Class Reunion

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Of course, an urge is just an urge.
In the end, Bai Fan still went to the small banquet hall on the second floor.
The whole place was evidently packed, there were already several tables filled with people.
The attendees were all the students of the same year, therefore Bai Fan saw many familiar faces, although he couldn’t remember their names.

Ten years after graduation, everyone was already around 30 years old, and most of them were already married, so many people came with their partners, and some female classmates brought their children with them.

As soon as Qian Qiang entered, he left Bai Fan behind and walked straight to a small table.
The small table was one that would normally be found in tea parties.
There were only a few people seated, but they were all well-dressed, wearing famous brands, creating an indescribable feeling of arrogance on them.
It seems they were a special small circle.

Bai Fan’s past ten years have not been in vain.
Whether it was a wealthy businessman in Myanmar during the day or a sect leader in the night, he had to deal with crafty and cunning people.
Now he only needed to take a quick look and discover the subtleties.
Although the banquet hall looked peaceful, if observed carefully, you can see that there were different social classes. 

The small table was a typical example.
They just sit there and barely talk with others, but people would constantly toast to their wine glasses, so they were never left alone.
The other big tables tried their best to dress themselves up, but in the end they were still a bit lacking.
The people who kept on talking at each table were the well-dressed ones, and the others who wore relatively simple clothes just couldn’t join in the conversation even if they wanted to talk, and as it happens, even the good dishes on the table would never reach them.

Ten years is an extremely long time. 

Former classmates have long separated from each other.
Everyone has their own life trajectories, and this was the cause of the gap created between them.
Some people became famous, while others were just insignificant workers.

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Ideals and aspirations have been gradually abraded by time and completely disappeared.
They had to accept reality, they had to admit that they were just ordinary people, and now even habitually look up to those who became successful.

Although the same classmates were sitting together again, how many of them came here for the sake of friendship created ten years ago? The subtle action of showing off, the subtle action of pleading, they are all just using the class reunion to bring a certain satisfaction for oneself, or to achieve a certain purpose.

Bai Fan waited for Qian Qiang for a while, but he didn’t see Qian Qiang coming back, so he glanced towards the table again, but this glance made him completely froze.
The person at the table who had his back facing Bai Fan had turned around.
He looked at Bai Fan intently, while Qian Qiang was talking in that person’s ear.

Luo Shuai…

Bai Fan hurriedly found a table that was almost full of people and sat down, hoping to hide himself in the crowd, but when he looked up to see the person sitting across the table, he was stunned.


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He Yanyan wore elegant makeup and a floral dress, surrounded by an aura of a mature woman.
There was a man sitting beside her.
The two seemed very intimate.
Bai Fan was familiar with the man, his name was Wei Mingyan, and he was also an alumnus of S University.
He used to pursue He Yanyan at the same time as Bai Fan back then, but He Yanyan finally chose Bai Fan.

What Bai Fan particularly remembered clearly was that Wei Mingyan actually got some people to come and beat him up after being heart-broken, but Luo Shuai happened to be passing by at that time, and they both worked together to break out.
Recalling the past, Bai Fan glanced at the two of them.
Unexpectedly, after ten years, they came together.

Bai Fan lowered his head and looked at the tea in the cup.
He wanted to escape, but the person didn’t want to let him go.
Bai Fan could recognize Wei Mingyan at a glance even after ten years, so Wei Mingyan naturally remembered Bai Fan.

“Look who this is, isn’t this the mr popular, mr handsome?” Wei Mingyan raised his voice maliciously, and suddenly everyone on the table who had not noticed Bai Fan turned their heads and looked over.
He Yanyan looked at Bai Fan with eyes full of complexion.

“Bai-ge is too much.
Why did you bring ingredients to a hotel? I have heard of *BYO, but I have never heard of BYO lettuce.
Although this is a five-star hotel, it seems that there is no such service.” Wei Mingyan pretended to be puzzled.

There was a burst of muffled laughter on the table, regardless of whether they were intentional or not, this situation was very embarrassing.

Bai Fan calmly took a sip of tea, “I went out for a bit to buy some ingredients to bring back home.”

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“Did you buy ingredients to go back home to cook? That feels like a lot of trouble.
Why don’t you just pack the food on the table after eating.
It just so happens that none of us need it.
This large table of food is enough for you to eat several meals.” Another laugh came from the table.
It may be that there was too much movement from that table, the people at the other tables also looked over, but the only thing that made Bai Fan uneasy from all the gazes was Luo Shuai’s.

Bai Fan didn’t answer Wei Mingyan’s provocation, he nodded at He Yanyan, “Long time no see.”

He Yanyan also reservedly replied, “Long time no see.”

He Yanyan’s face didn’t have much enthusiasm, some were just pure politeness, but despite this, Wei Mingyan’s face was still gloomy, he looked at Bai Fan, and said with a smile, “Bai-ge already has a family right? So why didn’t you bring your wife with you today?” After speaking, Wei Mingyan glanced at He Yanyan, consciously or unintentionally.

Luo Shuai on the other side moved his finger unconsciously, Wei Mingyan didn’t know that these words which were meant to be a provocation asked what Luo Shuai wanted to know the most.

*BYO = bring your own

(tbh I just knew this existed today) – Robe

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