Wake up

“Don’t move, hand over the money and the safe.”

There was a moment of silence

The dark shadow choked.
Whoever shouted so aggressively, but didn’t get any response at all, would have choked.
He pushed the person lying on the bed who was motionless rudely, “Get up, didn’t you hear me?”

There was no movement.

“Hey, it’s a robbery.
Get up.” 

The man was pushing vigorously, when suddenly his heart thumped and froze all of a sudden. This situation… No, he was making such big movements that even the heaviest sleepers would have been woken up. 

The detective story suddenly popped into his mind, and he remembered the plot as follows.
A thief sneaked into a house to steal, only to find the owner of the house standing by the window.
He wanted to attack the owner of the house, but with a push, the owner of the house fell.
It turned out that the man was already dead.

He wouldn’t be this unlucky, right? He was only here to rob, not to murder, the man with his face covered stiffly touched the person on the bed, he was warm, he put his hand under Bai Fan’s nose again to check, he was still breathing.
He then let out a sigh of relief, and felt less terrified now.

But thinking of the humiliation he experienced just now, he sighed again, “Get up.
Hurry up.
Don’t pretend to be dead.” He had seen Bai Fan before, and he clearly knew that the person lying on the bed was not a vegetative or a paralyzed person.

But Bai Fan still didn’t give him the slightest reaction, he immediately became ruthless, thinking that Bai Fan was pretending to be asleep. Do you think you can keep on pretending forever? He suddenly raised his hand and stabbed Bai Fan’s leg with a knife.
He felt that the stab was quite deep.
When the knife was pulled out, it was red, and the bedding was quickly stained with blood.  Except for the instinctive muscle twitching, there was no sound at all, even the face maintained a sleeping peaceful demeanor.

The man was terrified again when he saw this strange scene, but since he decided to rob the house, he was ready to see blood.
Although this scenario was a bit unexpected, he still refused to give up.
People die for wealth and birds die for food, no matter where they go, it is the truth.

He tied the person on the bed with a rope, and then began searching the house.
As he filled more and more things in his bag, he gradually forgot about his fear and entered a state of excitement instead. Money, so much money, so much money. He didn’t notice that the bloodstains on the man he tied up were getting deeper and deeper.

The moonlight was like a waterfall, and Bai Fan was restlessly looking at the documents recently presented by the congregation under the candlelight.
He should have gone to bed at this time on weekdays, but today he didn’t know why.
He couldn’t sleep, so he repeatedly checked to see if there were any odd activities in the sect recently.
Yin Rui, as the leader of the sect, could be overthrown at any time, and that would put them both in a life-and-death situation

Bai Fan never imagined that he would be involved in such an incomparably distant problem one day.

Bai Fan suddenly felt that the words on the scroll seemed a little dark, and said, “Feng’er, turn up the oil lamp a little bit.”

“Yes, sect master.” Feng’er walked to the oil lamp and adjusted its brightness. 

Bai Fan looked at the words on the scroll and frowned, “Feng’er, I said to make it brighter, didn’t you hear me?”

Feng’er looked at the oil lamp, then looked at the sect master holding the scroll, scratched her head and said, “Sect master, I’ve turned up the oil lamp.”

Bai Fan looked up in disbelief, and saw that the oil lamp was really brighter now, but why were the words still so dark?  When Bai Fan was immersed in this doubt, he found that the scenery around him not only became dark, but also began to gradually blur.
At the same time, a kind of exhaustion from the depths of his soul surged up, Bai Fan kept trying to force his eyes to open. 

What’s going on here…

Before he lost consciousness, Bai Fan could only hear Feng’er’s rough but sincere anxious cry, “What’s wrong sect master, sect master-!”


Bai Fan slowly regained consciousness in all the chaos, and before he opened his eyes, he heard the sound of rummaging through boxes and cabinets.
The voice was loud and unscrupulous.
The dull pain in his legs spread to his brain, Baii Fan then realized he was bound by ropes.

Bai Fan closed his eyes and listened to the man’s cursing calmly, the hands tied behind his back exerted some force, breaking the ropes without making any sound.

“Damn, where did he put the safe?” The man in black searched around the room impatiently.  He already took off his mask so the mole on his face was now visible.
He believed rich people would buy gold bricks and hide them in their safe at home, so he was unwilling to leave until he found the box of gold.

Bai Fan opened his eyes while the man turned his back to continue searching.
For the first time in a while, his eyes were so cold.
The hand that had been freed from the ropes picked up a stick on the ground, after exerting enough strength it was then thrown fiercely.

It hit the bullseye, slamming violently on the back of the man’s neck.
He immediately fainted without any retaliation.

When the security guard/robber woke up, he found that his and Bai Fan’s situation had completed a major replacement.
Bai Fan’s wound on his leg had simply been bandaged, and was now looking at him with a cold face.

When Bai Fan saw the man on the ground was awake, he raised his lips forlornly, “Tell me, what should I do with you?” Very good, someone dared to stab him when he was unconscious, no wonder he came back so early today.

There was still some time before dawn, he could take his time dealing with this robber.


“Sect master, what’s wrong with you? Sect master?”


Yin Rui frowned impatiently, “What’s all this noise?”

“That’s great, sect master.
You’re awake! Feng’er is really happy that you’re fine.” The maid, who was anxious, stopped crying and started laughing.
Though her laughter was a little bit scary.

Yin Rui, who was rubbing his forehead, moved for a while and raised his eyes, “What did you just say?”

“Sect master, you suddenly fainted just now, which really surprised me.” Feng’er answered honestly.

Yin Rui raised his head sharply, immediately his pupils contracted, he finally found out what was wrong.
The oil lamp was still burning, and it was still dark outside…


It was night time.


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