Gambling stones

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Bai Fan continued to soak in the medicinal bath for 2 days, the results were clear.
His inner qi was able to circulate around his body now, however, another problem arised.
All of the herbs he bought had been used up, and he doesn’t have any cash on him anymore.
Although the qi in his body was able to circulate without the medicinal bath now, the speed was really slow.
It was much slower compared with the help of the medicinal bath. 

At night, after Bai Fan signalled Bishui to go away, he quietly looked around the room and stopped for a long time in front of the cupboard full of books.
There were many treasures which decorated it, Bai Fan knew these were all real.
If he was able to bring one of them back to his world, then he would never need to worry about the expenses for the medicinal bath.
Sadly, it’s a fact he knew from the start, he wasn’t able to bring anything here, and he wasn’t able to bring anything to his world.
Being able to see treasures but not take any of them feels really unpleasant. 

Bai Fan stayed in misery for a while, but there was nothing he could do about it.
At last, he wrote a letter for Yin Rui and went to meditate on the bed.
Ever since he found out that meditating can restore energy better than sleeping, and that it could also improve his cultivation, Bai Fan never slept again.
Maybe due to the surging emotions, Bai Fan casually wrote at the end of today’s letter [It’s good to have money…]. 

Bai Fan didn’t expect what Yin Rui wrote to him the next day [Fan, are you short of money? Where do you live? I will send you money].

Bai Fan was dumbfounded and moved by these words, but he really didn’t know how to explain where he lived to Yin Rui.
He could only write… [In a very far place, you may not be able to get there.
Thank you for your thoughts.]

Bai Fan thought that this topic could end there, but he didn’t think Yin Rui held on to the topic tightly, as if he wouldn’t stop until he knew where he lived, [Why can’t I get there? As long as Fan tells me the location, no matter how far it is, I can go there.
Fan, just wait for me to send you money.]

[Good boy, but…you really can’t find it.
In fact, I don’t even know how I arrived at your place.
If I can find a way, then I will come to see you.] 

It seems that the phrase ‘see you’ made Yin Rui very happy.
He finally stopped holding on to this topic, and just said something like [You must come to see me in the future, otherwise I will go find you.] Although Bai Fan was unable to see Yin Rui in person, he could feel the sincerity in Yin Rui’s words.
Bai Fan looked at the letter, and his heart suddenly felt a little heavy.
He really didn’t know how to connect the two worlds.
When the child grows up, he will find out that he lied to him.

After feeling a little sad, Bai Fan returned to his own world, he found that the medicinal herbs problem had not been solved.
Although he can get his salary for this month in a few days, the money was simply a drop in the bucket, at most it was enough to provide for one or two medicinal baths.
After using the herbs, his problem remains.

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Bai Fan finally knew why people with high martial arts skills were never short of money, because if they were short of money, they wouldn’t be able to cultivate into a master at all.

Without the money to prepare a medicinal bath, Bai Fan could only rely on his own to strengthen the hard-earned qi in his body, the results were very unsatisfactory.
He has to go to work during the day and can’t stay in his body at night.
There was not much time for him to meditate and practice.
Bai Fan sometimes got so irritated that he wanted to quit his job, but reality is cruel.
He doesn’t have a multi-millionaire father, and he doesn’t have any other skills to make a living.
If he wants to live on, then he can only go to work. 

Just when Bai Fan almost accepted his fate, an unexpected discovery changed his life.
The discovery came from a business trip.
He was reluctant to go on that business trip, because of his condition to go to bed at eight o’clock.
He almost had no nightlife, he never attended any company gatherings, but as a newcomer, the department manager forced him to go.
The helpless Bai Fan could only pack up and follow the manager to the south.

The business trip went smoothly and completed within two days, but to Bai Fan’s surprise, the manager did not go back immediately, but took him to a place.
Looking at the bustling market, Bai Fan was dumbfounded.
He didn’t expect that the old-fashioned manager actually liked to gamble.
Of course, not the illegal type of gambling.

“Gambling stones” is called the highest level of jadeite trading in the industry, and because of its proximity to Myanmar, R city in Y province has a very prosperous market.
It is also one of the four major jewellery distribution centres in the country and the largest and earliest Myanmar jadeite trading market in the country.
There are many jadeite raw material suppliers and jadeite merchants.

Although Bai Fan’s manager was a senior executive of a large company, once he entered here, he couldn’t compare to other people.
He immediately became the most common customer.
After all, in this place, everyone has money. 

Looking at the manager who was lingering among the piles of stones, with his eyes full of enthusiasm with a small flashlight, Bai Fan felt annoyed, but his boss was here, so where could he possibly go? He could only follow the enthusiastic manager, it was really boring, so he went to look at those rough stones.

Betting on stones was a completely unfamiliar activity to Bai Fan.
Bai Fan was truly inexperienced in finding out whether there is jade inside the stones from looking at the shells.
After watching it for a long time, he didn’t see anything special about it, so he used a different way.
Bai Fan mobilised his inner qi and gently transferred it into the stone from the palm of his hand.

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His inner qi slowly filled the small rough stone, which was very difficult, but he had no problem doing it.
Bai Fan took back his hand after finishing.
He knew that there was probably nothing in this rough stone.
All of them are just stones.

In order to verify whether his guess was correct, Bai Fan selected a few small pieces of rough stones one after another.
The results were all the same as before.
Bai Fan smiled.
This was a loss in 9 out of 10 bets, right? But when his inner qi penetrated the stone, it felt uncomfortable, it was difficult and laborious, a very unpleasant feeling.
Bai Fan put down the stone in his hand, and was about to give up on investigating, but his fingers suddenly stopped, this feeling is… At that moment the back of his hand was already attached to a pile of rough stones, and before there was still a trace of inner qi used for investigating on his hand, but now it seemed to be sucked away by something.

There was a bit of seriousness on Bai Fan’s face, his eyes focused on the stone that he had just touched with the back of his hand, and he dug it out of the pile.

Bai Fan carefully looked at the piece of stone, it was black, about the size of a lunch box, and weighed about a pound.
He tried to pass in his inner qi again, and that feeling reappeared.
After experiencing a little unpleasantness, his inner qi was absorbed very smoothly.
He had a feeling that this stone was able to absorb inner qi.
Bai Fan carefully observed the abnormal area of the stone, which was about the size of an egg at the upper right section.

Bai Fan was a little excited, should he gamble? Bai Fan looked at the price on the side, 3000 yuan, which happened to be the amount of salary he just received.
When Bai Fan heard some movement at the counter, he looked up and saw that his manager was already holding a few rough stones that he had chosen for a long time to pay.

Bai Fan thought about it, and went to the counter with this rough stone.
Regardless of whether the abnormal area is jadeite or a special mineral, he might as well try it since he found it.

After paying the payment, the manager saw that Bai Fan also held a piece of rough stone, and smiled in a very good mood, “Xiao Fan, you’re trying this out too? Oh, it has a black shell! Well then, let’s go check the stone together and see how lucky we are today.”

“Yes, manager.” Bai Fan didn’t understand what black shell meant, but he nodded at the manager and followed.

There was a machine for cutting open the stones outside the store, and a professional was responsible to operate it at the back.
But if the buyer wanted, they could do it themselves.

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There was already a person at the machine that cut open the stone, but all the stones that he chose were white stones.
Seeing the man at the front leave with a pale face, the manager seems to be infected too.
He got a little nervous, he said, “Xiaofan, uh… Who first”

 “I’m just here to accompany you manager, it’s up to you.” Bai Fan smiled.

“Then let me go first, these leather shells I chose should be good.” The manager smiled, trying to relieve his tension, and then handed the rough stone in his hand to the professional.

The sound of the machine’s operation began, the manager looked at it intently.
The first time the knife went down, the manager’s face showed a little disappointment, but he continued to look at the stone with anticipation.
However, it turned out to be a white stone.

When cutting the second piece, Bai Fan could clearly feel that the manager beside him was even more nervous.
When the machine knife went down, Bai Fan didn’t even react in time when he saw the manager jumping up excitedly, “It’s gone up, it’s green.”

Bai Fan stared at it, and sure enough, there was a touch of green in the incision, and the person who cut the stone also looked solemn and scrubbed carefully.
But the manager’s excitement disappeared, even the professional showed a little regret.

This piece of jade also attracted many other merchants to stop by, someone whispered, “That’s too bad, this jade has too many cracks.”

“Yeah, the cracks are all over the place.
At most, this jadeite could only be used as a ring that isn’t worth much…”

Hearing those comments, the manager’s face turned even darker, the exclamation of ecstasy seemed to have never happened.
His luck seems to have disappeared, and the next few pieces of rough stones are all white stones.

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Seeing the dramatic change in this scene, Bai Fan sighed; gambling with stones is equivalent to playing with the heart.
Immediately, Bai Fan became a little worried.
Even if the rough stone in his hands really contained jade, what if there were as many cracks as the manager’s?

But no matter how worried, it was his turn now, Bai Fan handed the stone to the professional.



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