Chapter 19 The Scholar’s Wife

Madam Liu didn’t understand this? Naturally, she understands.

It was because she was clear that if she did this, not only will she not be called cruel, but it will make everyone think that she was generous and kind.

After all, Madam Liu didn’t send the nanny to the government to be sentenced by the law.
Not to mention she wasn’t beaten to death, or even sold into slavery.

Was it excessive to beat the nanny and drive her away? Not too much.

But in today’s society this not excessive punishment was more serious than her being sentenced, exiled, beaten to death, or sold into slavery.

Why? Because she was driven away by the head of the Duke’s Mansion, and her reputation was ruined because of her greed.

And in this society, reputation was the most important foundation.

Without reputation, what was involved was never one person’s matter, but a family, a clan’s matter.

Therefore, the life of the nanny’s family was not easy at first glance.
Until they couldn’t take it anymore.
They sold the family property and stayed away from the capital.

In fact, what the nanny suffered was the same nature as the Doxing triggered by cyber violence in later generations: No one cares whether her family members were innocent or not, and no one cares how embarrassing their comments mean to her and her family.
How deep it will hurt.

Everyone will only point and comment from above.
For a moment, it seemed that everyone was a saint, and could attack them at will until they were powerless to resist, had nowhere to go, and self-destructed…

and this was exactly the result Madam Liu knew very well.

Therefore, Liu Fang understands that if Madam Liu really wants to do something.
Once she took action, she will hit her opponent with one blow without leaving any room, and simply drive her opponent into the abyss neatly, and can never turn over again!

Such a person was actually quite scary!

She was capable enough to do whatever she wants, even to overturn the world!

Therefore, Liu Fang only vaguely discovered one thing when she returned to the Duke Liu Mansion today: Mother was too emotional.

She shouldn’t be like this.

But to make her so abnormal, there must be something big happening.

Liu Fang was very worried.

She didn’t know what Madam Liu was going to do.
But she felt that it was definitely not a small matter, let alone something that could be done easily.


It was already dark when Yang An and Liu Fang returned to Yang’s house.

Yang An and Liu Fang sent Yang Hui back to her room to sleep first, and then went back to wash up.

Yang An came out after washing, and saw Liu Fang sitting in front of the dressing table silently combing her hair, frowning tightly, with a worried look on her face.

He stepped forward, stood behind her, took the jade comb from her hand, and combed her hair slowly.

“What’s the matter? You looked so worried since you came back.”

Liu Fang sighed, “I don’t know.
I always feel uneasy.”

Yang An put down the jade comb, caressing her shoulders, leaned over, and smiled gently, said: “Don’t worry, I’m still here.”

Liu Fang looked at him in surprise.

Yang An smiled, “What? Do you think I’m stupid? Or do you think I’m dull?”

Liu Fang shook her head, “It’s just that I didn’t expect that even you would have found out.”

Yang An smiled and kissed her face, hugging her with both hands.
looking at her.”Actually, there is nothing strange about it.
Recently the emperor has not been in court for three days, and last time the chief assistant of the court mentioned the matter of establishing the eldest princess as the crown princess, I guess it is not normal.
After all, we are also in the capital.”

 “Yes.” Liu Fang sighed, “but my mother told all brothers and sisters-in-law to return to the capital.”

“Are you worried?”

Liu Fang shook her head, “I don’t know.”

Yang An raised his eyebrows, “I don’t know?”

Liu Fang smiled, “You don’t believe me.
In the past, I thought I was not stupid, but after going back home today, I realized that I am really stupid.”

She looked into Yang An’s eyes and said “I don’t know what my mother is going to do, and I don’t understand why she wants all the brothers to return to the capital, and I don’t know what her intention is… Look, am not I stupid?”

Yang An was silent for a while.
Only then did he speak, “Then do you know who mother-in-law is going to support?”

Liu Fang smiled and said firmly: “The eldest princess!”

Yang An was surprised, “The eldest princess? Not Prince An?”

Liu Fang turned around to look at him, she smiled and said, “Who gave you the illusion that my mother would support the fifth brother-in-law?”

“You also said that he is your brother-in-law, the son-in-law of my mother-in-law.
If it was him… The status of the mother-in-law is completely different.”

Liu Fang raised her eyebrows, “What’s the difference?”

“The empress natal family, the monarch’s relatives.”

Liu Fang nodded, “Indeed.
But in the end, they are just relatives of the monarch.

Yang An was speechless, “Isn’t that enough?”

Liu Fang spread her hands, “But, our family was originally a relative of the monarch!”

Yang An: …

“Look, my mother was born in the Prince Cheng Mansion, a decent junzhu.
She still has the titles conferred by the royal family⎯⎯Princess Weibi, a princess of the first grade.
Then there is the fifth elder sister.
She is already a princess consort.
That is to say, our family is in-law with the emperor, right?  And, my eighth elder sister was married to Princess Rongning Mansion, she is the emperor’s biological younger sister.
So, you see, even if the fifth brother-in-law does not sit in that position, we are still a relative of the emperor and a noble family.
That being the case, why should we support the fifth brother-in-law? Anyway, it’s just a better title, but in fact, it’s not good for our family at all.
You know, humans, being too rich can go bad, and being too powerful is the same.
The fifth brother-in-law is now a prince.
As long as he doesn’t commit a serious crime in the future, he can live in prosperity and wealth until he grows old, and he doesn’t have to worry about anything.
Besides, there are not many people in this world who need him to kneel down and salute.
In the same way, my fifth elder Sister is the same.
In this case, why bother? Is it because the title of empress sounds better than the princess consort? But being a princess consort can monopolize the prince as a husband, but being an empress is impossible.
Even if the fifth brother-in-law is willing, the ministers are not happy, and the people in the world are not necessarily happy.

Yang An was speechless after hearing what she said, “So, mother-in-law chose the eldest princess?” 

Liu Fang sighed, “Yes.
Part of the reason why the mother chose the eldest princess is because of this, but the most important thing is that she still has unwillingness in her heart.” 

Seeing that Yang An didn’t understand, she got up, walked to the window, and looked at the bright moon in the sky outside.

“Actually, my mother has been talented since she was a child, and she is more talented than her elder brother, the current Prince Cheng.
Mother even has superb martial art.” 

Liu Fang turned to look at Yang An and smiled, “Does that sound familiar?” “

Yang An nodded, “It seems to be another eldest princess.

“That’s right.
Perhaps it was because of this that my mother would do such crazy things at such an age.

Yang An stepped forward, hugged her and said: “Don’t worry, I will keep my eyes.
Even though my abilities are limited, I will definitely do my best to protect them.

Liu Fang’s eyes turned red, she closed her eyes, and responded softly, “Yes.”

If it really came to that point, she was afraid it was not something a little talent like Yang An can interfere with.

But she understands that now she, they, can do nothing but wait.

Wait for the final result comes out.


The 20th year of Jinwen was destined to be a disturbing year.
Until New Year’s Eve, the news from the palace was not very optimistic: Emperor Jinwen was seriously ill, and a storm was brewing in the palace city.

This kind of atmosphere was maintained until the first month of the 21st year of Jinwen, and even the excitement of the Chinese New Year in the capital could not dilute this undercurrent.

On the second day of the Chinese New Year, Liu Fang and Yang An had to go to various in-laws’ homes to formally integrate into the aristocratic circle of the capital.
Even if Yan An only has the reputation of a scholar, even if he was only married to the concubine daughter of Duke Liu Mansion, they were still a guest in various mansions and should not be underestimated by others.

Originally, Liu Fang was a little worried about whether Yang An would be able to adapt to such a social gathering, but unexpectedly, he was able to hold on when he was outside.
He was neither humble nor overbearing, which was amazing!

Ansu also said to Liu Fang, “My little brother-in-law is really extraordinary.”

Liu Fang was also a little proud: O(≧▽≦)O

Engaging in social activities, there were still some strange people.
For example, today the met an odd one.

The eighth day of the Chinese New Year was the banquet held by the eighth⎯⎯Anfen’s mother-in-law, Princess Rongning.
As a younger sister, Liu Fang naturally arrived early to help her sister entertain the guests, and she also brought Yang Hui with her.

Although she only married into the Yang family not long ago, because of her, the Yang family’s social circle was also different from before, so recently she has been taking Yang Hui with her, teaching her, and letting Su Hua serve her.
It was to enable her to adapt to the current banquet and socialize with others.

After all, Yang Hui in the future will definitely not be able to marry a poor family like Yang An.
It was very likely that she will marry into a high-ranking family, so it was necessary to train and teach her as early as possible.

Even if she still married into a humble family.
Her sister-in-law was still from the Duke Mansion, so it was inevitable that she would have to associate with these high-ranking families.
It would be beneficial to learn more now.

Yang Hui was indeed as the name suggests, very intelligent.
In addition, her parents died when she was a child, and she was dependent on her elder brother for life, so she was very sensible and well-behaved.
Knowing that Liu Fang was doing it for her own good, she studied very hard, worked very hard, and never complained, which made Liu Fang feel very relieved.

Today, she was brought by Liu Fang to entertain the guests, and she did a good job, very decent, and Anfen, as well as her sister-in-law, the eldest lady of Princess Rongning’s mansion, all praised her.

However, when the people from Marquis Liu Kang Mansion arrived, Liu Fang was entangled.

Marquis Liu Kang also has the same surname which was Liu, but he didn’t have any relationship with Duke Liu, it just happens to have the same surname.

However, the family style of Marquis Liu Kang Mansion was really hard to describe in one word.

The first Marquis Liu Kang was born as a local ruffian.

In fact, if you really have the ability, no matter how low your background was, it didn’t matter.
What’s more, the Great Jin Dynasty was still a new dynasty, and many of the founding fathers actually came from the grassroots.
After all, heroes didn’t ask where they came from.
The world was in chaos at that time, and anything could happen.

There was nothing strange when a ruffian joined the rebel army and followed them to fight.

However, after the establishment of the new dynasty.
Marquis Liu Kang, who was born as a local ruffian, forcibly turned the title of Count into Marquis with his shamelessness of crying and making trouble.
Which make other felt speechless.

Well, Emperor Jinyuan didn’t care about it, so it was hard for others to say anything.

But, this Marquis still brazenly claimed kinship with Duke Liu, which was very disgusting.

That was something no one can tolerate!

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