Chapter 23

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6-8 minutes 25.07.2022

Paintings Without a Face

In response to this change, the banquet hall was silent for a while.
Everyone looked at Bai Fan and Wei Mingyan in amazement, especially the people who sat on the same table as Bai Fan.

Bai Fan smiled and said to Wei Mingyan, “I hope you don’t do anything irrational because of today’s events.
I can make you lose your job, and I can make it difficult for you to get along in this industry, or even…” Bai Fan didn’t say the following words, but Bai Fan’s gaze made Wei Mingyan’s hair stand on its ends, and an unprecedented sense of crisis emerged in his mind.
His pale face nodded obediently, for fear of being a little bit slower.

“Very well.
Now, you sit back.” Bai Fan took back the murderous aura he had just directed at Wei Mingyan, and smiled kindly.

Wei Mingyan nodded awkwardly, walked back to his seat, and looked up to observe Bai Fan’s expression.
He saw that Bai Fan had stopped looking at him, at that moment he felt relieved.
Someone then placed their hand on his own, Wei Mingyan was shocked and looked over in panic, but instead saw the worried look on He Yanyan’s face, “What’s wrong?”

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“No, it’s nothing.” But his heartbeat still couldn’t calm down.
What happened just now? It felt as if someone pushed him down from the top of a 20-story building… Wei Mingyan shuddered again.
He could not dare to imagine it.

The most active minds in the hall were the people who sat at the table where Luo Shuai was.
They immediately stood up and warmly welcomed Bai Fan to their table.
It was as if everything that just happened was simply an illusion, Bai Fan glanced at Luo Shuai who was standing silently beside him, and nodded.

Although he joined the table of “successful people”, Bai Fan only answered a few inquiries from the people at the table while avoiding the key points.
Of course, compared to the questions, Bai Fan could only feel pressure from Luo Shuai, who was silent the whole time.
Bai Fan finally decided to strike first.
He looked up at Luo Shuai, “Thank you for just now.”

Luo Shuai carefully looked at Bai Fan, then reached out to Bai Fan and said, “Phone.”

Bai Fan could only take out his phone and hand it over to him.

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Luo Shuai tapped several times on Bai Fan’s phone, and then handed it back to Bai Fan, “If you really want to thank me, call me when you arrive at home.”

Bai Fan saw that there was a new contact named Luo Shuai added on his phone, and he was extremely domineering, placing it as the first number on the list, even the numbers of Bai Fan’s parents were placed under his.
Bai Fan looked up helplessly, and saw that Luo Shuai was still looking at him, his expression seemed to be saying, you’ll run away again, you’ll change your number again.

Bai Fan coughed softly, “About before…I was wrong, I will call you.”

Although Luo Shuai still didn’t say anything, the lines on his face softened.


After the class reunion this time, Bai Fan’s phone had some new numbers.
Other than that, nothing changed.
He brought back the vegetables he bought and let his mother make a big meal.
Chicken soup, Bai Fan’s stomach that was not full at the class reunion finally felt comfortable.

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I don’t know why, but after participating in this reunion… 

Bai Fan felt a little tired in his heart.
Time could really change a lot of things.
There were barely any former classmates who were true and sincere.
Except for Luo Shuai, even Qian Qiang probably didn’t have any good intentions.
He knew that the location of the class reunion was a five-star hotel, and he knew what would have happened when he saw the groceries he was carrying, but he didn’t mention a word.
Instead, forcibly dragged him to the banquet hall.
If he wasn’t smart and didn’t have a special background, today’s ridicule was enough to become a lifetime shadow.

Bai Fan suddenly thought of Yin Rui, they both share the same body, and they had played the same person for the past ten years, successfully deceiving everyone.
But they had never hidden anything from each other and continued to be sincere towards each other.

Frankly speaking, Yin Rui could be said to be the closest person to him..

I wonder… how Yin Rui is doing now…

In a dark room that no one knew about, even if it was daytime outside, candles still needed to be lit here.
The dim candles flickered, reflecting the dark phoenix eyes.
It was very quiet in this dark room, only the barely audible sound of breathing and the slight sound of dipping ink.

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The black-clothed youth standing in front of the desk was extremely cautious every time he stroked his brush, and there was some unknown gentleness to it.
Following his strokes, the figure of a man appeared on the paper.
The man was wearing a white robe.
There was not any background behind him, it seemed that the young man did not want to make a complete painting, but just wanted to draw the man. 

When the painting came to an end, the young man’s pen stopped on the man’s face.
After hesitating for a long time, he still did not drop the brush.
If anyone saw the painting, they would be shocked, because the face of the man on this painting was blank. 

This man did not have a face.

This was unreasonable in any figure painting, because everyone knew that the face was the essence of a figure.
When an artist paints, he must start from the head.
In any case, the face was usually the first one to be completed.
This painting had been roughly completed, but there was a blank space on the face alone, which was extremely weird.

If someone walked into this dark room now, they would find that the room was full of portraits.
All the portraits had only one theme, that is, a man in white clothes, and they all had one thing in common, that is, none of them had a face…

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