time, so she didn’t achieve any results.

This time was different.

She started practicing martial arts on her own at the age of three, and now, she was already a rare expert—

She once secretly went to various parts of the capital at night to test her skill, even if it was the imperial palace, she could come in and out freely.

It can be seen that her body and talent were against the sky this time.

She felt gratitude for working hard to practice martial arts in the last mission, otherwise, this time she really can only be a weak woman.

Even if she was an ordinary person and lives an ordinary life, Liu Fang didn’t want to rely on others for everything, and she still needs to have the ability to protect herself.

As the mother in the previous mission said: It is better to rely on yourself than to rely on others!

First ensure the ability to survive independently, and then consider whether to rely on others, so that she can live a better life and complete the tasks better.

After all, only with a good body and the ability to protect herself can she ensure that she can live long enough.


The public security within the capital area were not bad, so Liu Fang’s family travel for seven or eight days without incident.
When they arrived in a town, they lived in an inn and did not sleep in the wild.

This speed was actually very slow.
But they don’t have a destination, so it didn’t matter to travel slowly.
They didn’t have to suffer so much.

On this day, due to the sudden arrival of dark clouds, Liu Fan hurriedly told her younger brothers to drive the mule cart to the ruined temple in front to shelter from the rain.

Fortunately, they have always been prepared, even if they sleep in the wild, there was no problem.
What’s more, now that they were out of the capital, they didn’t have to be careful all the time.

They were not important figures, and no one will be watching them all the time.

They bought a lot of things in the last town, such as quilts and iron pans, so even if they had to spend the night in the ruined temple today, they would have no problem.

Liu Fang still showed her true face under the veil, but she always wore an iron whip as a belt to prevent accidents.

The second master⎯⎯Liu Ying took the third master⎯⎯Liu Mao to fetch water, and caught some fish for cooking.

The eldest young madam took her younger siblings to tidy up the ruined temple, let Father Liu and Madam Liu sit and rest first, and then wash vegetables and cook.
Fourth master⎯⎯Liu Jian built a simple stove.

The fifth master took the other younger brothers to watch a group of children, while Liu Fang and Aunt Chen helped the young madams, the family was busy.
As for the children, they were also very well-behaved.
The older ones take care of and play with the younger ones, which was quite lively.

The turmoil of ransacking made the Liu family more united, and Liu Fang also found out that the eldest brother and the others were not weak scholars with no merits.

At least they can set up a stove and catch fish, which was pretty amazing.
After all, they grew up being served by servants since they were a child, and it was already rare to be able to do this.

While the rice and soup were being cooked, it started to rain heavily outside.
Liu Fan and the others brothers led the mules in and put them behind, keeping them from the rain, and feeding them some fodder and warm water.

Father Liu sat with Madam Liu in his arms, watching the heavy rain outside, with a sad face.

Liu looked at him with a smile, “What’s the matter? Still worrying about where we’re going to settle down?”

Father Liu said guiltily, “It’s my fault.
Making the whole family wanders with me like this.
Making you suffer from the tossing and displacement.”

Madam Liu smiled and shook her head, “What does this have to do with you? Besides, as long as the whole family is safe and sound, no matter where you go.
As long as you are here, home is there.”

Father Liu hugged her tightly, “Thank you, my wife! It’s my Liu’s best fortune to marry you!”

Madam Liu smiled and said nothing.

Liu Fang looked at Father Liu, Madam Liu, and Aunt Chen.
Seeing her calm expression, she couldn’t help asking curiously in a low voice, “Auntie, don’t you find it glaring?”

Aunt Chen glared at her and seeing Father Liu and Madam Liu, she suddenly lowered her head and smiled, and said to Liu Fang: “Isn’t this a matter of course? I am a concubine.
It is normal for the master and madam to love each other.
If he loves me, Haha, that’s not a good thing.”

Liu Fang became more and more curious, “Then how you can still have children with father?”

Aunt Chen was stunned, smiled, turned her head to look at the rain outside, and said gently and emotionally: “Because Madam treats me too well.”

Liu Fang: ? ? ?

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