Taking over

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“Put this fucking woman in the dungeon.” Following Yin Nanhan’s order, a servant immediately stepped forward and grabbed the sect master’s wife, who had apparently lost power.

The woman in luxurious clothes was dumbfounded, she didn’t even process what happened as the servant dragged her away roughly.
Before she was dragged out of the room, she heard someone say cautiously, “Sect Master, there is a young master in the backyard.”

“Well then, bring him here.”

With Yin Nanhan’s words, the woman’s eyes suddenly glowed with resentment.
She knew that sooner or later, that son of a bitch would take away everything that belonged to her dear Jin’er.
She regretted it.

Why didn’t she kill that little bastard?

But no matter how much the woman regretted it, everything was too late.

The Black Moon Sect is never going to be the same again.

All of a sudden, everyone in the Black Moon Sect knew that the sect master’s wife had been divorced because of her ‘impurity’, and she was even imprisoned in the dungeon.
Her son, young master Yin Jin was also imprisoned.
A lot of speculation arose.

What made even more uproar was that the other forgotten young master was actually picked up by the sect leader.

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Hearing this news, the most terrified were those servants in the backyard who had bullied Yin Rui.
They thought that under the control of the main wife and the young master, the second young master would never have a way to turn over in his life.
But now this second young master is going to be taken back by the sect master, and he is about to be favored! Thinking about their past actions, and thinking about the behavior of the sect master, they couldn’t wait to put themselves back into their mother’s womb and start their life all over again.
There were even people who had already started to pack up and were planning to sneak away.

Soon, their worries became reality.
For the first time, Yin Nanhan focused his attention on his second son.
Naturally, all the things that happened in the past were dug up.
When he looked at those things, even though he didn’t have much feelings for Yin Rui, he was still furious. 

Fucking bitch, you cheated on me and made me raise your bastard son for 10 years, and you dare to torture my biological son.
These years you made me provide the best for your son, while my son was starving, outrageous.

When the sect master was angry, countless servants suffered, especially those who had helped the ex-wife of the sect to abuse Yin Rui, they were beaten miserably.
And those who packed their luggage and tried to escape secretly, were all captured and punished even more severely.

As everyone in the Black Moon Sect realized they’re in danger, all the bad gossip about Yin Rui disappeared without a trace.

And Yin Rui, the protagonist of the incident, was put into a grand and luxurious yard.
The yard was full of servants, birds and fragrant flowers.
Everyone there who saw Yin Rui saluted respectfully, and then greeted the young master softly.

Yin Rui was well groomed, his shabby clothes were taken off, exchanged with gorgeous clothes.
The shoes that didn’t fit his feet were also thrown away, the servant helped him wear his new ones, comfortable shoes with soft soles.

Yin Rui looked at the new-looking person in the mirror with no expression, no matter how busy the servants around him were working.
His dark eyes showed no emotion at all, and he never said a single word.

It wasn’t until Yin Rui saw the sky outside getting dark, he said his first sentence of the day, “Get out.”

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The few people who were on standby in the room froze for a while, and then they all immediately bowed to their new young master, leaving the room after that.
The leading maid said softly before going out, “Servant Bi Shui, young master can order me for your needs at any time.”

After everyone had withdrawn, Yin Rui’s eyes slowly swept across all the corners of the room, and finally, his eyes stopped on the desk, where the Four Treasures of the Study* were placed.

 Yin Rui walked to the table and touched the soft paper with his fingers.
He looked at the thick stack of paper, and the inkstone emitting the fragrance of ink on the side.

He didn’t want to forgive that man, he didn’t want to forgive the strange father who had abandoned his mother, and had abandoned him, and he didn’t want to accept any kindness from the man, but he was shaken when he looked at the things on the table that he had longed for.
As long as he had these, he could keep Bai Fan’s writings.
As long as he is the young master here, he could use these luxuries forever like Yin Jin.
Yin Rui’s hand tightened unconsciously, he felt like…he needed to hold something.


When Bai Fan woke up, he thought that he crossed into another world.
Fortunately, the paper ball in his hand assured him.
When he opened it, he saw Yin Rui’s familiar handwriting, and Bai Fan was completely relieved.

Bai Fan paid extra attention to the letter this time.
After reading it twice, he finally understood his current situation.
That said, Yin Rui’s vicious stepmother was found out for cheating with another man, and now she has been divorced.
Bai Fan applauded.
Who said Bai Fan didn’t hold any grudges for that ‘stepmother’?

After being happy, Bai Fan began to think carefully about the current situation.
Why did Yin Rui’s father suddenly remember that he still had this son? Although his wife cheated, he still had the first young master Yin Jin, and he never puts Yin Rui in his line of sight, unless Yin Jin is… 

Bai Fan’s eyes began to shine, wonderful, wonderful… AHAHAHA.

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Yin Rui’s father was actually quite pitiful, he only found out just now after 10 long years, his real biological son was the one neglected.
Bai Fan felt extremely happy for a while, following the development of this situation, no matter what, his Yin Rui’s good days had finally come.

Living in this large and exquisite house, but strangely, Bai Fan felt that he was not as comfortable as he used to be in that broken yard.
Because the environment was unfamiliar, he couldn’t freely walk around.
After thinking about the information that Yin Rui wrote to him, he also took a brush and wrote his response down.
He replied with his own analysis.
Although Yin Rui is a child who was mature for his age, he was only a child after all, he had never experienced too much of the real world.
He felt uneasy about this sudden change, he should plan ahead to have a peace of mind.

The first thing to tell Yin Rui is that this is a good thing, the bad days are over.
The second thing to say is to remind Yin Rui to maintain a little vigilance, especially his father, whose scheming is not to be underestimated.
Bai Fan already knew that all the servants who had insulted Yin Rui before were punished, but it was from this that Bai Fan saw the dark side of this man he had never met.

In addition to making everyone see Yin Rui’s prestige, the more important part of this action is to dispel the anger in Yin Rui’s heart.
Imagine having a father neglecting you for years, of course you’d hate him.
Instead of appearing directly in front of Yin Rui now, he did some things to be on Yin Rui’s side without appearing.
Yin Rui is still young after all, and a child’s resentment comes and goes quickly.
If he continues doing things that win Yin Rui’s favor, Yin Rui may actually be able to release his previous hatred and be a good son for him.

Thinking like this, Bai Fan’s heart is full of unpleasantness, so in the letter, it is especially highlighted that Yin Rui should be careful of his father.

Because no graphite bars were found in the house, Bai Fan, like Yin Rui, used a brush to write a reply on paper, but he was really not used to the soft brush.
The writing was big, ugly and distorted.
There were also several large drops of ink in several places.
Bai Fan was very sad.
Yin Rui had laughed at him for writing typos before, how embarrassing it will be if he sees this… Bai Fan’s intentions to cover up the writing’s ugliness were useless.
He really couldn’t use a brush to write better-looking words.

 After laying the written reply on the table to dry, Bai Fan carefully folded it up and put it in his arms.
It happened to be that he was a little hungry at this time, remembering what Yin Rui said that if there is anything, he can order a maid named Bi Shui.
Bai Fan cleared his throat and called out, “Bi Shui.

A slender figure soon appeared outside the door, “The servant is here.”

“Prepare some snacks.”

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“Yes, young master.”

Bishui’s work efficiency is very high; a few plates of delicate snacks and a pot of warm tea were quickly delivered.
Bai Fan signaled them away and began to enjoy them.
This is an authentic ancient handmade dessert, pure natural and chemical-free.

At first, Bai Fan tasted a little of each plate of the dessert out of curiosity.
Later, he found his favorite.
It was sweet but not greasy.
The aftertaste was magnificent, Bai Fan ate several pieces in a row, until he began to feel full.

When Bi Shui came in to clean up the table, she glanced at empty plates, a faint light of happiness flashed in her eyes, then she left.

The next day Yin Rui woke up and read the letter Bai Fan left him, a strange look appeared on his face, a face of mischief, Bai Fan’s words… How could it be so ugly?

When it was time to eat breakfast, in addition to the porridge and side dishes and a few breakfast items, there was a plate of stacked cakes on the table.
Bi Shui put down the cakes and smiled softly, “Young master really liked this plum cake last night, this maid let the cook make an extra plate.”

Yin Rui paused, looking at the plate of cakes, Bai Fan… liked these? Yin Rui picked up a piece and put it in his mouth.
The sweetness and fragrance filled his mouth.
With his past status, he wouldn’t even be able to eat half a piece.
If he was put back into his original situation, wouldn’t Bai Fan be unable to eat these… Yin Rui’s eyes darkened, and a vague idea gradually became clear in his heart.


Four Treasures of the Study: Brush pen, paper, ink, inkstone, think of it as necessities to write something

Sorry for being late and hope you enjoyed the chapter :))

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