Can’t Be Offended

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Bai Fan took another sip of tea and said with a smile, “I haven’t even found a wife yet, so how can I bring her here?”

Wei Mingyan choked, but then rolled his eyes and said with a smile, “Everyone is quite old now, why don’t you go find one?”

“Maybe it’s just because I haven’t met the right one yet.” Bai Fan dealt with it casually.
He really didn’t think of Wei Mingyan as anything to be cared for.

“I wonder what the handsome Bai is doing now for a living?” Wei Mingyan didn’t seem to notice Bai Fan losing his patience, and continued to ask.

Hearing this question, Bai Fan glanced at him half-smiling, “I just opened a small shop and barely make ends meet.” He invested in his mother’s jewelry business, so it was not wrong to say that he opened a small shop.

But this “small shop” became a real small shop in Wei Mingyan’s ears.
There was a hint of disdain in his eyes, but he still asked enthusiastically, “It turns out you’re doing business.
Alas, it’s good to do business these days, not like us who only receive a small amount of salary, you must have made a lot of money all these years, how many houses have you bought?”

“Well, I live with my parents now.”

Hearing this, everything Wei Mingyan wanted to know was almost out.
He had already come to a conclusion about Bai Fan.
He hadn’t bought a house for the past ten years.
He lives with his parents and he doesn’t have a permanent job.
Even in his thirties, he was still such a useless person. 

No wonder no woman was willing to accept him.
Today’s women are different from when they were in university, they don’t just check their looks.
Without a house and a car, who would want him? Thinking of this, Wei Mingyan had a feeling of exaltation.
The shame that Bai Fan brought to him in his university days can finally be washed away today.
What’s so good about being handsome? A man can’t earn money with just his face. 

Wei Mingyan glanced at Bai Fan and sighed, then said in a persuasive tone, “Man, you need to start accepting reality, and settle down and live your life honestly.
Even though most women are a little bit more average now, they still make good companions anyway.
If they are beautiful, they will have high standards and they are very difficult to serve.
They will not pay attention to those who have no houses or cars, they will only pay attention to those who have money and talent.”

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Bai Fan raised his eyebrows, and for the first time took a serious look at Wei Mingyan, who was wearing a tie and a gold watch, looking like a social elite.

Wei Mingyan was just Bai Fan’s former alumni, it would be crossing the line to say these words of exhortation.
The people around just watched Wei Mingyan embarrass Bai Fan, but no one stood up to speak for Bai Fan, not even He Yanyan, she just softly tugged Wei Mingyan.

In fact, the mindset of these former classmates was very understandable.
After all, most of them had no friendship with Bai Fan.
Compared to Bai Fan, who was now in a state of despair, they were more willing to make friends with Wei Mingyan who could probably help them in the future.
There were even some people who had the intention to please Wei Mingyan and took the initiative to continue the conversation, “Bai Fan, you should listen carefully to what Wei-ge has to say.”

Bai Fan’s current situation should not have been mistaken for such a poor image, but Bai Fan carried lettuce when he came to a five-star hotel for dinner.
For today’s class reunion, everyone bought new clothes and came here well-dressed.
So when they saw the vegetables Bai Fan was carrying, they marked Bai Fan with a preconceived notion, so they naturally favored Wei Mingyan in the conversation between Bai Fan and Wei Mingyan.

Not only Bai Fan’s table, but Luo Shuai’s table were also paying attention to the drama taking place.
After watching for a moment, one of the fat men couldn’t help but sigh, “You really can’t predict the future, the most popular figure in our university in the past actually ended up like this.”

“Yes, but Wei Mingyan is too fussy, the beef they had ten years ago is now ridiculed in front of so many classmates.
He’s a clever guy, but he is so narrow minded.
Oh right, Mr.
Luo, wasn’t Bai Fan your roommate when you were at university?” The man looked at Luo Shuai tentatively, but his heart skipped a beat, seeing that Luo Shuai’s face was actually gloomy and cold like never before.

“Hey, Mr.
Luo, where are you going?” He was stunned as he watched Luo Shuai get up and walked towards Bai Fan.

Bai Fan thought that he was quite a patient person, but even so, this was too much for him.
He didn’t come to this reunion to get angry, and Wei Mingyan was not qualified to speak like this in front of him.
Bai Fan was about to speak, but he heard a familiar male voice beside him, “Senior administrative assistant, annual salary of 200,000 yuan, rest on weekends, and a year-end bonus.”

Luo Shuai glanced at Wei Mingyan lightly, and said to Bai Fan, “I will keep this job open for you at any time.”

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The expression on Wei Mingyan’s face immediately became colorful, from green to white, then from white to green.
Damn, how could he forget that Bai Fan used to have a good relationship with Luo Shuai? All of a sudden, a person that he originally looked down on has a job that was better than his own now.

Bai Fan was a little caught off guard by this sudden situation, Luo Shuai…Bai Fan felt very complicated.
He never thought that after ten years, the only one who would speak up for him was Luo Shuai.

Luo Shuai stared at Bai Fan, waiting for his answer.
It had been 10 years, and he was no longer the young boy he used to be.
In the past 10 years, he had had a lot of lovers.
He thought he had forgotten about this love.
But when Bai Fan reappeared in front of him, he realized it was all self-deception.
Bai Fan was still so attractive in his eyes, and his long-silent heart started throbbing violently like how it did 10 years ago.
He wanted every single part of this person.

Wei Mingyan originally felt embarrassed, but when he gritted his teeth, he suddenly realized that something was strange.
The way Luo Shuai looked at Bai Fan was weird, very weird…it could be said to be a bit explicit.
Luo Shuai’s special ‘hobbies’ were not a secret in the upper class, because he had never hid it.
Luo Shuai’s grandfather was so furious, he even expelled him from his own household. 

But Luo Shuai had also worked hard all these years alone and made a lot of money.
He was the best among his peers in his family, even Luo Shuai’s grandfather who claimed to cut off relations with Luo Shuai was relieved, and there was a rumor that he wanted to take Luo Shuai back.

Wei Mingyan’s job was in the jewelry industry, so he was naturally aware of the news circulating in the upper class.
With this premise, Wei Mingyan immediately felt that there was something wrong between Luo Shuai and Bai Fan, especially when he saw Bai Fan’s face.
After seeing Bai Fan’s expression, Wei Mingyan was more convinced of his guess.

With that said… Luo Shuai was now defending Bai Fan, not because of friendship, but because of those shameful things.
That so-called senior administrative assistant is probably the assistant who is in charge of sleeping, selling 200,000 yuan a year.
Bai Fan was also worth the price.
Speaking of which, these two people shared a dormitory when they were in college, so maybe they got together then.

Wei Mingyan’s heart began to pound, because he knew that he didn’t have zero chance to fight back.
As long as he stabbed the matter between the two, he could definitely make them lose face in front of everyone.
Although he knew a little about Luo Shuai’s sexuality because he was in the jewelry industry, these former classmates didn’t know at all, but the question was, is it worth it? Although he is doing well now, the gap of his position with Luo Shuai’s was huge.
If he offended Luo Shuai, it would definitely affect his future.

Wei Mingyan gritted his teeth, he decided that he was going to fight this time, he can find another job if he loses his current one.
But today’s humiliation, he really can’t swallow it.
Luo Shuai runs an internet company, and his power is only in the IT industry.
The water in the jewelry industry is deep, and he can’t get involved that easily.
He had the resources of so many customers in his hands, and the owner will not fire him just because of this.

With a little bit of luck and more impulse, Wei Mingyan raised his head, the sullen expression on his face had completely disappeared.
Instead, there was a hint of revenge and excitement, he opened his mouth and shouted, “Mr.
Luo, even if you’re looking for an *MB, you shouldn’t target your old classmates, aren’t those little boys in the club enough for you to play with?”

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Bai Fan and Luo Shuai turned their heads to look at him, Luo Shuai’s face immediately turned blue, looking at Wei Mingyan with suppressed anger and a strong warning.
Although Bai Fan didn’t realize what MB meant for a while, he roughly understood the comprehensive meaning of this sentence.
The first feeling he felt was surprise.
Wei Mingyan actually knew that Luo Shuai liked men, but immediately, he understood Wei Mingyan’s purpose in his words.
He wanted to  humiliate him and Luo Shuai in front of so many old classmates.

Wei Mingyan waved at the surroundings, put on a speech gesture, and said with a louder voice, “Do you want me to explain the meaning of MB? MB is the abbreviation of money and boy, our Mr.
Luo, he likes…”

“Enough, Wei Mingyan.
Shut up.” Luo Shuai shouted angrily.

“Wow, Mr.
Luo is very angry, however, the jewelry world is not a place where you can interfere.” Wei Mingyan said coldly.

In the jewelry world, Bai Fan’s eyes flashed.
He knew that he needed to shut him up right now. 

“Wei Mingyan, what industry are you working in now?”

“Why are you asking this?” Wei Mingyan was a little wary, but he thought that he assumed too much.
“I’m not afraid to tell you, I’m an account manager in Shijia Jewelry.
What? Are you going to create trouble there? Just so you know there are security guards.”

“Shijia jewelry store?” Bai Fan confirmed with a smile.

“Yeah.” Wei Mingyan nodded arrogantly, but he then saw Bai Fan take out a mobile phone, the moment he saw the mobile phone, his eyelids twitched, he had an ominous premonition.

Bai Fan pressed a few numbers and quickly dialed.
He seemed to have turned into a different person at that moment.

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“Hey, Xiao Wang, do we have business with ‘Shijia Jewelry Store’? Oh, okay.
You should call the people from Shijia Jewelry now and ask them to immediately fire an account manager named Wei Mingyan, otherwise we will stop supplying their jadeite.
Remember, immediately.”

Wei Mingyan on the side looked at Bai Fan in disbelief, he’s definitely talking to himself! This crazy bastard is talking to himself! But he couldn’t believe it any longer.
His phone rang very quickly.
The caller ID was his boss.
Wei Mingyan hesitantly pressed the answer button, and heard his boss sigh, “Mingyan, although I’m sorry about this, the company executives suddenly issued an order and you’re now fired.”

Wei Mingyan lost all of his strength at once, and the mobile phone in his hand fell to the ground.

On the other side, in the Shijia jewelry store.
Wei Mingyan’s boss put down the phone, sighed, and asked the company president’s secretary, “Why did the president suddenly give this order? Did Wei Mingyan do anything wrong?”

The secretary pushed his glasses, “I don’t know either.
The sudden order from the president seems to be the request of the jade raw material dealer in Myanmar.”

Wei Mingyan’s boss was immediately surprised, “He offended people in Myanmar?”

The secretary shrugged, “I don’t know, but those jadeite raw material dealers in Myanmar can’t be offended.
They are rich, and the best materials are in their hands.
If they deliberately cut off our goods or give inferior ones, the business of our jewelry store will be very affected.”

Wei Mingyan’s boss nodded in agreement, “Yeah, people you can’t offend.”

*MB: Money Boy.
Well as you expect, they sleep and entertain you if you pay them.

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