Chapter 13

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GuWu Forum

After taking the medicinal bath, Bai Fan returned to Yin Rui’s room.
He sat down in front of the desk, and ate the plum cake that Yin Rui prepared for him.
Afterwards, He started flipping through the notes from Yin Rui’s lessons today.
There were so many notes in Yin Rui’s textbook, and the handwriting was clear and neat.
Bai Fan knew that this is what Yin Rui especially wrote down for him to facilitate his study.

The time at night is limited, so Bai Fan couldn’t completely cut down the amount of rest for Yin Rui’s body.
Generally, he would try to fall asleep at midnight.
He would not study all of Yin Rui’s homework at a time, if there are similar books in his world, then he would study them during the day.
But there were some rare books that have long been erased from history, so he could do nothing but utilize this little time to force himself to remember the contents.

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After having a general understanding of Yin Rui’s learning progress today, Bai Fan began to write Yin Rui’s unfinished homework.
During this process, Bai Fan would praise Yin Rui for being so diligent, because in the thick stack of homework, the difficult strategy questions and essay writings have already been completed, and there were just some simple questions left, otherwise Bai Fan was really worried that he would reveal his faults.
Although he was studying at the same time as Yin Rui, he really couldn’t understand how to write poems about propositions or write an essay about a certain sage’s remarks in ancient prose.

Yin Rui didn’t have much homework left today.
He only needed to copy a few ancient texts.
Bai Fan imitated Yin Rui’s handwriting and finished in half an hour.
Bai Fan picked up another piece of paper and started writing to Yin Rui.
The letter to Yin Rui was always in the same format.
First, he wrote down the contents of Yin Nanhan’s lecture today, and added his own experience.
Second, Bai Fan will write about who he met and talked with.
Anyway, as long as there was something special, Bai Fan would write it down.
Finally, it’s the free corner.
Sometimes Bai Fan would talk about some interesting things he encountered during the day, and sometimes he would complain about how the “sir” professors have more and more classes.
Yin Rui responded with deep sympathy.
Sometimes he would find that Yin Rui had some injuries on his body.
After asking, he learned that it was caused by Yin Rui when he was practicing martial arts during the day.
This child is really hard working…

Compared to Bai Fan’s letter, Yin Rui’s letter was much more concise.
The beginning is the general record of what happened during the day, and what the teachers taught him.
If Yin Rui learned a new technique in martial arts, he would write down the formula of swordsmanship and kenpo to Bai Fan.
Because of this, Bai Fan gets more and more ‘martial arts secrets’.
Each time he got a new one, he would memorize it and write a copy of it in his own world the next day, then Bai Fan would put it in a small wooden box, lock it and hide it, making it a real treasure chest.
It can only be said that this is a fanaticism of a modern man after finally fulfilling his martial arts dream.

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However, Yin Rui seemed to prefer to talk to Bai Fan about other things, as long as it made him feel like he was communicating with Bai Fan. 

There will always be doubt and questions of one type or another in practicing martial arts.
This is a problem that even the masters of martial arts cannot avoid.
Therefore, whenever Bai Fan encountered a problem that he did not understand, he would ask Yin Rui in the letter.
All the questions that Bai Fan did not understand, Yin Rui would answer very seriously in the letter, and never hid any secrets at all.
If he couldn’t answer either, they would discuss it together.
If it doesn’t work, they would go ask the master who teaches martial arts or Yin Nanhan.
In this way, the mutual learning effect between the two was much better than that of one person.

Of course, for questions that could not be answered, Bai Fan had another place to ask questions besides Yin Nanhan.
Isn’t there a saying, ”if you have any questions, ask Baidu”.
Now that the Internet is so developed, there are all kinds of strange questions.
Bai Fan even saw someone on the Internet asking how to cultivate and become an immortal, so he had no pressure asking.
And he also thought about it, since the medicinal bath formula from that world had the same effect when brought to his world, and internal energy also appeared in his body, then does it mean that the physique of the two worlds were the same?

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 In fact, in the world where they live, there are also those who know ancient martial arts, but they are usually hidden very deep and unknown.

After having this idea, Bai Fan began to search the Internet for various keywords such as kung fu, martial arts and so on.
In the end, he found several martial arts websites, one of which was called China Kung Fu Net.
When he opened it, there were quite a few categories, such as Shaolin Kung Fu, Wudang Kung Fu, and foreign Kung Fu, but the content in each category was pitiful and repetitive.
Most of Shaolin Kungfu is Kung Fu football, and there are many photos.
Wudang Kung Fu is all about Tai Chi.
Bai Fan watched it for a while and decisively crossed it.

Afterwards, Bai Fan opened a Chinese Wushu website.
After that, Bai Fan felt a stomach ache coming.
What kind of Wushu regulations, Wushu rank, Local Wushu Association, and even the logo of the Olympic Games were on it…

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The more Bai Fan looked, the more disappointed he was, he was simply devastated.
But when Bai Fan almost gave up, he inadvertently opened a small forum and found that the atmosphere of martial arts there was extremely strong, and the antique interface had also won Bai Fan’s favor all at once, so he calmed down and looked at it again.

The name of this forum was very simple, it was called “GuWu Forum”, and the categories in it were also very interesting.
There was a category for seeking teachers and friends.
There are two categories of posts in it, one is for apprentices, and the other is for experts.
Although the following threads are not very active, they seem to be very serious, and they have left their contact information there, unlike other sites where they just had fun and left. 

In addition to looking for teachers and friends, there was also a category of martial arts diary, which contains many posts such as ‘My real martial arts diary’.
Bai Fan read them one by one.
Most of them were nonsense, but there were also some which made Bai Fan feel that there was hope.
Bai Fan stopped when he saw a post titled ‘Being calm increases learning efficiency’.
The reply below this post was zero, there were only a few clicks.
After all, who doesn’t know that when cultivating, you need to be calm, this is just nonsense.
But after reading this post, Bai Fan felt a little excited.
He felt that this time he really met a fellow practitioner, a martial artist hidden in the city.
Bai Fan thought about it and wrote a reply down below, and then bookmarked this page, to remember to check it again next time.

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