The So-Called Master

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Yin Nanhan looked through his messy hair, and lightly scoffed, “My good son, you came at such a perfect time.”

Yin Rui didn’t reply to him and kept walking forward, one of his palms was placed onto Yin Nanhan’s back to suck out the internal energy within Yin Nanhan.
With years worth of qi snatched away just like that, of course Yin Nanhan wouldn’t have the spare energy to laugh at Yin Rui anymore.
His expression became pale and cold sweat engulfed his whole body.

Yin Rui sucked the qi out of Yin Nanhan for about 15 minutes, and sat cross-legged to the side to adjust his breath.

Yin Nanhan was paralyzed on the ground, and it took him a while to recover.
This year, he had to experience this everyday.
He no longer scolded and cursed like he did at first, but he found a new way to attack Yin Rui.
Looking at Yin Rui who was sitting cross-legged, he continued, “It’s daytime now.”

Yin Rui did not answer.

“Hehe, I knew that you would only dare to come here during the day.”

Yin Nanhan’s words finally had an effect, Yin Rui abruptly opened his eyes and stared at Yin Nanhan.

“I’m right, aren’t I? Didn’t you hide it from him all the time? Killing your father is a sin that God cannot tolerate.” Yin Nanhan said leisurely.

Yin Rui’s eyes became colder.

“Hey, I miss him, when are you going to let me see him? I really didn’t expect this at the beginning, I thought I only had one son, but I didn’t expect that I’d have two.
Hmph, my other son is so much more filial.”

“Fan is not your son.” Yin Rui said coldly.

Yin Nanhan raised his eyebrows, “Whatever you say, but there is no doubt that he is my son.
Speaking of which, the two of you seem to have not met before, one can only come out during the day, and the other can only come out at night.
The time really is just right.”

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“You…” Yin Rui immediately became furious, a palm of wind slapped the wall behind Yin Nanhan, gravel splashed and many of them fell on Yin Nanhan’s body, but Yin Nanhan laughed happily.
There are many more palm prints on the wall like the one just now.

After Yin Rui vented his anger, Yin Nanhan also stopped laughing.
He looked at Yin Rui and asked in a low voice a question he had wanted to ask for a long time ago, “Rui‘er, why do you hate me so much?” Yin Rui hated him so much that he wouldn’t even let him die in peace, but trap and torture him here every day.

“Of course I’d hate you.
I want to cut your flesh off piece by piece and feed it to the dogs.
I want you to be tortured by this world, lay your body out in the scorching sun, and be bitten by mosquitoes.
I hope that after you die, you will never get out of hell.” Yin Rui clenched his teeth, said every single word while looking at Yin Nanhan with deep hatred in his eyes.

Yin Nanhan was worthy of being called the strongest man within his generation.
Hearing his own son talk about his death in such a cruel tone, his face remained unchanged, but…


“I treated you well, passed on martial arts to you, and gave you status.
Although I did not take care of you when you were young, but I gave you a lot of compensation afterwards, why do you still hate me so much?”

Yin Rui put away the sneer on his face for the first time.
In the past ten years, no matter how well Yin Rui and Bai Fan cooperated, they were still two people.
Some people could naturally see some flaws.
The only one who discovered the truth from various clues was Yin Nanhan, but this was not the reason why Yin Rui resented Yin Nanhan so much, the real reason was, “You didn’t keep your promise.”

“What?” Yin Nanhan was taken aback.

“I said you didn’t keep your promise.
You promised…you promised me not to let Fan do those things.
Just let me finish them during the day, but you… You think I wouldn’t know if Fan didn’t tell me? Well, but I know, I can see.” After speaking, Yin Rui’s body gradually began to tremble, and he covered his face in pain.

Yin Nanhan was silent for a long time, and finally sneered, “I thought it was something big, but it turned out to be only this? The son of Yin Nanhan, of course, should be treated the same, it’s not good to be too kind and soft-hearted, I will teach him to get used to some blood and… “

It’s a pity that Yin Nanhan was beaten to the ground by Yin Rui before he could finish his words.

“I will make you pay for everything you did.
From now on, you will have to live here like a dog.”

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He threw a cake from his sleeve onto the ground, that cake landed at a distance just beyond the reach of Yin Nanhan’s chains.

A stone wall rumbled open, Yin Rui walked away, the stone wall was closed again, with only Yin Nanhan left in the cave.
He held on to a wry smile.

‘I seem to have gone too far today.’


“Hey, Mom, um… I’m fine… I’ll go back tomorrow, okay, okay, you don’t have to pick me up, I’ll go by myself, my girlfriend? It’s still early… Don’t worry about it, who doesn’t want a piece of your son? Well, bye, see you tomorrow.” Bai Fan hung up the phone and breathed a sigh of relief.
As an old unmarried man, he was under a lot of pressure, even though he reassured his mother on the phone.
He knew that as long as he went back home, there would be rounds of blind dates waiting for him.

It’s not like Bai Fan hasn’t tried in the past few years to find a woman to marry to reassure his parents, and to settle down, but his situation is really special.
How could a groom with a bride just sleep soundly on their wedding night?  And after getting married, her husband would lie on the bed and sleep every night.
How could any woman be able to bear it? Bai Fan didn’t want to get divorced as soon as he got married.

The two beeps of “didi” pulled Bai Fan back into reality from his thoughts of marriage, he saw a new message from the computer screen.

[Gongyi: What’s the matter? ]

[Gongyi: Are you not there anymore? ]

Bai Fan raised his hand and typed a few words on the keyboard.

[Fan-ge: It’s okay, I just answered a call.

This Gongyi is the one he met in the ancient GuWu forum.
The two have known each other for ten years, and they have somehow kept in touch with each other for that long time. 

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[Gongyi: Whose call was it that you had to leave me aside and didn’t even say hello.] 

[Fan-ge (begging for mercy): It was my mother, I don’t dare not accept it.]

There was silence for a while, and then he replied.

[Gongyi: I’m leaving for a while too, my mother also called me.

Bai Fan was stunned for a moment, then burst into laughter.
He took a sip from the teacup next to him, and made a phone call to ask his assistant to book a flight back to City Z tomorrow.

At the other end, in a brightly decorated mansion, a handsome young man called out, “Brother, hurry up, what are you doing? Mom told you to go over immediately.”

The steady man sitting in front of the computer frowned, got up and said, “Got it.”

Seeing the man’s reluctance, the young man put his head in front of the screen, “Let me see, who were you chatting with?”

Gongyi Bo was caught off guard, all the content on the computer screen was seen, his face became ugly, and he pushed the young man far away with one hand.

“Why don’t you let me see it?! It turns out that the person you chat with every day is just a guy named Fan.
Tch, you disappoint me.
I thought a wooden man like you finally changed.” The young man glanced at the screen again, he widened his eyes when he saw the word ‘Gongyi’, “Brother, did you just put your surname out? It’s not good, bad people will probably guess who you are.”

Gongyi Bo raised his eyebrows and looked at his younger brother, “There’s nothing wrong, I didn’t want to hide it from him.”

The young man opened his mouth wide, “Brother, you’re crazy.”

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Gongyi Bo smiled and looked at his younger brother, then easily covered his mouth with a sentence, “He is also from an ancient martial arts family.”

The young man’s mouth opened wider, “Really?”

“Why would I lie to you?” Gongyi Bo went out and went downstairs after saying that.

“Wait, brother, what family does he come from, and what is his level?” Gongyi Jun hurriedly followed.

“I don’t know either, but the exercises he practiced are extremely brilliant.
Ten years ago, I was not as good as him.
Ten years later…you know what I mean,” Gongyi Bo replied as he walked.

“Wow, that’s so awesome! A master…Big brother, you have to introduce me to him.
Big brother, big brother- Hey, you bastard!” Seeing the door of his mother’s study slammed shut in front of him, Gongyi Jun became furious.
He punched the door and was now in despair.

But suddenly, his eyes turned, that’s it! Gongyi Jun suddenly became more energetic.
He stepped upstairs in three and two steps at a time, and ran into his brother’s study.
Seeing that the computer on the desk was not turned off, a sinister and proud smile appeared on his face.

Brother, don’t blame me for being unkind.
Master, here I come!

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