Security Records

o wants to see you ”

”This is the work of the secretary, where was she when you entered? ”, she asked. ”She is sleeping, so I decided not to wake her up ”, he replied.

”Tell the person Im not available ”, she said and waited for him to leave then she went to the secretarys office and she was sleeping face down on her desk. Catty stood stand fixed and shocked, should she bang the desk or slap her secretary or start yelling at her. Then she saw something on her desk- a glass of milk.This was strange, Miss Carlos never ate or drank anything apart water while working. Catty took the glass of milk and smelt it, it smelt something- something like a sedative. Catty was shocked, someone had drugged her secretary. When she heard footsteps, she went back to her office and sat down then she heard a knock, ”come in ” and Jade entered.

What again? ”, she asked.

”The man does not want to leave ”, he replied.

”Who is he? ”, she asked.

”Does not want to reveal his identity but he sure is an odd looking and tattered looking old man ”, he replied.

”Lock him up, when he is ready to go, release him ”, she said then he left.She smelt something in the air and then called Hawkins, ”I sent for Jade, he said he has not gotten the records for the financing of the security maintenance ready but I saw him holding it, he was trying to cover it, I don know why ”

”You have to be extremely cautious, limit his access to the system in the library so that he won leak some confidential things to the public and give him an extreme deadline for the submission of the reports ”, Hawkins replied.

”I already did and now a strange man is outside looking for me. According to reports, he looks tattered and unshaven ”, she said frowning.

”Don see him, he may be sent and if at all you want to see him, make sure he is checked and no camera or recording device should be found on him ”, Mr Hawkins said and they exchanged yes and hung up.

* * *

Mr. Hawkins dropped the phone, took his towel and was about entering the bathroom when he was called again- It was Catty.

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