Not My Son

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After Bai Fan became heart-broken, the people of room 509 were very careful with their words.
They wouldn’t mention anything related to love and girls, everyone would even carefully observe Bai Fan’s reactions. 

After observing for a while, everyone realised that Bai Fan did not seem to care about these things at all.
Only then did they feel reassured, and reverted back to their carefree personalities. 

Bai Fan thought their actions were funny and felt touched at the same time.
He Yanyan was the only girl he dated after getting into university, although they broke up without any problems, it wasn’t that Bai Fan did not feel hurt at all.
But Bai Fan had good enough self-control to prevent him becoming depressed, after thinking about it again, it wasn’t so bad afterall.
In addition, his soul being transferred to different places day and night did not really allow him to have a girlfriend. 

What made Bai Fan confused was how everyone except Luo Shuai went back to normal.
Luo Shuai wouldn’t mention anything concerning He Yanyan, or even jokes about dating girls.
Everyday he would provide Bai Fan 3 meals per day, in the morning he would prepare a kettle of water, sometimes he would even help put his clothes in the washing machine and dry them when they were done. 

Even among everyone in room 509, Luo Shuai had the best relationship with Bai Fan, before he had never taken care of Bai Fan this much.
Initially, Bai Fan suspected that Luo Shuai was trying to comfort him from his broken heart, but now, isn’t he already perfectly fine?

He noticed that his other roommates were staring with bewilderment, Bai Fan quickly left for his class to avoid the awkward atmosphere. 

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The weather was nice today, the sun was pleasantly warm.
A small figure was focused on washing something at the corner of the courtyard.
The curtain became extremely heavy after being soaked in water, however, Yin Rui did not complain one bit.
He continued on slowly cleaning the black words of the curtain. 

He watched as the letters gradually disappeared due to the water and his constant scrubbing.
All that’s left was a grey trace.
Yin Rui was unwilling to get rid of them, since this was his conversation with that person during the night.
But no matter how unwilling he was, he still had to clean it and leave it to dry.
With this, there would be space to let Bai Fan write down his message. 

After leaving it to dry, Yin Rui ate a steamed bun.
As he noticed his food supply was running out, he decided to quietly go out of the courtyard to steal some food back. 

However, not long after he went out, he saw a familiar figure coming his way.
Yin Rui quickly hid behind the huge stone. 

It was his brother, Yin Jin. 

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At the moment, Yin Jin didn’t have as many followers as usual.
But there were still 2 maids and 2 boys around his age.
One of the boys was hugging a very thick book, Yin Jin also had one too.
Suddenly, Yin Jin furrowed his brows and threw the book towards his back and the other boy following him rushed to pick it up. 

Yin Rui stayed in hiding while observing the group of people, he never had the intention of going out.
Although Yin Jin wasn’t as desperate as that woman to torture him whenever they crossed each other, but Yin Rui still remembered how this brother of his bullied him when he was younger.
Even though the situation had improved in recent years, Yin Rui couldn’t stand how he was always given the look of pity. 

Yin Rui looked and looked, his gaze fixated on the book the boys were holding.
It had paper that could be written on.
For Yin Jin, it was something worthless; but for Yin Rui, it was  something valuable.
If he had paper, he would be able to keep the messages exchanged with Bai Fan…Yin Rui kept staring at the book, until this group of people disappeared.

Yin Rui tried to hide his disappointment, and turned around to leave in another direction.

Yin Rui didn’t know that at this moment, in the Black Moon Sect Master’s resting place, a typical drama scene was unfolding.

Yin Nanhan furiously kicked away the woman holding onto his leg, coldly questioning, “Tell me, what is your relationship with that man?”

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The woman who got kicked covered her chest from pain and had blood dripping from her mouth.
It was obvious she had received an internal injury.
Surprisingly, it was the Sect Master’s official wife, she didn’t care about the pain and quickly crawled towards the man, “Husband, it’s not like that.
I really didn’t do any of those things.”

“You didn’t?” Yin Nanhan coldly laughed, he grabbed something on the table and threw it towards her, the sheets of paper spread all over the wife of the Sect Master, “You should know what my personality is like, even until now, you still don’t want to admit it?”

That woman, dressed in exquisite clothes, was unable to say anything.
She picked up the paper, her face became pale with a glance, her hands were even starting to shiver.

Yin Nanhan gave her a hostile gaze, emotionlessly said, “Now, there is only one thing I want to know.
Yin Jin, is he my son?”

That lifeless woman came back to reality, she couldn’t care for the injuries on her body and once again crawled towards the man.
Her expression now is more nervous than before, “Hus-husband, it’s okay if you suspect me.
But it really has nothing to do with Jin’er, you raised him ever since he was young, aren’t you the most clear on whether he is your son or not…”

Yin Nanhan sneered once again, except this time his smile also carried a hint of self-mockery, “Of course, I raised him since he was young.
But now thinking that I have raised someone else’s child for more than 10 years, I can only think of killing him.
Tell me, you let me wear such a huge green hat, how should I return the favour to you? Should I kill that bastard of a child in front of you and your lover?”

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“Pl-please don’t say that my husband, Jin’er, truly is your son.” The woman tried her best to deny it.
When she thought of her son being killed by this heartless man, she couldn’t bear it.

“He’s mine? How can you prove that he’s mine? Yin Jin has no resemblance to me from the moment he was born, the difference has become greater now.
The moment I saw your lover, I know why now.”

“You don’t need to worry, I already sent someone to break all of your lover’s limbs, in a moment, the three of you can gather together again.”

The woman was helpless, all she could do was weakly stay on the ground.

Hope you enjoyed the chapter :))) – Robe & Luvchild

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