A Jar of Wine

Yin Rui’s birthday. 

Bai Fan had the date engraved in his bones because he was afraid that Yin Rui would be angry and throw a tantrum again if he forgot.
As for Yin Nanhan’s birthday, he didn’t have a choice.
For the past ten years, Yin Nanhan’s birthday had always been a big day.
He naturally had to put a lot of thought into preparing a birthday gift for Yin Nanhan, and Yin Nanhan was very tricky.
If Bai Fan dared to buy something without much consideration, he would become the same as Yin Rui due to his small mind.
Every now and then, Bai Fan would sigh looking at this pair of father and son.

This time of the year was really deserted.
Bai Fan remembered that in previous years, the elders from all sides would become busy with the party preparations.
However, this year, Yin Nanhan’s life and death were still unknown, and the leader had already changed.
Those elders were all competent, so naturally no one would mention Yin Nanhan.

Because Bai Fan couldn’t get this matter out of his mind, he mentioned it in the letter he wrote to Yin Rui that night.
When he received a reply the next night, it wrote, [In the future, you only need to prepare gifts for me.]

Looking at this domineering and confident tone, Bai Fan was really dumbfounded.
Why was Yin Rui so sure that Yin Nanhan would not come back? However, thinking of the history of blood and tears he wasted preparing gifts for Yin Nanhan, Bai Fan couldn’t help but grit his teeth.
Really, compared to Yin Rui’s request for a bowl of longevity noodles, Yin Nanhan was worse.

Bai Fan thought and thought about it, he couldn’t help it, and started to write to Yin Rui and complained about his grievances from before.
One day, while checking his studies, Yin Nanhan suddenly mentioned that he wanted to drink wine brewed by Yin Rui on his birthday. 

Yin Nanhan said it himself, so what else could he do? He could only brew it.
The amazing part was that Yin Nanhan did not allow the brewmaster to teach him, saying that this was the only way to show his filial piety.
What filial piety?! Does he have to think of a way to make wine by himself for this non-existent filial piety?

Sadly he had never tried winemaking.
He knew absolutely nothing about it.
He searched it up during the day, tried the methods at night, and at the end the brewed wine had a strange smell to it.
In order to prevent Yin Nanhan from seeing this kind of “wine” and getting slapped by him.
Bai Fan could only go back to his old plan, he pried open the door of a drunkard, stole a pot of wine from him, and then poured it in the exquisite wine jar, it was then offered on the day of Yin Nanhan’s birthday.

That day, Yin Nanhan smiled strangely when he drank the wine.
He laughed so hard that Bai Fan was sweating all over his body, he even thought that Yin Nanhan had already seen through the matter of stealing.

Yin Nanhan’s smile from back then resulted in Bai Fan still not being able to relax on Yin Nanhan’s birthday, he just forced himself to brew a good wine, for fear that Yin Nanhan would want to drink on a whim one day, and then expose his lies.
This tragic scene past flashed in his mind, this made Bai Fan’s resentment towards Yin Nanhan extremely deep 

[Actually, the first jar of wine I brewed still exists, I really want to pour that jar of wine into Yin Nanhan’s mouth one day.
I’ve let him be so picky all this time.]  At the end of the letter, Bai Fan wrote in a very relieved manner, as if these words released the oppression he had suffered from Yin Nanhan over the years.


[Where did you put that jar of wine?]


[What are you asking this for? It’s buried in the backyard under the tree.

Yin Rui put away the letter, walked to the place Bai Fan said, and dug out the wine that had been buried for many years.
He carefully cleaned the dust away from the jar, and brought the jar of wine while walking towards the closed-off bamboo forest.

The rumbling sound of the stone wall opening made Yin Nanhan squint uncomfortably.
He raised his head and immediately saw the wine jar in Yin Rui’s hand.
His eyes lit up, and then he became suspicious.
How did this kid suddenly become so kind?

“What’s wrong, you look very surprised.” Yin Rui walked in slowly, “Well I guess that’s to be expected, since I’m afraid you don’t know what day it is today.”

“What day is it?” It’s been a long time since I’ve been locked in here.
It would be strange to know what day it is today.

A sarcastic smile appeared on the corner of Yin Rui’s mouth, “Doesn’t Yin Nanhan, who used to be powerful in the past, love his birthday? How could you forget about it this year?”

Yin Nanhan raised his eyebrows, “So, my good son, you are here to celebrate my birthday.”

Yin Rui sneered unceremoniously, “Birthday? Why would I care about your birthday? I came here just to give you something.” After saying that, Yin Rui threw the wine jar to Yin Nanhan.

Although Yin Nanhan was now being restricted, like a cripple, his martial artist’s eyesight was still there, and he accurately caught the wine jar with his injured hand.

Yin Rui raised his chin, “Open it and try it.”

Yin Nanhan glanced at Yin Rui inexplicably, but now he doesn’t need to be afraid of anything.
If Yin Rui wanted to kill him, he could do it at any time.
There was no need to prepare a jar of poisonous wine.
Yin Nanhan opened the jar and poured it into his mouth.
After taking a sip, he couldn’t help but spit it out, and started coughing non stop.

“Cough cough, this is, cough, what is this?” Yin Nanhan said with a painful expression.

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