Chapter 12

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Big Gain

Most of the customers who were attracted by the event a while ago left, with only a few of them staying to see how Bai Fan’s piece of black sand skin jade turned out.

The person who operated the machine began to peel off the top layer of skin step by step.
After peeling off one side, he looked at the trend of the crack and drew the cutting line.
The machine started running and the first cut was completed.
It was a rock, Bai Fan wasn’t shocked because he knew that the abnormal area was in the upper right, and it hadn’t been cut yet.

The second cut went down, “I see green, I see green again!!” Someone shouted in surprise.
Immediately, all the customers who had not gone far came running back. 

The person who operated the machine also showed a little surprise.
He didn’t expect to see two jadeites in a row today.
His movements suddenly slowed down a lot.
Looking at the semi-transparent jade that gradually revealed its true form, Bai Fan was relieved, the size was the same as he expected.
It was about the size of an egg, and there were no dense cracks on it.
It was relatively perfect, but despite this, Bai Fan still didn’t understand the value of this jadeite, so he could only pay attention to the discussions of the surrounding customers.

“The price will definitely go up, it’s an ice type, and it’s not flawed.”

“Yeah, I don’t know how much this rough stone was worth.
If it was less than 30,000 then it would be a big gain.”

“This piece of ice type jadeite should be worth more than 400,000 yuan.
It seems that this store has a good quality of rough stones.
Being able to crack open two pieces of jadeite one after another.
Let’s go and check it out.” For a moment, there was a heated discussion going on.
All of the people entered the shop, and the boss was overjoyed that he even lighted a firecracker outside the door.

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Bai Fan held that piece of jade that was said to be worth 400,000 yuan, and still felt his situation was unreal.
He earned 400,000 yuan in such a simple way? Suddenly a hundredfold?

“Manager.” Bai Fan was about to turn around to look for his manager, but he didn’t expect that there was no one around.
It turned out that the manager had also joined those jealous customers, Bai Fan became silent for a while.

Because the value of Bai Fan’s stone went up just now, he brought so much business to the store, the boss greeted him warmly, “You are lucky today, go and pick two more.”

Bai Fan smiled and nodded.
Anyway, the manager wasn’t going to leave, so he couldn’t just leave, therefore he conyinued looking at the rough stones again.
He touched the jadeite in his hand, is this really worth 400,000 yuan?

Because he was thinking deeply about the jade in his hands, Bai Fan wasn’t choosing carefully, he just picked up some stones, took a look and put them back right after.
After a while, Bai Fan heard movements coming from behind him, when he turned around, he realised that the stones he had just looked at were actually picked up again and studied carefully by other people. 

Worried that someone would buy the rough stones that he had touched due to believing in his luck, Bai Fan stopped picking.
God knows, the rough stone he just touched was full of rocks.
The rough stones he saw weren’t cheap, Bai Fan remembered that several pieces are worth tens of thousands of yuan. 

Since there was nothing to do, Bai Fan walked over to his manager.
The manager had placed several selected rough stones beside him then, and the boss was recommending him a stone that was already opened a bit. 

The rough stones that had a small opening were a 50-50 chance gamble, because from the opening you could see a glimpse of the inside, the probability of the value rising is much higher, so the relative price is also higher.

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“Look at this green color, it’s near the glass type.
It’s definitely an A list product, and 150,000 yuan is already a very low price.
I won’t say much, that little brother was with you.
Since you came here together, it seems that your luck will be really good today.
In our business, apart from having keen eyes, it all depends on luck, sigh, it is up to you to buy it or not, I won’t say anything anymore.” The boss shook his head, placing the rough stone with the opening back on the display rack, the manager looked at the rough stone, and gritted his teeth, “Wait, I’ll buy it.”

The boss, who had been paying attention to his movements, had the corner of his mouth draw a slight arc, which was soon covered up by his kind eyes again.
He took the rough stone and put it in the manager’s hand, “Gambling stones… you have to be a little daring in this business.
There are countless stories of getting rich overnight, it just depends on whether you dare to gamble or not.”

The manager seemed to be moved by the boss’s words, and the expression on his face became firm.
Just when Bai Fan came over, the manager said, “Come on, xiao Fan, you have good luck today, help me check this piece.”

The boss glanced at Bai Fan and said with a smile, “Yes, this little brother has good luck today, and it’s not bad to be happy.”

The boss needs to make money, how could he not throw some nice words to his benefactor today? Bai Fan took the rough stone, first clicking his tongue at the price of 150,000 yuan on the rough stone, and then evaluated it with a serious face, the inner qi in his body circulated quietly and spread into the rough stone along the palm of his hand. 

The appearance of this rough stone looked extremely beautiful, especially at the opening, which was a flawless and pure green.
But after his inner qi spread into the rough stone, he turned around, displaying a strange expression.
There was only a thin layer of emerald in the opening of this rough stone.

Knowing the price for this rough stone was 150,000 yuan, if the manager had bought it, he would lose all the money he had, and he would certainly be in a bad situation.
Bai Fan decided to persuade the manager to give up the idea of ​​buying this rough stone.
But Bai Fan paused when his palm passed the jade on the edge of the opening. 

That area was a bit strange…because normally the jade and rough stone should be one piece.
In a rough stone, there would be a transition between the two, that is to say, there would be a section between the jade and the stone.
That area would usually neither be white nor green.
It would be neither stone nor jade, but a mixture of the two.
However, this rough stone had a strange and clear boundary between the stone and jade.
This evoked an indescribable feeling in Bai Fan.
The expression on his face became a little stern, and he took a look at the opening.

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With the help of his inner qi, every detail of the rough stone in his hand gradually became clear to him, and even the places that were ignored or never noticed before were clearly seen in his eyes.

The kind-hearted boss watched Bai Fan staring at the rough stone opening, he became worried.
He believed that Bai Fan would not be a connoisseur, since the two of them did not look like they were experienced.
The boss comforted himself, though he still felt a little bit of anxiety in his heart.
Just when he wanted to take the opportunity to interrupt, Bai Fan raised his head, “Boss, you are not being honest.”

The boss’s expression changed, “What, what’s not honest about me?”

Bai Fan glanced at him with a smile, “Do you want me to tell you? You have a lot of guests here, and the traces of sticking are too obvious.”

Without Bai Fan continuing, the boss waved his hands in a hurry, sweat dripping on his forehead, “Be quieter.”

Bai Fan’s voice wasn’t loud, but the manager on the side could clearly hear the whole conversation between the two of them.
He immediately realised something, his expression changed, and he looked at the boss with discontent, “How dare you sell ​​fakes?!”

Counterfeiting in the jadeite market was very common.
The boss knew that his time spent gambling jadeite was limited, and he could not compare with the people who linger in the jadeite trading market all year round, so every time he came to buy rough stones, he had to be very careful, because he was afraid of purchasing fakes.
He didn’t expect to let his guard down today, thinking of the price of this rough stone, he suddenly broke out in a cold sweat, and looked at Bai Fan with a little appreciation and gratitude.

The manager took the rough stone in Bai Fan’s hand and looked at it carefully again.
He already had a certain understanding of all kinds of forgery.
After a closer look, he could see what kind of forgery it was.
Fake openings are a common method in counterfeit.
The principle is to cut small openings on low-grade gambling stones and paste thin sheets of emerald, so that the superior can cover the inferior.
Generally, the clue can be seen from the gap of the paste.

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In the end, this matter was solved with the boss’s kind words, and the rough stones selected by the manager with a total value of 30,000 yuan were given away for free.
The manager did not drag it on for too long, since they were outsiders, the ethnic minorities account for 46% of the R city total population.
In a multi-ethnic city, people who are able to run a gambling stone business usually have a hefty amount of wealth, and it is not easy to provoke them.
Of course, in the end, the few rough stones given for free by the boss did not result in any jadeite.
The manager experienced a huge blow, and his love for gambling stones had died down.

After returning to Z City, the two still had to go to work, but there have been many changes.
One of them is that the employees in the company discovered that the old-fashioned manager of their department had been very kind to Bai Fan since they went on a business trip.
This made them puzzled, and even began to wonder if Bai Fan had a secret method, but Bai Fan knew that it was because the manager was grateful to him for helping him avoid the loss of hundreds of thousands of yuan.

Another huge change was in Bai Fan himself.
His jadeite had been sold.
Looking at the 460,000 yuan in his bank account balance, he felt like he was still living in a dream, but nevertheless he was finally rich.
He has money to take a medicinal bath now.

At night, Bai Fan sat in the tub with his hair loosely tied and looked at Yin Nanhan across from him.
In fact, soaking in the medicinal bath for too long made him tired.
He soaked in the bath for two hours before going to bed, but as soon as he opened his eyes, he was carried over by Yin Nanhan to take a medicinal bath again.
The feeling of long hair sticking to his sweaty back was uncomfortable, this made Bai Fan, who was accustomed to his refreshing short hair, want to get rid of it many times.
However, cutting his hair was equivalent to disrespecting his parents in this world, regardless of Yin Rui’s thoughts, if Yin Nanhan saw it, he would slap this unfilial son of his to death.

“What’s the matter?” Yin Nanhan opened his eyes and looked at Bai Fan, who had been making small movements since just now.

“My hair is itchy on my body.” Bai Fan frowned.
Yin Rui’s appearance was mostly taken after his deceased mother, the rest is taken from Yin Nanhan.
Although Yin Rui, who had received the advantages of the two, was still young, Yin Nanhan could already predict his outstanding appearance in the future.
However, at this moment when that small face was wrinkled, it wasn’t cute at all.

Yin Nanhan stretched out his hand and put it on the back of Bai Fan’s neck, brushed all the strands of hair out and put it on the lid of the tub, Bai Fan’s brows loosened, and he replied, “Thank you.”

Yin Nanhan paused for a while, then withdrew his hand, “Condense your mind and concentrate.”

“Yes.” Bai Fan closed his eyes again.

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