Chapter 15 The Scholar’s Wife

In the courtyard, Shu Mo took the booklet and together with Liu Li and Liu Yue counted the dowry, in case something went missing.

Shu Hua with Liu yu and Liu Feng packed up all the last things in the room.
Preparing to take them to the Yang family with the dowry.

Madam Liu brought Quanfu over to dress Liu Fang.

[Quan fu ren (全福夫人) refers to blessed people who have parents, children, husband and wife, and brothers and sisters who live in harmony.
Generally, it is held by the female relatives of the woman’s family.
On the day before the wedding , Quanfu people will go to the new house to sweep the bed (spread the bed and spread the tent) for the bride and groom and read auspicious words or jingles while sweeping, in order to bring good luck to the newlyweds]

Cuizhen had already led someone to help Liu Fang to take a bath and change clothes.
Liu Fang had already worn her red wedding dress and was sitting by the edge of the bed eating.

As soon as Madam Liu came in, she waved her hand to let Liu Fang continue to eat, and then said to Quanfu: “The child is still young, let her eat well first, otherwise I’m afraid she will be exhausted after a day.”

As for going to the toilet or something, Isn’t there a group of servants serving it?

The Quanfu was the wife of the Ministry of Rites.
She was well-known in the capital as a blessed person.
Her parents and in-laws were still alive, her sons and daughters were both healthy, and they were all very promising.
There was no concubine in the mansion.
A loving couple for many years.
There was no second one in the whole capital.

The noble families were proud if they can invite her to be a Quanfu!

However, she was the cousin of the current Emperor Wen, a proper junzhu, and she was not someone who can be easily invited.

However, Madam Liu and her have known each other since childhood and were close friends.
So for so many years, in all the marriages of the Duke Liu mansion, this lady has been the Quanfu.

This also made the nobles in the capital envy Duke Liu very much.
If you can marry such an awesome wife, you don’t have to worry about anything!

Liu Guogong: O(≧▽≦)O It’s good to be happy.


The wife of the Ministry of Rites was also accustomed to the temperament of her friends.
After so many years of sending the daughters to get married, how can she not know what kind of person the other party is?

So, she just smiled and didn’t speak.

When Liu Fang was full and drank two glasses of water, Madam Liu nodded in satisfaction, and said to the wife of the Ministry of Rites, “Thank you, A Yao”

“Then you can give me a pair of jade paperweight as a thank you gift.”

Madam Liu looked at her and said, “Alright.
As long as you dress my little daughter well, I will give you a whole set of blue waves!”

“Really?” The wife of the Ministry of Rites said in surprise, “You don’t have to cheat on me.”

Madam Liu snorted, “I always keep my word, when have you ever seen me cheat you?”

The wife of the Minister of Rites smiled, “That’s good!”

Madam Liu glared at her, and then the two of them looked at each other and smiled in perfect understanding.

Liu Fang who sat on the side just smile when watching this scene.

Others may not know the temperament of the wife of the Ministry of Rites.
Liu Fang has been following Madam Liu since she was a child, so she naturally understands it.

The wife of the Ministry of Rites didn’t talk too much, she first cleaned her hands and burned incense, and then seriously dressed Liu Fang.

“Once combing the head, you don’t have to worry about wealth.
The second comb, you will be free from disease and worry.
The third comb, you will have more children and live longer.
Combing once till the end, husband and wife respect each other.
The second combing, husband and wife love each other and stay together.
The third combing, ties the knot forever.
There is a beginning and and end with rich and honour.”

[The above is the auspicious words recited during the combing hair ceremony.
The combing hair ceremony was done by the parents of the bride and groom or the quanfu (bless person) to bless their marriage, this tradition represents the bride and groom’s transition into adulthood as they leave their families and start one of their own]

As the words of combing hair were sung line by line, Madam Liu’s eyes gradually became teary.

Liu Fang saw the sad look on her mother’s face through the mirror, and her eyes also turned red.

The wife of the Ministry of Rites sighed secretly, her hands kept moving, and she quickly combed Liu Fang’s hair into a concentric bun.

While putting hairpin accessories, she said to Madam Liu: “You have sent so many daughters out, you should get used to it, right? Why are you still bursting into tears? Today is the child’s big day, so you can’t infect her!”

Madam Liu glared at her, “Which eye of yours saw me crying?”

The wife of the Ministry of Rites smiled, “I didn’t say you were crying, why are you so anxious.”

After all, she still said to Liu Fang, “Look, your mother loves you.
Good child, after growing up and getting married, live a good life, don’t let your mother worry.”

Liu Fang nodded and replied softly: “Yes, Madam Chang.”

The wife of the Ministry of Rites smiled and said nothing, put good makeup on her face, and solemnly put on the gorgeous phoenix crown for Liu Fang.

Madam Liu didn’t bother to pay attention to her, watching Liu Fang gradually change from a delicate girl to a dignified young woman, she felt really uncomfortable.

She can’t get used to this matter.
Unless she has no feelings for this daughter.
But they were all brought up by her!

She still seems to be able to see the scene when the Duke Liu Mansion was full of children.
The boys came out of school, and the girls came over hand in hand, chattering endlessly.
But the smiles on their faces were so pretty!

When they were mischievous, she wanted to chase and beat them, but when they were well-behaved and sensible, caring for each other.
It was so touching…

The more she thought about the past, the more uncomfortable Madam Liu felt.
The children have grown up.
From a toddler, then learning to speak, gradually becoming a stable and reliable man, an elegant and beautiful woman.
They all have the person they can spend their whole life with, they also have their own children and become a father and a mother….

That’s great!

Isn’t that the inheritance of a family?


Madam Liu came back to her senses and saw Liu Fang holding her hand and looking at her with a smile.

“Madam Chang has gone out, she said she will wait for you in the study room.”

Madam Liu stroked her temples with a smile and nodded, “It’s so beautiful!”

Liu Fang agreed with a smile, “It’s beautiful, but it’s too heavy.”.

Madam Liu looked at the phoenix crown made of pure gold, frowned, and said: “I told your father a long time ago, don’t use pure gold to make this crown, he just turn a deaf ear! There’s nothing we can do about him.”

Liu Fang Smiling, “Mother, father only has such a hobby.
If one day he doesn’t like gold, it will be a major issue.”

Madam Liu also thought it was funny, “Yes…” 

The mother and daughter fell silent for a moment.

Liu Fang just smiled and looked at Madam Liu, and Madam Liu caressed her face lovingly, full of reluctance: “I really want to go out and tell that kid that I regret the marriage…”

Liu Fang:… ⊙﹏⊙ ∥ Mother, I’m about to get married, and you still scare me like this, is it really okay?


“Mother! Mother!”

Just as the two faced each other in silence, a cheerful female voice came from outside.

Madam Liu rolled her eyes, “Okay, the debt collector is here!”

Liu Fang covered her mouth and laughed.

Princess consort An, the youngest daughter of Madam Liu⎯⎯An Fei.
The fifth young lady of Duke Liu Mansion, rushed into the room like a gust of wind.

“Mother, daughter is calling you, why don’t you answer me?”

Before Madam Liu could answer, Anfei turned to look at Liu Fang, her eyes lit up, and she stretched out her hand to pinch Liu Fang’s face, and said: “Oh, little Anfang, you are finally getting married! You are so beautiful!”

Anfei was the combination of Madam Liu’s and Duke Liu’s strong points.
She has a beautiful appearance, and she has been a free-spirited person since she was a child.
She was doted on by her brothers and sisters.
It was impossible to explain her personality in a few words.

Anyway, in Liu Fang’s impression, mother got a headache when she heard the fifth elder sister’s voice, and in just a few words, mother will definitely explode!

However, her temperament in the outside world was very smooth and slick.
No one has ever said anything bad about her.
Even if at first she was hated, that person will be fooled by her into being her friend in a few words!

This was also a capability!

In any case, from childhood to adulthood, Liu Fang only saw one person that was the fifth elder sister who can make Madam Liu who always stood firm get annoyed when she saw her.

Outsiders, he, he.

Just look at the eighth prince who was chased and beaten by Anfei back then, and now that Prince An has become her husband.
You must know no one can escape the clutches of the fifth young lady.

Unless she was not interested in you!

To paraphrase Madam Liu’s words: The fifth young lady was completely born as a fox spirit, born to beguile people out of the right way!

Liu Fang thought: She fully agreed!

Seeing how the fifth elder sister deceived her since she was a child.
She really has a deep understanding of this!

Anfei didn’t know Liu Fang’s thoughts in her mind.
She just smiled and said to her: “The little sister is married, and the fifth elder sister is really old.
Sigh~ Back then, when I was married, little Anfang are still just a little beanie (five years old), and in a blink of an eye, you have grown up and are getting married…”

Liu Fang: …(ー_ー)!! Elder sister, you can speak, but don’t pinch my face okay? Also, if you don’t smile while saying this, I will probably be able to believe it.

Madam Liu raised her hand and patted off Anfei’s hand pinching Liu Fang’s face, and said angrily: “If you want to speak just speak, don’t move your hand.
What if your sister’s face is red? Hah.”

Anfei curled her lips, “Mother, you are biased.
You only love little sister and not me.
Besides, as an older sister, I only know it at the day my younger sister is getting married.
Why didn’t you discuss it with me before? What if there is something unknown about that Yang family boy, what should we do if my younger sister was cheated?”

“Heh!” Madam Liu sneered, “Tell you? I don’t even know your whereabouts, so tell me how to tell you.”

Anfei touched her nose, feeling embarrassed, “Cough.
That’s right, the prince took me to Jiangnan to play some time ago, I forgot it for a moment.
Mother, mother, mother… please, don’t be angry~”

She speak while shaking Madam Liu’s sleeve, and Madam.
Liu stopped her quickly and said: “Okay, let’s put on makeup for your sister, don’t worry about unnecessary things.
If you dare to mess around, I really going to commit the crime beating you, the princess consort!”

Anfei giggled, “Yes, mother.”

That’s fine, you stay here with your sister, I’ll go outside to have a look first.”

“Okay, mother walks slowly.”

After saying that, Anfei bowed respectfully.

Madam Liu glared at her before turning around and leave.

Seeing Madam Liu leave, Anfei rolled her eyes, straightened up immediately, sat beside Liu Fang, crossed her legs, pulled the melon seeds on the table with one hand, and said: ” Good sister, tell me, how did you fall in love with brother-in-law?”

Liu Fang: … She felt so tired! (︶︿︶)

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