Chapter 17 The Scholar’s Wife

But, it was necessary to show power, at least let the groom know that his wife’s natal family was not easy to mess with.

Therefore, despite Duke Liu Mansion arranging a big show.
In fact, it doesn’t really mean to embarrass Yang An at all.

Putting on such a show was just to tell him that Liu Fang has many elder brothers who love her, so don’t bully her, or…hehe!

Thus, when comparing poetry, Anzhuang will give a way to Yang An, and made a random poem, which was very ordinary.
He was a Jinshi, and he has published a collection of poems, so it was not good to bully others.

Yang An breathed a sigh of relief, and was also grateful to his brother-in-law for going easy on him so that he didn’t really lose in the first round anyway, and the two drew a tie.

When it was time to compete with Anqing in throwing pots.
Sorry, Anqing was here to give him a hard time, so Yang An really loses miserably!

Including his close friends, no one can withstand Anqing’s superb skills.

Therefore, Yang An loses miserably in the second round.

Anjin smiled and let the brothers make way, and smiled at Yang An and said: “Brother-in-law, walk slowly!”

That smile made Yang An feel uneasy.

Anyway, Anqing had met Yang An twice, and he left him the last time.
Although there was a reason for the incident, it was really rude, so he whispered to Yang An: “Take care, brother-in-law.
My sister is still waiting for you .”

Well, Yang An understood, there is more to come.

No wonder they came out so early and intercepted halfway, it seems that there were still many people behind!


The elder brothers have taken action, so her cousins ​​have to take action too!

The three young masters of Prince Cheng’s Mansion were waiting not far ahead.

After Yang An passed the cousins, a group of teenagers were blocking the gate of Duke Liu Mansion.

In this group of juniors, the oldest ones have already been engaged, the youngest ones were still breastfed.
The fuss made the people watching the excitement laugh out loud, and they were very happy.

After finally dismissing the group of little devils.
Yang Aa met the sister-in-law head-on when he entered the mansion.

This group of female relatives also has their own strengths, literary and military, and they can do everything.
Yang An was tormented enough, begging for mercy repeatedly, giving away a lot of red envelopes, and saying many good things to pass the test.

Madam Liu’s eldest son’s wife, Liu Fang’s eldest sister-in-law, covered her mouth and said with a smile: “Oh, my brother-in-law is sweet-mouthed, making us sister-in-laws happy.” 

The other sister-in-laws all laughed and agreed.

Yang An smiled bitterly in his heart: … as long as you are happy.

Passed the sisters-in-law, then the servants of the Duke Liu Mansion, first the guards, then the dowry servants…

Finally came to the backyard, and the final checkpoint: brothers-in-law and elder sisters!

The brothers-in-law had also experienced the unique reception in Duke Liu Mansion, so when they saw Yang An now, they felt sympathetic to each other.

Therefore, Yang An had the easiest time passing this level.

But the elder sisters were waiting at the back!

The eldest sister⎯⎯Ansu, and the fifth sister⎯⎯Afei, led the other sisters to stand in front of the gate.

Anfei’s eyes were shining, and she was very excited when she saw the handsome Yang An walking over!

“Little brother-in-law, you are finally here!”

Ansu turned her head and glanced at her.
Anfei sensed it immediately, and immediately withdrew her excited expression, restored the demeanor that a princess consort should have, smiled and said gracefully: ” Brother-in-law, you have worked hard all the way.”

Ansu then looked back at Yang An and said, “Brother-in-law, it’s getting late, and we won’t make things difficult for you.
As long as you state your promise in front of all of us, You can pass the level.”

As for whether he can do it?

Ansu said: It doesn’t matter!

It’s best if he can do it, but what if he can’t? Oh, she also has her own means to make him pretend in front of her younger sister for the rest of his life! Coaxing her younger sister into happiness.

There was no need to let her younger sister know about these.
This was what she should do as the elder sister, the younger sister only needs to be happy.

Yang An was taken aback when he heard such a request, but he was a person who keeps what he says and does what he says.
Whether it was the relationship or as a person, he always does what he can, he will not make promises easily and will never tell exaggerated stories to deceive others.

Therefore, he solemnly said loudly: “I, Yang An, hereby promise: no matter whether you are rich or poor in this life, there is only one wife, Liu Anfang, and I will never let her down! If I violate it, I will be struck by lightning from heaven, and I will never be a human being again!” “

The relatives, friends, and guests who came to watch the fun were all shocked by these words!

Ansu didn’t expect the other party to make such a big promise.
The smile on her face became more sincere, and she said with a smile: “Good.
We have all heard the sincerity of our brother-in-law.
I hope you and sister will grow old together, full of children and grandchildren, love forever!”

Yang An secretly breathed a sigh of relief, smiled and bowed, “Thank you, elder sister.”

Anfei’s eyes lit up, and she said to Yang An: “Brother-in-law, are you anxious? Hurry up, go pick up the bride!”

As soon as these words came out, everyone burst into laughter!

Yang An’s face also turned red immediately!

This time, Ansu only glare Anfei, and then stepped aside.
The other sisters also stood aside, smiling as Yang An walked past them to pick up Liu Fang.


In the room, Madam Liu led the concubines to talk to Liu Fang for the last time.
When Yang An came to the door, she became red-eyed and picked up the red veil to cover Liu Fang.

Qi Yiniang held Liu Fang’s hand and cried with tears streaming down her face.
Madam Liu was originally very sad, but when she saw Qi Yiniang cry as if being parted in life and separated by death, she become speechless.

“Okay, it’s almost time.
Let the child kowtow to you, we will have a lot of things to do later.”

After hearing this, Qi Yiniang held back her tears and obediently sat down.

The other concubines were also helpless, if they didn’t know the nature of Qi Yiniang, they really didn’t want to deal with her: Marrying a daughter was obviously a happy event, but seeing her cry like this, this marriage looked like a bad marriage.

Liu Fang couldn’t do anything about her biological mother’s temperament, so she could only turn a blind eye to her aggrieved eyes, kowtowed to her politely, and said: “Thank you, Aniang, for giving birth.”

[A niang (阿娘) another form in addressing mother]

This sentence was true.

Her biological mother gave her life, but Madam Liu taught her how to live freely in this world and love herself.

Never forget the gift of life, and in the same way not fail to live up to the grace of nurturing!

That is to say, only in Duke Liu Mansion the children of concubines can kowtow to their biological mother and the wife before they get married.
If it was the wife from another family, it was really impossible to even come out to meet on this day.

Therefore, Liu Fang was grateful to Madam Liu for what she has done, and she will keep it in her heart.

Liu yiniang stood by and watched, her eyes were also red, and Shi yininag next to her was surprised, “Why are you crying too?” 

Liu yininag replied, “I think of the time when Anhe got married.”


This has always been the rule in the mansion.
Her daughters have married long ago, so she didn’t feel that much now.
For Liu yininag, Anhe only got married last year, so it’s normal to feel a little sad now.

If you ask her, the saddest one was probably Madam.

Alas… that is, they were lucky to have such a good mistress who was willing to be considerate of others in everything.
If it was the mistress of another family… Hehe.

Madam Liu covered her head after Liu Fang saluted, and then waved her hand to let Yang An in.

Yang An entered the door excitedly, first greet Madam Liu, and then greet all the concubines, and then handed the red silk to Liu Fang under the command of the matchmaker.

All the elder brothers were already waiting outside the door, and when the matchmaker spoke, they took turns carrying Liu Fang on their backs, starting from Anqing.

This was also the unique way to send off the bride in Duke Liu Mansion.
There were too many brothers, the eldest brother was always asked to carry his sisters on his back, and the other brothers were not happy, so there was such a rule.

Duke Liu Mansion was very big, and Liu Fang always felt this way.
Can you imagine that your home was as large as the park of later generations? Anyway, she couldn’t image it before.

But today, she feels that the Duke Liu Mansion was so small and the roads were so short.

From the inner courtyard to the main courtyard, together with Yang An, she kowtowed to Duke Liu and Madam Liu and then was carried out of the Duke Liu Mansion.

Along the way, all the brothers said: “Don’t be afraid, Brother X is here.
If he dares to bully you, I will take someone to beat (clean up) him!”

In the end, it was the eldest brother Angeng who carried Liu Fang on his back and sent her to the bridal sedan chair.
Yang An has been leading the long red silk to follow.

Angeng said: “If you are not happy in Yang’s house, come home and your eldest brother will pick you up.”

Liu Fang burst into tears immediately, and agreed with a choked voice: “Got it, elder brother.”

Yang An: … Brother-in-law, I’m still here, don’t you feel the need to avoid?

In this life, it’s great to have such a family backing her!


After receiving the person smoothly, Yang An grinned stupidly, got on his horse, and led the team all the way to the outer city.

Anjin took Anting and the others to the wedding ceremony, followed by a dowry delivery team.

First, the group of strong men hired by Yang An carried the dowry, which was mighty, followed by guards guarding the dowry, and the servants also carried Liu Fang’s daily items followed all the way.

The people around looked at it, talked about it happily, said that the dowry was rich, that the number of dowries was large… In short, they could say anything.

The team went around the imperial city, exited the inner city through another gate, returned to the outer city, and then returned to Yang’s mansion all the way.

The waiting people in Yang’s mansion also set off firecrackers to welcome them, kicked the sedan chair door, stepped over the brazier, and worshiped heaven and earth… After a lot of tossing, Liu Fang sat in the new house, waiting for Yang An to pick up the veil.

After all the etiquette was over, the matchmaker retreated, and the servants also waited outside the door, the two of them looked at each other and smiled.

“Too tired.” Liu Fang supported the phoenix crown and frowned.

Yang An looked at her with infatuated eyes, and said with a smile: “You wash and rest first, eat something, I have to toast outside.”

Liu Fang felt funny and a little shy seeing him, nodded and said: “Then you go quickly.”

Yang An stretched out his hand and tugged at her sleeve, reluctantly saying, “Well, then, I’m going.”

Liu Fang blushed, and gave him an annoyed look, “Then you should go.”

Yang An smiled, “You are so beautiful today, I can’t bear it.”

Liu Fang immediately lowered her head, blushing.

After chattering for a while, Yang An reluctantly went out to toast.
Shu Mo came in with Su Hua and helped Liu Fang to wash and change clothes.

“You are all tired too, go eat first.”

After washing up, Liu Fang hurriedly said to Shu Mo, “Just let Liu Yu come to serve.”

Shu Mo smiled: “Don’t worry, Miss, the servants have already been divided into shifts, and they will come in a while.”

“I see.
That’s good.”

“Miss, eat first then take a rest.” Shu Hua came in with a food box and laid it out on the table.

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