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Yin Rui’s face immediately turned pale, “You, get out.”

“Sect Master?” The dense Feng’er was confused.

“Get out!” Yin Rui shouted, Feng’er was so frightened that she didn’t dare to say anything, she immediately backed out, and closed the door. Oh nooo, today’s leader is so scary.

After everyone in the room left, Yin Rui opened the secret compartment inside the bed with trembling hands.
There was nothing.
Yin Rui touched the secret compartment over and over again in disbelief. No, how could it not be there? Did it fall somewhere, on the bed? Under the bed, or on the table?

For the first time, this young Sect Master was rummaging around like a child, but as time went on, his face became even paler, just because of one missing letter for the first time in ten years.


Bai Fan didn’t know the great changes happening to Yin Rui.
He was lying weakly in the hospital ward on a drip.
This morning, after he had taken care of the burglar who broke into the house, he found that his head was spinning uncontrollably.
He felt dizzy, so he called Xiao Wang.
After Xiao Wang arrived, although he was shocked by the tragic scene, he still efficiently sent Bai Fan to the hospital.

The wound on Bai Fan’s leg was deep and the blood vessel was cut.
After the doctor sutured Bai Fan’s wound, it was diagnosed that he had lost too much blood and needed to be hospitalized for recuperation.

Xiao Wang walked into the ward with mullet soup, he poured the mullet soup into a small bowl, and carefully fed it to Bai Fan, then asked tentatively, “Boss, should we file a report on him?”

Bai Fan glanced at his immobile leg and said, “What report?”

“Then?” Xiao Wang asked Bai Fan for instructions.

“Find a gang to deal with him.” If you report the case, let’s not mention his punishment, if the person’s current appalling situation were to be publicized it would certainly cause suspicion, it is better to hand it over to the underground organization to deal with it neatly without any worries.

Xiao Wang immediately lowered his head and said agreed respectfully, but he sighed in his heart.
If the criminal was handed over to a gang to deal with, there was absolutely no way for him to survive.

Bai Fan was injured and hospitalized.
He didn’t tell anyone.
Bai’s father and mother were too old to be stimulated, so his ward was deserted for a while, but desertedness also had its own advantages. 

Bai Fan carefully considered this incident, although it was an accident, the reason he was burgled was because his awareness was too weak.
He thought the world was peaceful, and always thought that only Yin Rui’s world was dangerous, but today’s events woke him up from his illusions.
If the place where the burglar had stabbed him was not in his thigh, but in some other, more critical place, he would have no chance to wake up at all.

Bai Fan shuddered thinking of the inexplicable scene where he could die in his sleep.
If he died like that, he would be really wronged.
In his sleep, he was powerless to resist.
Perhaps, he should also consider finding a security company instead of being overconfident in his abilities.

Bai Fan thought for a while, and called several jadeite raw material suppliers who had business dealings.
Actually, with his wealth, the bodyguard companies had already approached him first, but Bai Fan would always ignore them.
Most of those rich businessmen have bodyguards following them everywhere, so Bai Fan thought it would be better to ask experienced people about this kind of thing.

After making a few phone calls, Bai Fan also gained an understanding of the bodyguard company’s market conditions.
In the end, he wrote down a reputable company phone number and asked Xiao Wang to contact them.


“Pfft haha~” There was a burst of laughter from a mansion, and Gongyi Jun was laughing back and forth with the client information he just got, “Ahahaha, brother, look.
I can’t take it anymore, how could there be such a funny person.”

Gongyi Bo felt so disturbed by Gongyi Jun’s convulsive laughter that couldn’t calm down, so he could only look up, “What’s wrong with you?”

“Look at this, because someone has narcolepsy, they didn’t even know that they were robbed when they were sleeping.
They didn’t wake up until the gangster slashed him, so they needed comprehensive security measures at night.
Hahaha, they slept really deeply.”  Gongyi Jun continued to read and laugh. 

He was usually a lazy man.
His elder brother took care of the Gongyi family’s business, so he went out to open a security consulting company, commonly known as a bodyguard company.
This industry was really interesting.
There are many people who are afraid of death, and there are many people looking for bodyguards for various reasons, but he had never seen anything like this.
“I was woken up by someone in my sleep by getting slashed, and so now I’m looking for a bodyguard.”

“Random disclosure of customer information is a sign of unprofessional ethics.” Gongyi Bo said lightly.

Gongyi Jun laughed dryly, “Cough, I’m just telling my own family, it’s not even leaked.” Gongyi Jun saw that his eldest brother’s face still did not relax, and quickly continued, “By the way, brother, didn’t you say that the master was going to send you something, it hasn’t arrived yet?”

Sure enough, upon hearing this, Gongyi Bo’s attention was successfully diverted, “It was just sent yesterday, and it should take two days.
You can help me check whether there is a courier in the next few days.
If it arrives, let me know immediately.”

“Yeah, I’ll remember, brother.
You can go to work in peace.” Gongyi Jun promised.

Gongyi Bo picked up the briefcase, turned around before opening the door, and said, “Be sure to remember alright.”


Yin Rui didn’t know how he watched the sky light up a little bit, and how he waited for the sky to gradually turn dark.
He was afraid that maybe when the night came, he would still be awake.
He had never seen Fan, nor heard his voice yet.
He still had a lot to say to Fan, he had too many things he wanted to do with him.
How can Fan disappear, how can he disappear?

As night approached, Yin Rui wrote the letter and put it in the hidden compartment.
He also prepared a set of white robes and placed it by the bed.
He went to bed early and lay down.
He tried his best to pretend that nothing had happened.  Just like this Fan will arrive as usual.

On the other side, Bai Fan, who was lying on the hospital bed, saw the electronic time on the wall, and closed his eyes as usual.
When the familiar feeling of sucking and pulling came, Bai Fan felt a sense of peace of mind, then started to relax.
Letting himself sink into the darkness.

When he opened his eyes again, Bai Fan had hands and feet in condition.
He stood up and jumped.
He lay down for a whole day with an injury on his leg.
It felt so comfortable to be able to move freely.
He first searched for the letter, and then called Feng’er to come in.

Feng’er carefully pushed the door and came in, but unexpectedly saw the face of the leader with a faint smile. What’s going on? Wasn’t the leader still in a bad mood before?

Bai Fan went to look at the things Yin Rui was going to deal with as usual, but unexpectedly found that today’s thick stacks were messed up on the table, and even one of them had remained untouched. What’s going on? Bai Fan and Yin Rui have worked together for ten years, and this was the first time that he couldn’t help but be a little dumbfounded.

After being dumbfounded, Bai Fan threw himself onto the stack of official documents with grief and indignation, and worked hard with the lights on.
Was there a mistake? Come on, he was a patient.
After finally finishing everything, Bai Fan rubbed his sore hands.  Shaking his wrists, he walked to the bed, and before going to bed, filled with indignation, he left a letter to Yin Rui, accusing him of immoral behavior.


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