Chapter 26 part 1 New Century Underworld

After finishing reading the post, Liu Fang finally realized and understood what her job was.
To put it bluntly, she just went there and be an ordinary person, don’t be a busybody.
Live a smooth and long life, then it was OK.

No wonder the merit was so low.

She has to spend a little merit to read this post.
There wass no other choice, the system of the underworld was meticulous!

However, the post was really useful.

The post mentioned a lot of things that newbies who were new to the underworld need to pay attention to.

For example, you have to eat.

Why? Because it was necessary to maintain ghost power.
Ghost power was equivalent to the physical strength of a mortal, and it was an indispensable foundation for daily work and life.

In case you want to stay, don’t move, don’t think about anything, and don’t do anything, that’s okay too.
However, the houses in the underworld were not many.
Either, you buy it yourself, or you have to find a job and live in a dormitory.

If you want to be a jobless vagrant? It was also possible.
Just went to the shelter and stay there.
Once you enter there, it wasn’t easy if you want to get out.

Why? Because ghosts were different from humans.

When humans have nothing to do they just need to find something.
If a ghost has nothing to do for a long time, it will be terrible!

However, after staying in the shelter for a long time, except for a very few, most of them will go crazy.
Because inside was completely still space, you will be the only one, there was no sound, no day and night… nothing!

So, it’s hard not to go crazy while in it.

When a human went crazy, the worst thing was to be locked up in a mental hospital.
There were many things in the underworld, and the ghost messengers were very busy.
They don’t have time to take care of you, so they just set a prohibition in the shelter, and it’s over if you can’t come out.

All ghosts who have gone crazy due to staying for a long time can only stay inside and cannot come out.
When it’s time for reincarnation, they will throw you to Meng Po‘s place.

[Meng Po (孟婆) is the goddess of forgetfulness in Chinese mythology, who serves Meng Po Soup on the Bridge of Forgetfulness or Naihe Bridge in the underworld]

Simple and easy.

Most importantly, these ordinary ghosts will not suffer too much damage.

As for mental madness? It doesn’t matter, just drink a bowl of Mengpo soup.
There was no memory, clean as a pin, and went to reincarnation without affecting anything.

[This soup wipes the memory of the person so they can reincarnate into the next life without the burdens of the previous life]

Therefore, the newcomers who have just arrived will basically not want to go to the shelter.

The ghost messengers will basically take them to the archives room when they come to the underworld.
Then the staff in the archives room can basically find suitable jobs for them so that they can live in the underworld in peace.

And life in the underworld was actually more joyful than in the human world.

There were so many jobs here, there were all kinds of companies and departments.
As long as they were diligent, they will not be bored even if they stay here for thousands of years.
The Internet was good enough, not to mention all kinds of things that she have never seen or heard of.

All ghosts can maintain a positive attitude and retain enough freshness to live here.

And the most important thing was that many things in the current underworld were similar to the human world, civilized and free, who wouldn’t like to stay?

In short, the current underworld was really fresh, and this kind of freshness was the kind that won’t get tired of after thousands of years.

Of course, the house prices in the underworld were not cheap, but as long as you have a job, you can live in a dormitory.

This dormitory was actually equivalent to the government resettlement housing in the underworld.
It was still the kind that has no residence period, no need to pay rent, and can live in it for a long time.

In fact, it was equivalent to the local government giving them a house for nothing, except that the property rights do not belong to them, everything else was fine.

And as long as you have a job and a house to live in, life in the underworld was really good:

There was no pressure on mortgages, and there was no cost of raising children;

If you want to fall in love in the underworld, that’s fine too.
You don’t need any gift money to get married, as long as you were happy with each other, then go and register together.
If you were unhappy, you can also get a divorce.
The underworld was unrestrained in this regard.

However, at the same time, it was not acceptable if marriage and divorce were too frequent.
They will also be punished, ranging from deduction of merit, to throwing them in the 18th level of hell.

Therefore, the ghosts in the underworld were very well-behaved, and most of them didn’t bother with the things they didn’t have.
After all, breaking the law in here was really going to hell, not just a few years in jail.

There were many other bits and pieces and won’t go into detail here.

After reading the post, Liu Fang got up and cleaned the dormitory, then went downstairs to the supermarket to buy some daily necessities.

There was a supermarket in the community and a door-to-door delivery service.
The service attitude was very good.
At the same time, Liu Fang found that the prices of daily necessities were not high.

For example, ordinary rice only has a little merit for a bag of one hundred catties, and oil, salt, sauce, and vinegar was also very cheap.

After spending about ten points of merit, Liu Fang bought enough daily necessities, and the staff of the supermarket helped her deliver the goods to her door.

Liu Fang thanked the other party for sending her away.
Tidied up her things, and cooked a meal by herself, just like her life before her death.

This made her feel more relaxed.

After finishing the meal, she took a shower, changed her clothes, and ordered a batch of Wangyou Pill online.

According to the guidance post, if you worked in the quick transmigartion department, you must buy this Wangyou Pill, which can clear away the memories and emotions of the person in the mission world.

At the same time, the memory can also be stored in the smart housekeeper, which will no longer affect them.

It’s like thinking of your own brain as a computer, and the smart housekeeper was actually an intelligent processor, which can help them classify and store memories.

And when they need these memories to do tasks, they will be able to remember them naturally, instead of being completely uncontrollable.

It was said that some branches of the quick transmigration department will also issue Wangyou Pill monthly, but those departments were reserved by the veteran.
Their souls and spirits were extremely powerful.
Even without the Wangyou Dan, they can still deal with the memories and emotions left after those tasks by themselves.

This was not something ordinary newbies can emulate.

Therefore, in the quick transmigration department, if the branch you were working in was not very popular, then obediently buy the Wangyou Pill by yourself, and don’t go crazy by the time, then that’s not good.

You don’t see a ghost messenger in the underworld daily, but in fact, ghost messengers will appear anytime and anywhere.
To deal with those emergencies, such as a ghost going crazy, ghost messengers will appear immediately to deal with them.

In the underworld, the prerequisite for living well was to obey the law and be a good ghost.


The price of Wangyou Pill is very affordable, a bottle of ten pills only needs a little merit.

Liu Fang bought five bottles and looked at her merit balance, it was only 185.

Alas… so poor!

Thinking about the water, electricity, and network costs in the dormitory, and thinking about her daily expenses, Liu Fang felt that she should hurry up and do the task.

The advantage of joining the quick transmigration department was that there was no requirement for the working location and working hours.
As long as the tasks were completed.
Her tasks list was on the smart housekeeper, so she can completely stay at home, work and live, and be a completed geek! 〇(≧▽≦)O

The speed of delivery in the underworld was also much faster than that in the human world.
The order has been delivered to her door in less than an hour.

The courier who delivered the goods said with a smile: “Please give me a five-star review!”

Liu Fang laughed and gave a good review in front of him.
The courier thanked her happily and then left to continue delivering.

Liu Fang was quite curious about how the delivery expresses in the underworld, thinking that she would ask the courier when she has the chance.

Close the door, go back to the room and unpack the courier package, take out the Wangyou Pill, open it, and pour out a red pill, index fingertip size, nothing special, just like ordinary Chinese medicine pills in the human world.

After eating, it melts in the mouth, a little sweet, and nothing else.

But when Liu Fang thought of the people in the mission again, she found that her heart had no fluctuations and was very peaceful, just like reading a book or a TV series.
There were still touches and sadness in it, but not strong.

Very nice! That’s great!

She still remembers them, she still remembers those touches, those emotions, that’s enough.

The transmigration in the quick transmigration department was not a simple time travel.
In fact, it was constantly correcting the way of heaven.
Therefore, no matter how Liu Fang does the task, she will only return to the time point of the task, which will not affect that small world, and will not cause the time to go back or anything.

As for the people or things in that small world changed because of her transmigration.
For people like Liu Fang, it’s really nothing.
As long as she didn’t do major things that change the direction of the future, there will be no problem with the way of heaven in the small world.

As for those people and things changed because of her time travel? Sorry, it’s so trivial that it didn’t matter.

Therefore, her job can be so easy, and her merits will not be too much.

In addition, every time Liu Fang completes the task, she can also check the memory of the original owner to know what happened in the original owner’s life which make her want to release the task.

After Liu Fang took the Wangyou Pill, she didn’t do the task immediately.
Instead, she looked at the previously completed task, the memory of the original owner Liu Anfang, and wanted to see why she released the task.


The original owner, Liu Anfang, was born in Duke Liu Mansion in Great Jin Dynasty.
Although she was a concubine daughter, she has actually been living well because of her mother, Madam Liug.

But maybe because she has some characteristics of her biological mother in her nature, so she has always been quite silly and sweet.

When she started to grow up, Madam Liu saw her character and worried that she would suffer hardship if she married into a rich family, so she only chose a husband from among the poor scholars.
The purpose was to save her from having such a difficult life in the future and to live a life with ease so that she can continue to maintain her silly, white, and sweet character.

Originally, with Liu Anfang’s cute and soft personality.
She would definitely obey her mother’s words, marry obediently, and live a peaceful and smooth life.

However, she met the concubine daughter of Marquis Liu Kang Mansion——Liu Ping.

Because the original owner and Liu Fang have completely different personalities, there were subtle differences in her life trajectories.

That year, before the eldest sister⎯⎯Ansu’s mother-in-law, Madam Zhen went to Anguo Temple to offer incense, Liu Anfang participated in a poetry meeting, and it was in that poetry meeting that she met the concubine daughter of Marquis Liu Kang Mansion⎯⎯Liu Ping.

As mentioned before, the small world where the original owner lives has incomplete rules and the law of heaven was fragile.
Therefore, Liu Ping had an adventure, traveled here from modern times, and became the concubine daughter of Marquis Liu Kang Mansion.

Needless to say, the family style of Marquis Liu Kang Mansion was the real scene of the concubine’s counterattack in the novel.

Therefore, Liu Ping presumptuously brainwashed the original owner Liu Anfang, who was also a concubine daughter and also ranked eighteenth, She was asked to resist, fight, and so on.

Originally, Liu Anfang wasn’t that stupid.
It’s just she has a silly and sweet personality, and Duke Liu Mansion was an unprecedented clean stream, full of harmony, and she has never really seen the darkness of people’s hearts.

As for Liu Ping who didn’t know she was talking nonsense.
In essence, she wholeheartedly does for Li Anfang good.
Although she was a little self-righteous.
But what about others? for various reasons, they echoed what Liu Ping said with more or less malice in their hearts, leaving Liu Anfang in such a brainwashed environment all the time.

At that time, the tide was surging in the capital, and Liu Anfang didn’t have this kind of sensitivity, so she didn’t notice these things.
She was gradually brainwashed by Liu Ping’s tricks.

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