10 years

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During the first year Bai Fan entered this industry, he spent most of his time in the miscellaneous stone area.
He purchased a great amount of jade at a low cost, regardless of whether the quality was good or bad, or whether his luck was bad or good, at the end of the day what he opened were 100% jades and not rocks.
So his assets continued to increase.

When the second year came, his initial few hundred thousand yuan had become millions.
Although a few million yuan is nothing when it comes to gambling stones, this amount of capital allowed Bai Fan to purchase better rough stones.
He didn’t spend a year messing around, he gained a lot of experience from opening all those stones.
He had developed a pair of jade detecting eyes, simply said, he is an expert now.
Those who sell counterfeits wouldn’t dare take out those counterfeits once they see his posture when picking out rough stones.

Buying better rough stones also brings a greater risk, but Bai Fan never spent more than half of his total assets on purchasing gambling stones.
Regardless of how tempting it is, he would stick to this rule.
Because of this, he was never affected by the myths of getting rich overnight, going bankrupt and even committing suicide.
If the bet increased, then he would accept it lightly, if the bet decreased, then he wouldn’t feel too hurt.

Bai Fan’s biggest gain after entering this industry was not the money, but instead it was the free time he got.
Bai Fan knew that he wouldn’t be staying in the rough stone trading market for too long.
If he found rough stones containing jade, then he would go back and cut it open by himself, and at the end of the month, he would sell everything.
He would use the rest of his time to practice boxing and swordsmanship, then digest what Yin Rui learns everyday.
The big difference between Bai Fan and Yin Rui has decreased somehow and he has started catching up to Yin Rui now.

Another few more years passed, Bai Fan had become a real raw jadeite material merchant.
He no longer wandered in the rough stone trading market, instead, whenever new rough stones were extracted in Myanmar, he would go there with other merchants and create many transactions.
At other times, Bai Fan rarely took action, and more often he stayed in his villa in the mountains and tried to break through the bottleneck* of cultivation.

The sun and the moon went by very fast, time passed, Yin Rui’s child-like face gradually matured, with dark eyebrows, phoenix eyes, and a slender stature, he became a very attractive young man, but his cold and stern aura also increased day by day, and only a few people in the sect dared to look directly at him.
Whoever encountered him, their course of action is to bow their heads and call out respectfully, “Sect Master Wan’an*.” They all knew that the Sect Master didn’t like anyone staring at his face, so they just kept their heads as low as they could.

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Yin Rui gave them a cold glance and walked away.

It has been ten years since Bai Fan and Yin Rui met.
Yin Rui has grown from an eight-year-old child to an eighteen-year-old, but he is a ruthless leader of a sect that no one dares to underestimate.
The former sect master Yin Nanhan heard about the birth of a treasure in Taiyuan Mountain a year ago, so he went there alone, but he never came back.
Some say that the appearance of a priceless treasure was just a conspiracy just to lure Yin Nanhan out, so some deduced that the devil of the martial arts world is killed by Wulin Zhengdao* working together.

But strangling such a big devil as Yin Nanhan should have been a big event, and if it really happened then the world would’ve been celebrating.
But many martial arts schools have not said a word, which makes people who made such guesses feel a little doubtful, so the disappearance of Yin Nanhan was still a mystery.

But no matter whether Yin Nanhan had obtained the peerless martial art books to practice in seclusion, or has died.
The Black Moon Sect that lost its leader was put in chaos for a while.
But in this disarray, the son inherited his father’s position, and became the new master of the Black Moon Sect.
It is true that there were people who tried to deceive the new master due to his age, but Yin Rui is careful and decisive.
He was cruel, those who attempted to do so were all removed by him, which shocked the whole sect.

It only took Yin Rui one year to secure the position of the sect leader.
Although there were still  voices of opposition in the sect, it was not something to worry about.
Those who opposed him do not think that his ability was not good enough to inherit the sect, but it was because they thought that Yin Nanhan’s life and death were still unknown, yet Yin Rui took the sect master position, which was really inappropriate.

Looking at those who were always clamoring to find Yin Nanhan, Yin Rui sneered at the corner of his mouth.

‘What a pack of good and loyal dogs.’

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At noon, Yin Rui had eaten his lunch, picked up a piece of cake, and put it in his sleeve, then walked out of the door slowly.
He walked into a remote place, and finally walked into a quiet bamboo forest.
The guards who followed behind all stopped here by themselves, and even the shadow guards who were hiding in the dark stopped.
Everyone knows that this is the place.
The forbidden area within the sect where the sect master dives into retreat.

There is a single mountain deep in the bamboo forest.
The interior of this mountain has been hollowed out.
As a cave dwelling, Yin Rui walked into the cave and sat down on a futon with his knees crossed.
He closed his eyes and meditated.
Time passed.
The guards are still faithfully guarding, but if they come in, they will find that the cave is already empty.

This was a dark underground cave, it was cold, damp, narrow, and filled with an indescribable sour smell.
It seems that all the bad descriptions can be used here.

It was very quiet here.
It was a kind of silence.
Except for the occasional sounds of the iron chains colliding, there was no other sound.
If you don’t look at it with the naked eye, no one will find that there was another person here, locked by the iron chains.

Looking closer, the man’s condition was even more frightening.
The clothes on his body were torn and stained with some unknown filth and dark bloodstains.
An iron chain extending from the rock wall passed through the shoulder blades, which pinned the person to the wall.

When Yin Rui appeared, the person who seemed to be dead raised his head.
The cave was filled with sudden pressure.
If Bai Fan was here, he would definitely recognize him immediately with a glance…

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This was Yin Nanhan who had been missing for a year.

-Add ons-

Bottleneck (瓶颈 píngjǐng) – the term for when cultivators figuratively hit a wall in their training and it suddenly becomes incredibly difficult to proceed.
When they reach a bottleneck, cultivators may require new Insights, the aid of medicinal pills, or even harsher training in order to make a Breakthrough (突破 tūpò) and successfully bypass the bottleneck.
(we just found this somehow)

‘Wan’ an’ (万安) sorts of mean like a blessing: “Be safe for a million times” IS THE MOST SIMPLIFIED TRANSLATION I COULD DO.
Just basically means as a greeting for someone with high authority.
(king/emperor/sect master)

Wulin Zhengdao: People who practice martial arts BUT have a lot of chivalry.
Not using any…dark…evil…martial arts…books.
(the good guys) Put it in easy words, then it’s ‘righteous’ sects.

Us being us:

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