The So-Called Blind Date 

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Bai Fan boarded the plane back to Z city with his assistant Xiao Wang early in the morning.
Xiao Wang was a young man full of spirit in him.
Although he was young, he was very reliable.
All these years, Bai Fan rarely went out, so he made Xiao Wang handle a lot of work, therefore he was very important to him.

After flying back to Z city, Bai Fan took some simple luggage and went home to visit his parents, while Xiao Wang booked a room in a five-star hotel in the city.

After Bai Fan returned home, he was naturally pulled by his mother to catch up for a while.
Although his father was holding the newspaper with a serious expression, he couldn’t stop looking at his son.

After Bai Fan went to R city ten years ago, he sent 100,000 yuan to his home when he had millions worth of assets in the first year, and claimed that he and his friends opened a jade shop in R city and made a lot of money.
Although the couple were a little dissatisfied with their son’s resignation to a stable job, they didn’t say anything more when they saw that he made money anyway. 

Later, Bai Fan sent more and more money to his home every year, ranging from one hundred thousand to several hundred thousand.
The old couple who have worked honestly all their lives became terrified.
They didn’t understand how their son got so much money, and they were worried that Bai Fan had been involved in something illegal.

At the moment, Bai Fan came back.
He opened a large-scale jade shop in the center of Z city.
The windows were bright and clear.
The clerk had a friendly and polite smile.
There were hundreds of thousands of small jade pieces, and they heard that Bai Fan said that the purchase price of these things in Myanmar were not so much.

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Bai Fan told them that this store was a branch he opened in Z city, which was entirely funded and established by him alone.
His friends did not participate, but the business of his main store in R city could not be abandoned, and he could not be expected to stay here for a long time.
So he wanted to leave the store to them to take care of.

When the old couple heard that such a big jade shop originally belonged to their son, they couldn’t help feeling full of pride in their hearts.
Hearing that his son was busy with business and had no time to take care of the store, they naturally agreed.

This shop was their son’s property, so they took good care of it, especially Bai Fan’s mother, who was about to retire.
Thinking that the salary for a month’s work was nothing compared to selling a small piece of jade, she decided to resign.
Knowing that her son’s money was coming in through legal methods, she would obviously want to join him. There’s no need to work so hard anymore.

It could be said that this jade shop had a huge impact on Bai Fan’s parents.
They finally dared to spend the money that Bai Fan gave to them in the past.
They bought a big house and a car, which greatly improved their lives.
His mother stayed in the store every day, with more than a dozen young and beautiful female clerks, most of the customers were rich ladies who came to choose jade. 

Everyday she would listen to the comments of those ladies regarding jade, and gradually gained some knowledge about them.
She believed that if she was going to manage a jade shop, she should at least have knowledge on jade, so she also bought a lot of books to study by herself.
It could be said that Bai Fan’s seriousness towards things was largely inherited from his mother.

The more she read and listened, the more she understood.
She could now join in the conversations of those wealthy ladies regarding jade.
Those rich ladies knew that she was the owner of the shop and so were willing to talk to her.
After all, everyone knew that the price difference for jade was much too large, and it was really hard to determine how much it was worth in the end.

Bai Fan’s mother wandered among these wealthy ladies every day and listened to their jade scriptures and jewelry scriptures, and gradually became more interested.
In the end, she told her son what she thought and asked for his opinion, but she didn’t expect that he would actually strongly support her idea and immediately remitted the money to her.

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Looking at the deposit in the account, coupled with her son’s approval, she became full of motivation.
She had successively added gold and silver jewelry counters, pearl display cabinets, diamond display cabinets, and wedding ring display cabinets to the jade shop.
The jade shop transformed into a comprehensive jewelry store, and the name of the store was changed to “Green Emerald Jewelry Store”.

Bai Fan’s mother would stay in her own store when there was something that needed to be done, and wander around other people’s jewelry stores if she had nothing to do.
Whether it be good service, good design, or good promotion policies, as long as she saw the excellence of it, she would integrate them into her own store. 

Under the management of Bai Fan’s mother, Green Emerald Jewelry gradually gained fame.

Afterwards, the managers of several nearby jewelry stores would get nervous as soon as they saw this rich lady embellished in jewels.
Nevertheless, she was a customer, sometimes she would even buy a few pieces of jewelry when she came.
No matter what they thought in their hearts, they had no choice but to treat her politely, and kept talking to her nonstop with the intention of diverting her attention.

Bai Fan didn’t expect that a jade shop he had built just for the sake of his parents’ happiness would be managed so well.
Since his mother was happy doing business, he would naturally support it unconditionally.
Good supply and sufficient funds, as long as his mother needed any of them, they would immediately be delivered.

Inadvertently, in a few years, “Green Emerald Jewelry Store” had become one of the largest jewelry stores in Z city.

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Now, Bai Fan’s mother is rich and has status.
She runs a large jewelry store and manages many shop assistants.
However, she had one problem that had been delayed for so long, and that  problem was her precious son.

Anyone who was familiar with Bai Fan’s mother would know that she had a son who was unmarried and 32 years old.
Whenever she saw a beautiful or virtuous girl, she would have the urge to introduce her to her son.

He was still unmarried at the age of thirty-two.
What was the reason? Did he look particularly ugly, or was there any physical or intellectual disability? In fact, it was none of them.
Her son was good-looking, slender, and graduated from a famous university, had no bad hobbies, but he was still unmarried in his thirties.
Don’t mention marriage, he didn’t even have a girlfriend.
Of course this would make his mother worried.

So after Bai Fan came back, he only received two days worth of motherly love, then was forcibly dragged to face all kinds of blind dates.

Beautiful, gentle, capable, virtuous, all kinds of women made Bai Fan tired, and some of them made Bai Fan feel a little interested, but when he thought of his own situation, he decisively dismissed the idea.

Because blind dates were Bai Fan’s biggest worries recently, that’s why he mentioned two sentences about it in his letter to Yin Rui, but Bai Fan did not expect that these two sentences would make the Black Moon Sect fall into misery.

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Those servants who only see Yin Rui a few times a year felt nothing compared to elders in the sect who had to see Yin Rui often.
Normally, the expression of their sect leader was already cold enough, but recently no one knew who provoked him.
Not only was his expression cold, but also his tendency to go mad was greatly increasing, it seemed as if would get mad at every little problem. 

Let’s take the third elder as an example.

That day, when the third elder saw the young sect leader who was sitting in the main seat in a bad mood, he suddenly thought of an idea.
The sect leader should already be of marriageable age, but he had never seen anyone by the sect leader’s side. This may be an opportunity.
After all, the leader was young and inexperienced.
If the person he sent could please him, he could reap countless benefits.

The third elder who was playing with the abacus quickly took action.
He personally selected several beautiful women and sent them to the sect leader, but he didn’t expect that the  sect leader who was sitting there with an expressionless face immediately became furious.
He unceremoniously slapped the third elder out of the door, and the third elder spat out several mouthfuls of blood.

In everyone’s terrified eyes, Yin Rui threw a sentence, “Are you blind? Whoever dares to bring these ugly women in front of me in the future to smear my eyes, then I will personally dig up their eyes.”

The third elder wanted to please Yin Rui wholeheartedly, but he didn’t think that his act of sending women just touched Yin Rui’s sensitive nerves. 

I can’t do anything about women being pushed onto Fan in another world.
But there exist people who dared to be presumptuous here too?!

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