I Want to Hug You

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At eight o’clock in the evening, Bai Fan laid in bed on time and fell asleep.
When he woke up, he took out Yin Rui’s letter today from the dark grid.
There was nothing special in the letter.

[It’s been cold recently, remember to put on a cloak when you go out.

The corner of his mouth twitched fiercely, but he still remembered that the air conditioner was turned on before he went to bed.

Without the air conditioned room in the morning, he could faint from the heat, but at night, he was told to add clothes.
The temperature difference between day and night was really big.
Fortunately, a soul will not catch a cold.

Bai Fan picked up the clothes near the bed, and as expected, there was a cloak.
After wearing it, he felt pretty good.
Such a cloak can only be worn openly in this world.*

Bai Fan got up and walked over to the desk and looked at the affairs of today’s sect.
Most of which Yin Rui had already dealt with, but there was still a small part undone.
After finishing his work, he felt bored, so he checked out Yin Rui’s work.
Then, he found a request written by the fifth elder to send more people to find Yin Nanhan.

The fifth elder was extremely loyal to Yin Nanhan.
After Yin Nanhan disappeared, he never stopped searching.
Even when Yin Rui first ascended the Sect Master’s position, he insisted not to call Yin Rui the sect leader, but to still use the title of young master.
But after a year, Yin Rui has fully taken control of the sect.
Even if the fifth elder was reluctant, he could only grit his teeth and call him the leader.
However, his determination to find Yin Nanhan never ceased.
If Yin Rui did not agree to search for Yin Nanhan, he would be deemed as unfilial and filled with bad intentions.
After all, Yin Nanhan disappeared, and Yin Rui got the most benefits, so Yin Rui is naturally one of the suspects.

But… Bai Fan propped his chin up, Yin Nanhan’s disappearance was really strange.
At the beginning, he couldn’t even believe it.
How could such a powerful person disappear? Even though he took the position of the sect leader, his heart felt so uneasy.
He always felt that one day Yin Nanhan would suddenly jump out of nowhere, and then see him and Yin Rui sitting in the position of the sect leader, slap them to death with an angry shout of “You son of a bitch! How unfilial!”

Bai Fan shuddered and decided to stop thinking about it.
He enjoyed being the leader of the sect.
He doesn’t need to try too hard to find Yin Nanhan.
Although Yin Nanhan had treated him well over the years, it was just to the extent of ‘not bad’.
Who was more important between Yin Nanhan and Yin Rui? Bai Fan could clearly tell the difference.

If Yin Nanhan came back again, the poor one would be Yin Rui, so it seems… Should they take some precautions? Although Yin Nanhan had disappeared for a year, Bai Fan thinks that that person would not disappear so easily.
If one day Yin Nanhan appears again, he and Yin Rui will need to find a way to run away.
After thinking about it, Bai Fan decided to discuss with Yin Rui a sure-fire strategy, such as digging a secret escape route, or inserting a spy in those who are loyal to Yin Nanhan.

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Bai Fan didn’t know, he thought about this all night and wrote several pages of escape plans, which made Yin Rui smile for the first time after several gloomy days, and maintained a good mood for a long time.


On this day, Bai Fan stayed with his mother in the store, and his mother talked about how she expanded the store little by little, also what marketing strategy she used last time to defeat her competitor.
The store’s business volume and reputation have steadily surpassed other jewelry stores.
Bai Fan listened patiently, and from time to time he would compliment her.

Bai Fan looked at his mother who was dressed in jewels, and couldn’t help but feel a little dazed.
In the past ten years, his mother has changed a lot.
Bai Fan vaguely remembers that ten years ago, his mother was someone who wore simple clothes and no jewelry.
But ever since she took over this jewelry store, she might have been influenced by the industry, the ladies and jewelry store proprietors who she often comes into contact with.
Coupled with this condition, she had begun to wear all kinds of jewelry, and it was a must for new styles every season.
Bai Fan can’t say whether this change was good or bad, but his mother has laughed a lot over the years, and it was true that she looks a lot younger under these jewels.

No matter what, as long as his mother was happy, it would always be a good thing, and no matter how his mother changed, his mother’s love for Bai Fan had never changed. 

“Son, I took good care of your jewelry store, when are you coming back to take over?”

Bai Fan looked at his mother and suddenly felt a little warm in his eyes.
He stretched out his arms to embrace her and said in a hoarse voice, “Thank you, Mom.”

Bai Mu was stunned for a while, but then she reached out and patted Bai Fan’s back, “My silly son, why are you thanking me? If you really want to make Mom happy, then marry a good woman and come back as soon as possible.
The biggest pair of diamond rings in our shop has always been kept for you.”

Bai Fan, who was still immersed in the love between mother and son, was suddenly dumbfounded by these words.
Subconsciously, the best pair of diamond rings in the shop that his mother had obtained in front of him hovered in his mind.
That pair of huge diamond rings…can they even be worn outside?

But at this time, Bai Fan, who was chatting with his mother, didn’t realize that some guests entered the jewelry store.

Wei Mingyan and He Yanyan went straight to the counter for diamond rings, and the lady at the counter showed them a sweet smile, “What do you two need? We have a variety of couple rings and wedding rings to choose from.”

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Wei Mingyan had already lost his arrogance, and his mood was obviously not too good.
He nodded to the lady at the counter and pointed to a few wedding rings, “This and this, take it out and let us try it.”

“Okay.” The lady at the counter smiled and took out several wedding rings pointed out by Wei Mingyan in turn for He Yanyan to try on.

Wei Mingyan looked at He Yanyan who was concentrating on choosing a diamond ring, gritted his teeth and picked up the most expensive pair and said, “Yanyan, do you like this one? Pick a ring and let’s get married.”

He Yanyan’s expression seemed a little hesitant, Wei Mingyan said quickly, “I have found a new job, although the salary offered by this company is not as high as that of the Shijia Jewelry Store, but with my experience and connections, I can quickly return to my original position.
Yanyan, believe in me, I can give you a happy life.”

He Yanyan looked at Wei Mingyan for a while, and finally nodded.
Although she knew that she was beautiful, time was not forgiving.
At the age of 30, she had no time to pursue a better man than Wei Mingyan.

After the two chose the diamond ring and paid by card, they saw Bai Fan who was talking with his mother.
Wei Mingyan froze all of a sudden, while Bai Fan raised his eyebrows.

His mother keenly found something wrong between the two parties, and couldn’t help asking, “Fanfan, do you know each other?”

Bai Fan nodded, “Former classmate.”

“Oh classmates! It’s really fate to meet you here! You bought a wedding ring, right? Are you ready to get married? Oh my, the bride is so beautiful, the man is so lucky.” His mother looked at the pair and praised them.
At the end, she began to chatter with envy again, “Young people today, you should get married early, settle down early.
Fanfan, you see that your classmates are married, when can you bring a daughter-in-law back to see mom? The store has always been taken care of for you and your future wife.”

When they met Bai Mu, Wei Mingyan and He Yanyan had different expressions.
Wei Mingyan naturally knew Bai Mu, the boss of Green Emerald Jewelry Store; they worked in the same business after all.
Green Emerald mysteriously rose up to the jewelry world a few years ago, with well-funded and an enviable supply of goods, especially the jadeite pieces, which was almost the highest quality in Z City.

This time, he came to the Green Emerald Jewelry Store to buy wedding rings, in addition to wanting to avoid the Shijia Jewelry Store, he also came for the high quality and fair price.
Now he found that the boss of Green Emerald Jewelry Store was actually Bai Fan’s mother, he suddenly understood that Bai Fan’s words that made him unable to get along in the jewelry industry were not light.
If it was with the weight of Green Emerald Jewelry Store, it can indeed fire him easily. 

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But now he doesn’t want to cause trouble.
He needs a job in a jewelry store.
All his experience and accumulation in the past ten years are based on this industry.
If he left this industry, his future would be extremely difficult.
Fortunately, Bai Fan didn’t seem to mention the conflict on purpose today.
Wei Mingyan was grateful for that, so he politely nodded to Bai Muand left with He Yanyan.

He Yanyan’s eyes circled around the wealthy Bai Mu and looked back at the still handsome Bai Fan, with some resentment, she asked…

 “You…why didn’t you tell the truth?”

Bai Fan was stunned for a long time, and only after He Yanyan and Wei Mingyan left his sight, did he recall what He Yanyan said.
He recalled a scene from a long time ago, when he and He Yanyan were still lovers in college, He Yanyan also inquired about the situation at his home, and at that time he said that his parents were ordinary workers.
But at that time, he was telling the truth.
Ten years ago, Bai Mu was indeed an ordinary worker, not the current jewelry store owner.

Until today, Bai Fan felt that he was really naive ten years ago, so naive that he couldn’t even see the real reason why his girlfriend left him.

Fortunately, it has been ten years now, and the girlfriend who used to be affectionate and sweet…is now another man’s wife.
He could smile at her being married, and he could also give her his blessings. 

But even so, in the dead of night, in Yin Rui’s young and energetic body, Bai Fan couldn’t help but feel depressed after thinking about it.
He wrote a sentence in the letter to Yin Rui.

“What should I do? I want to hug you…”


Add ons:

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Cloak*: Perhaps some of you know, cloaks are usually… big and flashy.
Imagine someone looking like a literal fur ball on the road.
Yeah, not normal.
At all.
(Would like to try someday -robe)

Bai mu/ Bai Fan’s mother: 

Ok fellows, Chinese class,

If your surname in chinese is…let’s say…‘Hong’.

Then people can call your mom Hong Mu, regardless of their name.
It’s a bit rare to see in real life, but it happens in some places.
This is a novel, there are lots of cases where the author just straight up calls someone’s mom [x] Mu.

(Mu means mother)

So basically, the author called Bai Fan’s mother Bai Mu(白母), but it means… ‘Bai Fan’s mother’.
Even though it could be a little repetitive, Bai Mu is in no way Bai Fan’s mother’s name, so I will not use Bai Mu for Bai Fan’s Mother’s name.


So, due to several reasons, we will not be accepting donations on kofi anymore, yes we will be deleting our account.
Do not worry we will continue translating.
Oh and please follow us on instagram @fuhjotalk for information regarding projects and updates.


If you have any suggestions please tell us, for example, mistakes or improvement somewhere :)) Don’t worry we don’t bite.
And thanks for the likes and comment.
We appreciate it.

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