A Thief

“Don’t you remember? Fan brewed this jar of wine just for you four years ago.” Yin Rui said coldly.

Yin Nanhan raised his eyebrows.
Four years ago…Ah, he’s starting to remember a little. 

So it was during that time… The wine he drank on that day tasted as if it was mixed with water, it was simply horrible.
It turned out that the child’s wine that he’s drinking now isn’t any better.

Yin Rui mocked Yin Nanhan coldly, then turned around and left the place.

After Yin Rui left, Yin Nanhan picked up the wine jar on the ground and took a sip again.
Well, in fact, if you ignore that strange smell, you could still taste a little alcohol.
Four years…this could be counted as an old wine.
He was imprisoned here for a year, and that brat didn’t let him touch even a drop of wine.
This jar of wine could be seen as a blessing.

Now Yin Nan, who had lowered his standards, drank this jar of wine with a bitter smile, but he didn’t expect that the stone wall would suddenly open again.

Yin Nanhan looked up in shock and saw Yin Rui walking in.

…He picked up the wine in Yin Nanhan’s hands with a blank face and left again.

Yin Nanhan was stunned before reacting, he was furious. How unfilial!


The sequel of this matter was…

Yin Rui [Where’s the second jar of wine you made?]


[Wasn’t it drunk by you a few years ago?]


[Oh, what about the third jar?]




Bai Fan sat in front of the computer and drank wine he brewed for himself.
In that world, at least there would be Yin Rui drinking the wine he brewed, but in this world? Perhaps he could only drink with himself

Bai Fan’s father doesn’t drink alcohol, and Bai Fan didn’t have many friends.
Every time he brewed wine, he could only drink it himself, the rest of the wine could only be put in the cellar.

Bai Fan heaved out a long sigh and looked at the latest news in the jewelry industry.
Suddenly, a familiar icon flashed in the corner.

Gongyi is online.

Gongyi: Oh you’re here.

Fan-ge: Uh-huh.

Gongyi: Do you know that a meetup is being organized in the Guwu Forum?

Fan-ge: I know.

Gongyi: So are you going?

Fan-ge: No.

Seeing the straightforward answer, Gongyi Bo, who had some hope, felt discouraged after being rejected.
In fact, the Guwu Forum was not an ordinary forum.
Although most of the members were normal people who accidentally entered due to simple curiosity, there were also some who actually knew martial arts.
Gongyi Bo was one of the martial artists hidden in the Guwu Forum.

So those who go looking for a master all day in the forum may actually find a master.

The number of martial arts families had been declining over the years, and the communication between each family was just poor.
Since the popularity of the Guwu forum had gradually been increasing over the years, it had become the method of communication for the remaining younger generation of ancient martial arts.
Gongyi and Bai Fan had been a member for so long.
After ten years, they are now famous figures, and are now quite well-known in the forum.

Those who had enough knowledge of martial arts would naturally know the identity of Gongyi, however, no one could find anything about the mysterious Fan-ge at all.

The mysterious character “Fan-ge” received all kinds of speculation.
Some people said that he must be a descendant of an ancient martial arts family living in secularization.
Some people believed that Fan-ge may be a senior who was over the age of 60.
Others believed that since “Fan-ge” had been hiding all this time.
Maybe he had defects or a disability and did not dare to appear in front of people.

Bai Fan laughed reading these speculations, but whether he does or does not show up, he was very clear about the difference between reality and the internet, and he didn’t want his peaceful life to be disturbed.

Seeing that Bai Fan still refused to appear, Gongyi Bo was smart enough to know that he shouldn’t pry anymore.
The two discussed the unexpected effects of human acupuncture for a while.
Bai Fan noticed the unfinished wine on his desk.
He had a sudden thought then started typing on the keyboard.

Fan-ge: Can you drink?

Gongyi: I can drink.

Fan-ge: Shall I give you two bottles of wine?

Gongyi was stunned for a long time before slowly typing a reply.

Gonyi: Yes

Fan-ge: Well, give me your address.

Bai Fan didn’t think the address would arrive almost immediately.
Bai Fan raised his eyebrows, He trusted me this much? Looking at the address on the computer screen, Bai Fan went ahead and read it, “S City Crystal Garden Lane 185.”

Fan-ge: Ok, then remember to sign for it later.

Bai Fan stood up from the table, called Xiao Wang, and then walked into his private wine cellar.
When it comes to his friends, Bai Fan had never been stingy and deliberately chose the two jars of wine that were the rarest among all the ones he had; he just chose the wines which had their production methods lost in time.
One of these two jars of wine was a clear ice wine, and the other jar was a medicinal wine with the effect of strengthening the body.
The effects of this medicinal wine was quite amazing, and the effects were similar to that of the medicinal bath.
If you drink it, you will feel like a flame burning in your meridians, which has many benefits for martial arts practitioners.
The recipe of this wine was also received from Yin Nanhan.

Xiao Wang quickly arrived after being summoned by Bai Fan, “Mr.
Bai, what’s the problem?”

“Can white wine be delivered?” Bai Fan raised the wine jar in his hand.

Xiao Wang nodded after being stunned, “Some courier companies can send it.”

“Well, you can send these two jars of wine to Lane 185, Crystal Garden, S City, and just write down the recipient’s address.
You don’t have to write our address.” Bai Fan handed two jars of wine to Xiao Wang.

“I see.” Xiao Wang nodded and took it.

After Xiao Wang left, Bai Fan sat back in front of the computer happily and raised his hand to type: It has been sent.
Remember to check it later.

On the other side, Gongyi Bo, who saw this sentence, still felt a little unreal.

It’s being sent over already?

“Brother, are you chatting with the master again?” Gongyi Jun smiled.

Gongyi Bo turned around and looked at Gongyi Jun with a serious face.
“The master is going to send me something.”



Xiao Wang walked down from the villa halfway up the mountain with two jars of wine in his arms.
He was so tired that his whole body was covered in sweat.
When he saw his car, he couldn’t help breathing a sigh of relief.

Two security personnel in security uniforms opposite came over, Xiao Wang greeted them with a smile.
Xiao Wang put the two jars of wine into the car, waved his hand at them and left.
He did not notice that one of the security guards with a black mole on his face had his eyes glancing at the villa halfway up the mountainside.

The skies gradually darkened, and it was time for the security guards to change shifts.
At the same time, Bai Fan, who was in the villa, looked at the clock.
It was seven o’clock, so it was time for him to take a shower and go to bed.

After the security guard with a black mole on his face finished his shift, he gathered with several colleagues to drink.
Several people drank in a small restaurant until late at night before returning home drunk.

No one knew that one of the drunkards who staggered back to his rented house changed into another set of clothes, carried a bag on his back with sober eyes, and slipped out without anyone noticing it.

This was  a villa located halfway up the mountain.
The surroundings were beautiful and extremely quiet.
The lush vegetation seemed to separate the area from the world.
But at night, it was undoubtedly cold and frightening.
People who didn’t have courage did not dare approach it at all.
Because of the special geographical location of the villa’s area, the mountain road was not easy to walk at night, so even security personnel would not come out to patrol this area at this time, but just sit in the security room playing cards.

The exterior of this villa looked nothing special.
It was similar to the other villas located at the foot of the mountain.
The only difference was probably that the owner preferred climbing mountains, so the villa was built a little higher.
But if someone walked in, they would find that this villa was really abnormal.

Of course, only a few people could see this anomaly.
Except for Bai Fan, only Xiao Wang would come here on weekdays, and Xiao Wang had long been used to his boss’s pursuit of tradition, so it was not surprising.
But the dark figure who had just climbed in the window was really shocked.
His eyes swept vigilantly across the antique furniture.
The painting on the wall was of a dragon, but he felt most surprised by the long sword hanging on the wall.

He looked at it hesitantly and contemplated for a while.
In the end, he thought that it was because the sword was too much like a prop for filming.
The effect of hanging it on the wall for decoration was greater than its practicality, so that greed triumphed over reason and continued to sneak on the second floor quietly.

He had observed this area for a long time, and finally chose the one which seemed to be an easy target.
According to his observation in the past few months, the owner of this villa lived alone, and he didn’t even hire a nanny or a driver.
Usually, only his secretary would come.
Most importantly, this villa never had visitors at night.

Although there was an adult man living in this villa, he was sure he would be able to subdue him.
He quietly climbed to the second floor.
He knew that there would be a safe in this mansion.
If he wanted to get the greatest benefit, the best way was to find the safe and open it.
Now that he has gone down this road of theft, he should steal something big.
As long as he could get the money in the safe, he could eat and drink all his life without any worries.

In the dark moonlight, the excited muscles of the man who had half of his face covered up trembled.

The interior of the villas in this area were all almost the same.
He easily found the master bedroom.
If he wanted to steal safely, the safest way was undoubtedly to hold the only person in the house as hostage.
This villa was located halfway up the mountainside with some distance from other villas.
If he was able to take care of the only living person in this house, no one would notice what has changed here for the next two days.

The figure half squatted in front of the bedroom and pried open the door of the bedroom very carefully.
Fortunately, the owner did not wake up.
When the door was fully opened, he moved towards the bed step by step, then took a deep breath as he put a knife around the man’s neck and covered his mouth with the other hand, and whispered, “Don’t move, hand over the money and the location of the safe.”

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