Liu Fang knows that she was dead, nevertheless a sudden death from overwork!

She watched calmly as her body was discovered by her colleagues, called an ambulance, and the police.
Then after a lot of hustle and bustle, notified her parents, elder brother, elder sister, younger brother…

Watching her body being cremated, watching the insurance company come over one after another to talk to her parents about the insurance benefits, and the company boss also came to talk about the compensation for her sudden death due to overwork

After seeing her own funeral and seeing so many people come to offer their condolences.
Liu Fang thinks that she has no regrets in this life

A college student who came from a rural area, she struggled all the way from poverty to the present.
Now she has a house in the fourth ring road, a nice car, and a lot of savings in this first-tier city, and bought for herself a pile of insurance, a will was made, and after death, so many people come to mourn and send her off, which was enough.

[Shi huan lu (四环路) is a controlled-access expressway ring road in Beijing, China which runs around the city, with a radius of approximately 8 kilometers (5.0 mi) from city center]

At least, her parents did not favor sons over daughters and did not treat her badly.
She was admitted to the university, and her family, including her elder brother, elder sister, and younger brother, did their best to provide for her.

She also lived up to their expectations: she had excellent grades all the way to university, she completed her studies with a first-class scholarship, and she went out to work all the way to her death, and was highly valued by the company boss.

After her death, she also left all her property to her parents, so that they can at least have something to depend on so that the white-haired person will not have nothing after sending the black-haired person.

[Bai fa ren song hei fa ren (白發人送黑發人) refers to offspring that died before its eldership]

Liu Fang feels that she has done what she can do, and she has no regrets in this life!

Standing in front of her own tombstone, sending away her parents who were still supporting each other, and her older siblings and younger brothers who were still crying silently, Liu Fang looked at the photo of herself on the tombstone with mixed emotions.

Time can calm the grief of her relatives, but she was probably one of the few people who still can watch her cremation, burial, and finally erecting a monument after her death.

This things really makes people feel complicated.

“Uh, here it is.
You are Liu Fang, right?”

Just as Liu Fang was immersed in her thoughts.
A man in a pure black suit and a black notebook appeared in front of her.

“Are you Liu Fang? Alright, time is up, it’s time to go with me.”

Liu Fang looked at the man with hesitation on her face.
When the man saw this, he didn’t talk nonsense.
He waved his hand, and a black chain instantly flew out of the cuff and wrapped around Liu Fang’s neck in an instant.

Liu Fang only felt that her body was not under her control.
As soon as that man pull, she rushed forward.

She was startled, thinking that she would fall, but she didn’t expect that in just a moment, the time and space has changed, and she come to another place.

There was a long asphalt road in front of her, and there was a tall gate tower not far away, which reads: Underworld!

(⊙o⊙)! ! !

So, this is the underworld? then the one pulling the chain is Ox’s head? Horse face?

[Niu tou (牛頭) and ma mian (馬面) are two guardians of the underworld in Chinese mythology. As indicated by their names, both have the bodies of men, but Ox-Head has the head of an ox while Horse-Face has the face of a horse.
They are the first beings a dead soul encounters upon entering the underworld; in many stories, they directly escort the newly dead to the underworld]

The man in black pulled Liu Fang into the underworld, then waved his hand, took back the chains, and said to her as he walked, “Liu Fang, you are dead, did you know that? Now, you have already entered the underworld.
As for me, I am the messenger that is responsible for sending the soul.”

“The messenger?” Liu Fang raised her eyebrows, “But you don’t look like it at all.”

His appearance looked like the elites in the city.

“Well, it almost has the same meaning as the past Ox’s head and Horse face, also the black and white impermanent.
However, now is the new century, and the work of the underworld is very different.
In the past, Ox’s head and Horse face, black and white impermanence were popular.
Now, little fresh meat and handsome uncle is the mainstream.
There is no choice, the underworld also has to keep up with the trend and can only change the appearance of the messenger.
Haven’t you seen that even the gates of the underworld have been rebuilt? Besides, there are so many people waiting for reincarnation in the underworld now, but there are fewer and fewer people in the world who are willing to have children.
The underworld has heavy work and needs many messengers.
So, now all the messengers looked like me.”

[Xiao xian rou (小鮮肉) is an internet buzzword in China used to describe handsome young males.
It is most commonly used for celebrities, particularly rising stars]

Liu Fang suddenly said, “Then am I going to wait at the Naihe Bridge now?”

[In Chinese folklore, the souls of people must cross the Naihe Bridge to reincarnate.
The bridge located in the underworld]

The messenger smiled, “No need.
There is no more place at Naihe Bridge.
It has been overcrowded eight hundred years ago.
Now, you first report to the archives, and then take a look at your merits and demerits during your lifetime.
And then queue up for reincarnation.

Liu Fang followed along and looked around, and found that the entire underworld was like a big city that combines modern and ancient times, with spacious roads, tall buildings, neat houses, various types of shops, and people walking on the streets.
Uh, or souls?

In short, if Liu Fang hadn’t known that she was really dead, and this place was indeed the underworld.
She would have thought she was just on a business trip to another prosperous city.

The archive was actually The book of life and death that the judges used to manage, but now the human population was so large, so many people live and die every day, the underworld was also very busy, and the judge alone cannot handle it.

[The Book of Life and Death is a record of the lifespan of the human being or other sentient beings in the underworld in Buddhism, Taoism, and East Asian folk beliefs.
The lifespan of each person is different.
The “Book of Life and Death” records the length of each person’s lifespan and all life information from birth to death is contained in it]

Moreover, the underworld was full of souls, in order to solve these problems Regarding the work and life of souls, the underworld has also thought of a lot of ways and created many positions, so that these souls can stay in the underworld in peace.
This was how the archive room was born.

When Liu Fang arrived at the archive

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