Chapter 20 The Scholar’s Wife

Therefore, the first Marquis Liu Kang was beaten severely by the first Duke Liu, and he was almost beaten to death.
It was still beaten in front of all civil and military officials, and in front of Emperor Jinyuan.

This was simply a big deal!

Therefore, the relationship between Marquis Liu Kang Mansion and Duke Liu Mansion has never been very good.

What’s more, Marquis Liu Kang Mansion was very similar to Duke Liu Mansion: The second Marquis Liu Kang was also an only seedling, so the mansion also has many concubines and many children.

The difference was that the forty children from the concubines of Duke Liu Mansion grew up alive and healthy, but the concubine children of Marquis Liu Kang Mansion died from time to time.
So far only a few have grown up, and they have not reached adulthood.

The noble families in the capital were not stupid.
Such an unusual death must be more than an accident.

It can be seen from this that the wife and concubines in Marquis Liu Kang Mansion were really a mess, fighting to the point where the sun and the moon lost their brilliance

The funniest thing was the current Marquis Liu Kang and his wife always like to compare with Duke Liu and his wife: Marquis Liu Kang said that he married more concubines than Duke Liu, and they were more beautiful than his concubines.
Madam Liu Kang liked to show off the small number of children from the concubine, and she laughed at Madam Liu for pretending to be virtuous and hypocritical

In Marquis Li Kang and his wife’s view.
The people in Duke Liu Mansion was a fool and each one must have a problem.

But they didn’t know that others feel strange when they look at their family.

If it weren’t for Maquis Liu Kang’s disposition to be too rogue and shameless.
If any family held a banquet and didn’t invite their family, he would directly come to make a fuss.
The noble families in the capital were really not willing to deal with such a person.
Attend in empty-hand.
Not to mention eating and drinking, but even taking the food back, it was really annoying.

Of course, Marquis Liu Kang and his wife would never dare to be presumptuous in front of Madam Liu.
They only dare to talk about it behind her backs.
What if they said it in front of Madma Liu? hehe.

It was afraid that they will know why the flowers are so red.

[The implication of the sentence “let you know why the flowers are so red” is that the flowers are dyed red by blood, which means that the other party is going to beat people until they bleed a lot]

This time, Princess Rongning’s mansion was also no free from trouble.
They sent an invitation to their mansion, but they attend with a large number of family members.

It was not strange for Marquis Liu Kang and his wife.
But they brought a concubine daughter who was so weird that she just entangled Liu Fang.

At first, Liu Fang didn’t know who this was, but after someone explained it, she found out that this was a concubine daughter of Marquis Liu Kang Mansion——Qiaoer, she was also ranked eighteenth.

However, most of her older sisters died, and few of them could grow up and get married safely.

It was said that she was also fifteen years old now, and she was about to reach the age of adulthood and was preparing to discuss marriage.

That being the case, seeing this unmarried girl Liu Fang felt very inexplicably, what was the purpose of getting close to her?

This eighteenth young lady of Marquis Liu Kang Mansion came over and asked Liu Fang directly: “I heard that you are also the concubine daughter of Duke Liu Mansion?”

What is “also”? Do you still know the sisters in our family?

Liu Fang felt that her elders sisters would definitely not want to have any relationship with Marquis Liu Kang Mansion, and it was absolutely impossible for them to associate with the young ladies in their mansion, let alone the concubines’ children.

Therefore, Liu Fang just smiled and didn’t strike up a conversation.

The other party didn’t care too much, she continued to speak: “Your mother chose a humble scholar for you, why don’t you resist?”

Liu Fang: … Hey, who are you? What does my family have to do with you?

However, the other party took Liu Fang’s silence as a grievance, which meant that it was not easy to speak out.

“I know, you must be having a hard time.
Being controlled and tortured by your mother.
You can’t even wear better jewelry every day, and you can’t even eat normal meals…”

Liu Fang: …(ー_ー)!! This girl is probably out of her mind.

She quickly stopped the other party and said: “Young lady, please be careful.
You are not from Duke Liu Mansion, so how do you know how my mother treats me? No one in the capital knows, my mother is kind.
I was never treated badly in terms of food, clothing, housing, and transportation, so how can you slander her like this? Young lady, please apologize for your words.
Otherwise, even though I am a concubine daughter, I will never take this matter lightly! It’s necessary to go to the door to get an explanation!”

Liu Ping was stunned, she didn’t expect that the ancient concubine children would be so severely brainwashed.
Seeing her serious expression made her unable to react.

It’s not right.
Isn’t it always said in the novel that the daughter of a concubine is a pitiful little girl who is submissive in front of her mother? Why is this one different? !

Liu Fang didn’t know that the other party had a special background just like her.

She was very disgusted with the other party’s nonsense, did she blind? Can’t see what she was wearing? Which part of her body told the other party that she had a miserable life?

The clothes were satin, the jewelry was top-notch, and there were even thumb-sized pearls on her shoes.
Could it be that a concubine daughter who has lived a miserable life can have these things?

Even the daughters of the wife of Marquis Liu Kang Mansion may not be able to wear Liu Fang’s outfit!

Which eye of hers saw her misery? !

It’s inexplicable!

Liu Ping said in disbelief, “But your mother married you to a young scholar! I heard that the Yang family is still a poor family living in the outer city.
Her biological daughter is married to a prince and becomes a princess consort.
Even the eighth young lady who is also a concubine can marry into the eldest princess’s mansion.
Isn’t this her treating you harshly?”

Liu Fang sneered, looked at her coldly, and said, “Miss Liu, I’m sorry, I was the one who chose my husband, not my mother’s.
She just obeyed my wishes and let me marry.
Also, the ‘eight young lady’ you mentioned are my sister from the same mother.
As for the ‘harsh treatment’ you mentioned…”

She took out a handful of the gold ingot from her purse and threw them on the ground, “Never before! In our house, Even if I am willing to throw gold into the water every day, my mother will not say that I am a prodigal! So, do you still think that my mother treats me harshly?”

Liu Ping looked jealously at the gold ingot thrown by Liu Fang on the ground, She was jealous!

There is still a mother who is kind to concubine’s children in this world? ! she is not dreaming, is she?

Liu Fang didn’t bother to deal with this kind of person who was foolish and living in imagination.
She changed places with someone she knew at another table, staying away from her, lest she couldn’t help but slap her to death.

Her mother was good to her, she can’t hear anyone say anything bad about her.

It was only because today was the banquet at her eighth elder sister’s house, as a younger sister, it’s not good for her to cause trouble.
When the banquet was over, she has her own way to let the other party know what it means to be cautious in words and deeds!

On the other side, Liu Ping didn’t know that she was about to face a new round of blows, and she was still in an unbelievable trance.


One day after the banquet, when Liu Fang left, Anfen saw her off and said to her: “When you went home, stay at home, and you don’t need to worry about the girl from Marquis Liu Kang Mansion.
I will teach her a lesson.”

Liu Fang understood that the eighth elder sister will make the move herself.
Since that was the case, she didn’t bother to think about it.

However, she looked at Anfen worriedly, and asked: “Eighth elder sister, is it my mother…”

Anfen waved her hand, stopped her words, and said with a smile: “Good sister, don’t worry, it’s okay, Just be obedient and go home”

Liu Fang’s eyes turned red, “Elder sister…”

Anfen had no choice but to reach out and hug her, “You are married, why are you still so childish? Be good, go back, stay at home, don’t go out.
Be obedient, okay ?”

Liu Fang nodded, a little uncomfortable: “Elder sister, is it because I’m too stupid that you don’t tell me anything?”

Anfen stretched out her hand and pinched her face, shaking her head with a smile, “No, it’s just that you are the youngest.
Some things, as the elder brothers and sister is what we have to do.
So you don’t have to worry about it.
Just be obedient and live happily.”

“But, I’m also a part of the family, and I’m also from Duke Liu Mansion, connected with all of you by blood.
Honor one and you honor them all, how can I get away from it.”

Anfen smiled, “Silly girl, you think too much.
No matter what, you will not be implicated.”

“Elder sister, you clearly know that’s not what I mean!” Liu Fang looked at her, “I also want to do my best to help you.”

Anfen smiled and stroked her hair, and said: “Sister knows.
But, Anfang, you have to understand, we just want you to live a worry-free life and live a happy life.
So, be obedient and don’t think too much, okay? Just live your own life.”

Liu Fang’s tears fell from the corners of her eyes, her voice choked up, “Eight elder sister, if you make me just stand aside and watch, how can I be happy in this life? How can I be worry-free? We are a family!”

Anfen wiped her tears for her, and said with a smile: “It won’t happen, you have to trust your sisters, nothing will happen! “

It has come to this point, Liu Fang knows that no matter what she says, no matter how much trouble she makes, they will not change it.

It’s just…

“If the unlikely event happened, I will still do my best.
Even if I die, I will not give up! I will not let my family suffer any harm.”

Liu Fang said firmly, turned around, and left.

Anfen watched, shook her head, and sighed.

The eldest princess came over and said: “Your younger sister is very smart!”

Anfen smiled wryly: “Yes.
Our family is like this.
No one can fool anyone.”

The eldest princess sighed, “I really envy your family !”

Anfen Fern smiled.

Yes, how lucky she was to be born in such a good family.


On the tenth day of the Chinese New Year in the twenty-first year of Emperor Jinwen.
On this night, the entire capital was plunged into blood!

In the Qianyuan Hall, the eldest princess with a long sword in her hand, her face was stained with blood because of the fight, staring fixedly at the high seat in front of her.

The fourth prince standing above smiled bitterly, laughing so hard that tears flow.

He stood with his hands behind his back, looked at the eldest princess, and said, “As expected from elder sister! Such a scene of leading a snake out of the hole is really wonderful!” 

The eldest princess looked indifferent, and she said calmly, “No matter how many conspiracies and tricks, they are vulnerable in the face of absolute strength.
Fourth younger brother, you are too persistent.”

“Hahaha! I am too persistent?!” The fourth prince looked coldly at her calm and beautiful face, ” You are too dazzling!”

“Elder sister, you are obviously a woman, but why?” The fourth prince looked crazy, and asked loudly: “Why do you have to suppress all of us so that we can’t lift our heads?!”

“If you are a man, I am still convinced.
But, you are a woman!”

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