Chapter 8 The Scholar’s Wife

Therefore, in the face of such a madman who dared to offend her, she can calmly and indifferently teach him a lesson, or even speak threats lightly.

But in contrast, among the teaching she received since childhood in Duke Mansion, there was also the side of being lenient and compassionate to the poor and the weak.

Therefore, everything has two sides and cannot be generalized.
Of course, the ancient feudal system was not reasonable, but it also had its inevitability.
Some of its rules were also necessary for the time being.

All three dudes were taken aback when they heard Liu Fang’s words.

Especially the one who was lying on the ground, struggling to get up, widened his eyes, trembling in fear, and asked, “Dare to ask who this young lady is?”

Liu Fang sneered, “The person who dare to beat your father in front of Prince Cheng in an open and fair manner.”

The dude: …Σ(°△°|||)︴

A farce just ended.

The teahouse regained its calm, and everyone continued to drink tea and chat.
But three dudes were kneeling by the door, their heads drooping, and their faces were helpless.

The teahouse owner smiled slightly, walked to the private seat, and bowed to Liu Fang through the bamboo curtain, “I’m sorry to disturb young lady.
It’s a shame and dereliction of duty as the shopkeeper to let the young lady get hit by a villain in the small shop.
Tonight, the young lady’s expenses in the small shop are completely free, and it is regarded as an apology for the young lady.
I hope the young lady will not dislike it.
In addition, I would like to thank the young lady for taking action and rectifying them.”

Liu Fang smile and said, “The shopkeeper is being polite.
In my view, the shopkeeper has an extraordinary bearing.
Even if there is no me, they may not be able to be presumptuous in front of the shopkeeper.
As for saving my expenses in your store tonight as an apology, it is even more unnecessary.
The person who disturbed my leisure was not the shopkeeper.
The shopkeeper really doesn’t need to feel too guilty.”

The shopkeeper listened, saluted again, and said, “Young lady is generous, I am grateful.
It’s just that the young lady is sitting in the small shop and is a distinguished guest of the small shop, and I am responsible for not letting the girl be disturbed by this.
It’s a matter of course to save the young lady from spending the night in the small shop, and please don’t worry too much about it.” 

Seeing the shopkeeper’s insistence, Liu Fang stopped arguing with him, nodded and said with a smile, “In that case, it’s better for me to be respectful and obey.
Thank you shopkeeper.

“You’re welcome, as it should be.
In this way, I will not disturb the young lady time.” Having said that, the shopkeeper saluted again, then went back to the counter.

Yang An also went back to sit down and accompany his sister.

Yang Hui looked at the seat with admiration, and whispered to Yang An, “Elder brother, this sister is so awesome “

Yang An smiled,” Hui’er envy? “

“Un, un.” Yang Hui nodded like garlic, “It would be great if the sister-in-law married by my elder brother would be this powerful in the future.

Yang An laughed, “Aren’t you afraid that she will hit you?” “

Yang Hui stuck out her tongue, “It’s not possible.
Hui’er is so lovely.” 

Yan An patted her head and smiled in agreement: “Well, Hui’er is very good, and my sister-in-law will definitely like Hui’er in the future.” “

“That’s it.”

Yang An looked at Yang Hui’s happy appearance, smiled, and his eyes were full of doting.

His parents died when he was young, and only Hui’er was his relative.
Even if he had no career in this life, he still hoped to make Hui’er live well, live happily, worry-free, and be happy all her life.

As for getting married? Oh, he should marry someone from the right family, the daughter of a wealthy or noble family was not what he wants.

It’s not that Yang An is narcissistic and feels that he was unparalleled in the world and was enough to attract the favor of the daughter of a wealthy family.
It’s just a thought that subconsciously emerge in his mind after he met Liu Fang.

Moreover, he was not keen on his career as an official.
Now that he has a reputation as a scholar, he just thinks to have enough foothold, and there was really no need to toss for the illusory possibility.

Besides, even if he tried desperately to cling to the daughter of a wealthy family, he might not be succeed.

He glances at the private seat.
She could slap the servants of Prince Cheng Mansion at will, and at first glance, she was not a girl from an ordinary family.
He better not be delusional.

Besides, the other party’s temperament was not necessarily very good, so he should not provoke her.

Liu Fang drank a pot of tea steadily.

What about Anhe?

She alarmed all the people in the Prince Liu Mansion.
They were so frightened that they hurriedly took someone to look for Liu Fang without saying anything, and Anhe was also severely reprimanded by Prince Liu.

Fortunately, Liu Fang didn’t go far, Anhe led someone to find a guard who had seen Liu Fang and knew where she was.

Anhe hurriedly ordered someone to inform the elder brothers, and she rushed over to the place.

“I’ve finally found you!” As soon as Anhe saw Liu Fang, she rushed in and hugged her, and then checked her body up and down, seeing that she was safe and sound.
She was relieved.

“My dear sister, you really scared me to death! I thought something happened to you.”

Liu Fang smiled and reassured her: “It’s alright.
It’s just that there are too many people, and I’m really embarrassed to be pushed aside.
Just saw there is a teahouse here, so I came here to drink tea and wait.
I believe my sister will definitely find me.”

Anhe looked guilty, “It’s all my fault, if I hadn’t dragged you here, it wouldn’t have happened.
Fortunately, you are all right.
If something happened to you, how can I explain it to mother…”

Liu Fang gave her an angry look, “Okay, Sister Seventeen, I don’t blame you.
It’s getting late, let’s go back early.”

Anhe heard this and slapped her forehead, “Look at me, I almost forget, all elder brothers know, they have been looking for you.
But I have already ordered someone to tell them that I have found you and was in here, they will come soon, let’s just wait.”

Liu Fang nodded, “Un, then let’s wait here, so as not to miss the elder brothers.”

“Then I’ll accompany you to drink some tea and wait for them, tonight I’m really scared to death.” After all, Anhe patted her chest and let out a long sigh of relief, and sat down next to Liu Fang.
Xiangting serve a new pot of tea and poured two cups for them.

The two held their teacups and drank quietly.

When Anhe finished drinking, she raised her head to see three wealthy and dejected men kneeling beside the door.
She couldn’t help but be surprised.

“Who are those people? Why are they kneeling by the door?”

Liu Fang glanced up and said indifferently, “It’s just a few idiots whose brains have been soaked in alcohol.
I bumped into them, so I made them kneel to wake up.”

When Anhe heard this, she immediately understood, “They bumped into you?”

Liu Fang raised her chin and motioned Anhe to look at the one kneeling in the middle, one side of his face was swollen and blue, and the corners of his mouth still had little blood stains.

“Elder sister, this person claims to be from Prince Cheng Mansion.”

Anhe’s face suddenly turned cold: “Prince Cheng Mansion?”

Liu Fang didn’t need to say more.
Anhe already understood, she said to Xiangting: “Instruct Liu Feng to bring them to Prince Mansion and send them to the second cousin, and said that they claimed to be from Prince Cheng Mansion, and asked the second cousin if he knew.”

Prince Cheng was the elder brother of Madam Liu, and he was a very nice person.
He was also very good to his nieces and nephews, but the backyard was a mess, especially after the death of the princess consort.

If it weren’t for the fact that there was only the eldest son, the second son, and the third son from the late princess consort and no sons from the concubine, only daughters, it would be even more messed up.

At present, the outer yard was managed by the second master, and the inner yard was headed by the wife of the eldest master.
Prince Cheng didn’t actually care about family affairs.
That’s why Anhe said that she would hand the person to the second master.

Anhe had been anxious all night because of Liu Fang’s disappearance.
When she saw that the people from Prince Cheng Mansion dared to bump into her young sister, she was full of anger and she naturally wouldn’t let them go easily.

 Handing the people over to the second cousin, he will naturally find out the whole story, and he will not easily bypass them, so she doesn’t need to worry about it.


Xiangting responded respectfully, get up from her seat, and talked to the guard captain⎯⎯ Liu Feng not far away.

Liu Feng glanced at the private seat, nodded slightly, waved his hand, and let his subordinates carry the three.
He and the remaining ten people continued to guard the teahouse.

After a while, the eldest brother and others also brought people over.
Seeing that Liu Fang was safe and sound, the eldest brother’s serious face finally eased.

He glared at Anhe fiercely, turned his head and said to Liu Fang gently: “Okay, it’s getting late, let’s go home first.”

Anhe lowers her head, knowing that there must be a follow-up after they return to the mansion tonight.
She was depressed.
Liu Fang could only hold her hand for comfort.

She also knew that Madam Liu must have known about what happened tonight, and she didn’t know what would happen when they returned to the mansion.

After all, the Seventeenth elder sister can’t escape punishment, and she can only comfort her now.

In front of the eldest brother, neither she nor Anhe dared to be presumptuous.

The other brothers looked at each other and followed behind the eldest brother, guarded the two younger sisters, and brought the guard and maid.
They all left in a mighty manner.


The people in the teahouse watched a good show, and after they left, they talked in a low voice.

“Whose young lady is this? It’s so ostentatious?”

“In this capital, there are not many who are not afraid of Prince Cheng Mansion.
If she was not from the prince’s mansion, then she must be from the mansions of several founding fathers.
In terms of Prince Cheng, only Duke Liu Mansion is related to Prince Cheng Mansion.”

“I just heard that the second master of Prince Cheng Mansion is their cousin, so it seems that they must be the young ladies of Duke Liu Mansion.

“Duke Liu Mansion… tsk tsk, you can’t mess with it, you can’t mess with it!”

“How do you say it?”

“The current Duke Liu has nothing remakable.
But he has many children, the children from the wife and concubines add up to forty.
Twenty-two sons, and eighteen daughters.
His eldest son is the Dali Temple Minister, the fourth son is the prefect, and the eighth son is General Weide… These few are already enough to make difference, let alone the ones in the Hanlin Academy and the Ministry of Industry, Ministry of households, businessmen, teachers… all of them are very promising.
In addition, the married eldest daughter is the wife of Duke Zhen’s heir, the fifth daughter is the eighth princess consort and the current Princess An….
tsk tsk, not to mention that Madam Liu come from Prince Cheng Mansion.
She was the current  Prince Cheng’s younger sister.
She was sealed as junzhu! How can people like this be provoked.”

Everyone was stunned!

Yang An was stunned and lowered his eyelids.
Sure enough, she was born into a noble family, which was beyond the reach of a poor family like him.

“Elder brother.” Yang Hui tugged at Yang An’s sleeve, “Are you not happy?” “

Yang An smiled and shook his head, “No.
Well, it’s getting late, let’s go home.


After paying the bill, Yang An went home with his sister carrying the rabbit lantern.

Tonight’s chance encounter was like the fireworks seen on the road.
Although it was brilliant, it is out of reach.

Even if it was beautiful, it was too brief.
After seeing it, they will forget


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