The prince consort originally said that he would take me to a hot spring in the suburbs of the capital today, but you messed up the whole thing! I’m already very old, I don’t want to make a fuss, I just want to live a quiet and comfortable life, can’t I even do this? “

When the eldest princess said this, she paused and took a deep breath, “Everyone has their brains flooded.
Don’t mention the assassination every two days.
They were all wiped out by me.
Still didn’t know how to restrain.
I can’t believe all of you made such a big show.
You must feel itchy and want to get beaten, right? Also, after so many years, I seldom do anything, you probably forgot.

After that, the eldest princess threw the sword in her hand and plunged straight into Anfei’s feet.

Anfei was startled, and when she looked up, she saw the eldest princess looking at her indifferently and said: “You better know when to stop”

Anfei smiled, saluted respectfully, and exited the hall silently and wittily.

Fourth Prince: …So, this sister-in-law saw all his stupidity just now?! Oh! God! He wants to die (ㄒoㄒ)

The eldest princess turned her head and stared at the fourth prince indifferently, raised her hand and clasped it, squesszed her hand, making a crisp sound. 

The fourth prince saw it, and immediately acted cleverly, and hurriedly waved his hand and said: “Elder sister, No, we have all grown up! and already have sons and daughters…”

“You still know that you are already a father! Then why don’t you have a brain? “

After that, the eldest princess raised her hand and punched the fourth prince in the face, “You are such a big man, don’t you know how to think about the consequences when you do things? Dare to bring troops into the palace to usurp the throne?” 

The eldest princess looked indifferently, looked at him calmly, held him with her hand, and shot mercilessly: “I will let you wake up now…”


The tragic screams went straight to the outside of the hall.
Anfei stood at the door, holding a silver spear, shaking her head, and muttering: “Tsk tsk, what a tragedy! Growing up so big and still getting beaten by an elder sister.
Tsk tsk, what a shame! It was so pitiful!”

“If you think he is pitiful, why don’t you take it on his behalf?”

A cold voice sounded from behind, causing Anfei to straighten up in fright, and replied loudly: “This minister dare not!”

[Chen (臣) state official or subject in ancient China when addressing themself in front of sovereign]

The eldest princess glanced at her lightly, “You didn’t hear or see anything about what happened today, and there was no one inside.
Do you understand?”

Anfei bowed and saluted, “Yes, this minister understand!” 

The eldest princess stared at her and said flatly: “You know, I’m very narrow-minded.
When I get upset, I like to throw people into the criminal department.
I heard that the household department is also very busy and lacks people.
What do you think? Eight sister-in-law.”

Anfei immediately responded: “This minister is incompetent, and can do nothing but fight.
This minister understand.
Please rest assured, princess.”


The eldest princess turned and left holding the long sword.

Anfei let out a long breath, “Huh… I was scared to death.
Why is there no sound when walking? Tsk tsk, I still don’t have enough skills, I still have to practice…”


Ansu, Ammo, and Anli were leading the female soldiers to patrol around the palace city.
Seeing the eldest princess coming out, they all stepped forward to salute: “Princess.”

“Un” The eldest princess walked up to the second prince and sixth prince who was tied up.
Glancing at them, completely ignoring their vicious stares, she just asked Ansu lightly: “Where are the others?” 

“All of them were in the side hall for treatment.
Anfen was also in there.
According to the princess’s wishes, everyone was only wounded and no one died.”

“Well, very good.” The eldest princess nodded, and pointed to the second and sixth princes, “If they don’t obey the discipline, then beat them again, don’t beat them to death.
If worse comes to worst, just cripple them.  Anyway, our family can afford to support useless people, and my sisters-in-law won’t care about it.”

The second prince, the sixth prince: … Σ(° △°|||)︴

Ansu, Anmo, and Anli: …Princess, are you serious?

The eldest princess looked at them indifferently and said: “This is a metaphor.”

Ansu, Anmo, and Anli understood, and bowed in response: “Yes, this minister obey the order.”

The eldest princess turned to look at the majestic palace city, and said indifferently: “Since I have already taken this step, I will not retreat any further.
Today, it is time to change!”


In the Nuan Pavilion of Qianyuan Palace.

Emperor Wenjin was sitting on a soft couch playing chess, when the eldest princess walked in with such vigor.

The chief guard⎯⎯Guo Zhanggong saluted the eldest princess respectfully, and then led the others to retreat.

Emperor Wenjin looked at her with a calm expression, as if he couldn’t see the blood in her body “Come?”

The eldest princess looked directly at Emperor Wenjin indifferently, and remained silent.

Emperor Wenjin didn’t care, and continued to play chess on his own, and asked lightly: “How is it outside?” 

The eldest princess replied lightly: “No one died, and the injured have been settled properly.”

The emperor Wenjin squeezed the chess pieces in his hand and turned to look at her, raised their eyebrows and said, “No one died? Not even a single pawn died?”

“No.” The eldest princess looked at him indifferently, “Not a single one, they are all still alive.”

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