Rylee looked around, marveling at the beautiful restaurant. The cool air made her remember Kais room and the lovely feeling she had sleeping on a nice bed for once.

”What would you like to eat? ” Alpha Kai asked her while flashing one of his famous charming smile

She rubbed her palms together nervously. ”Uh, I don know

He looked down at the menus that were kept for them and handed her one. She still felt uncomfortable while looking at the meals listed ther

”Is something wrong? ” Alpha Kai asked her. He noticed a queer silence around he

Rylee sighed. ”Im sorry but I don know what to order. Ive never tried any of this before, ” she admitte

”Youve never eaten takeout

She nodded. ”And Ive never been to a restaurant before. Im sorry I didn tell you earlier. ” She muttered, ” This is so embarrassing

He quirked an eyebrow. ”I believe the reason for this isn far from Ashfords family. ” She nodded. He brightened up with a smile. ”Thats fine. I can order for both of us if youd like

”Yes, please. Id like that

”Why don we try spaghetti and meatballs? ” he suggested to which she agreed with a no

Their waiter soon came over and asked if he could start up a drink for them. ”Would you like cola or lemon black tea? ” Alpha Kai asked he

”Ill go with the lemon black tea, thank you, ” she replied with a smil

Alpha Kai was a bit surprised. The ease with which the words rolled off her tongue would make one believe that it was her favorite drink. The waiter was surprised too. Most women in those parts didn like lemon black tea

Your mind says that you have no idea of what you asked for, Ava said in a bored ton

Well, Im sorry but I couldn just sit there and stare at them like an idiot

Fair point

When the waiter was gone, Kai asked his questions. ”How come you haven been to a restaurant before? I understand that you are a… servant but there must have been times that you were sent out to buy food for them

Rylee shook her head. ”Since they brought me here, my eyes have never seen the outside world. Ive been trapped within those walls for years, ” she answere

Even sleeping in one of the rooms she cleaned so often or laying on a bed like the ones she dressed every day seemed like a fairytale to her before he came alon

”For real? So is it that the royal family doesn eat takeout or they just don send you to get it

”Its like this. They usually call to get them. On a few occasions, I think theyve sent another maid to get the food but I could only see the packages. Ive never actually seen the food itself. They always keep me in the kitchen when they eat such things. And I don even get to see the scraps when clearing the table, ” she explaine

Alpha Kai was shocked. He never knew that Ashfords family could be so cruel. ”How old are you? ” he asked suddenl

”Eighteen. I turned eighteen two days ago

All this isn adding up, Kai though

”If you
e eighteen, you should be set free, ” he said. ”Why are you still here

Such a law exists? Rylee wondere

Its natural law, my lady. Once a werewolf comes of age, they cannot be bound anymore. If its a criminal, they are either released to become rogues or they are sentenced to death. Depending on their crimes though, Ava explaine

Rylee nodded. The reason had already come to her. ”I think I know why. Its because Im the firstborn of their enemy. Maybe they think I will wage war against them if Im allowed to leave

”What do you mean

”I was brought here when they captured me after murdering my parents when I was ten. ” She felt odd telling him this. No one knew her identity except her sister, the alpha, and the luna themselves. Still, he had helped her so much, that she felt she could trust hi

Their food soon arrived. She continued to tell him as they ate and he listened with rapt attention. ”My father was the alpha of the pack they hated the most. They killed him and since I was next in line, they captured me as some kind of prize. Ive been here ever since. I guess thats why they can let me go

”And its why you
e treated with more disdain than the other maids. They want to break your spirit, ” he added. She smiled tiredly. Alpha Kai soon noticed the change in countenance and put up a spirited smile. ”Lets put that away for now. Are you enjoying your food

Rylee smiled. ”I am. The meat is a bit queer though but I like it

”Don worry, youll get used to it

She loved the flavor of it. And when she tasted the tea, she wished there was a way to keep drinking it. It felt wonderful on her tongu

Alpha Kai excused himself and found the waiter. ”Get me the best birthday cake you can find in there. Make it snappy, ” he ordered. ”Oh, and don forget that we
e done over there. ” The waiter nodded and got to work. In a few minutes, he brought a two-tier cake to the table. It was coated in white fondant which had purple decorations. There were no candles but the sprinkles on top and by the side were a beauty enough to stand in for the candle

”Wow, ” Rylee muttered, salivatin

Alpha Kai cleared his throat and held her hand from across the table. She wanted to withdraw but she couldn , she didn want to. Even Ava felt at home with him though she hadn completely gotten over Kendric

”I know this is coming a bit late but happy birthday, Rylee, ” Kai said, raising her hand to his lips. Tears stung her eyes. The last time she got a cake for her birthday was shortly before her parents died.

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