The next day, Rylee woke up on the softest surface she had felt in years. Waiting for her eyes to focus and her senses to heighten, she wondered what happened last night.

She felt the sheets and her eyes focused on the ceiling. She felt an arm around her waist. Instant fear broke loose in her before she turned to her left and she saw Alpha Kai. She could remember everything from the night before.

They had talked into the night. He was quite a fun person to be with. She hadn laughed that much in such a long time. What she couldn understand was how he was able to stand her smelly clothes. Embarrassed, Rylee, climbed out of the bed and rushed to the bathroom to have a shower.

But youll only go back to wearing rags after this bath. Whats the use?

The excitement of hearing Ava again or the pain from realizing she was right, Rylee wasn sure which emotion to choose over the other.

Ive missed you, she confessed.

I can see that, Ava said. I won deny I didn do the same. But lets get past this. What will you wear?

Rylee decided to search the room for something she could manage. It felt wrong but Ava convinced her that it was just scanning through. She went through the clothes in the wardrobe until she found a shirt she felt was long enough to manage.

The bathroom was colder than it was when she first went in. Hanging the shirt on the door, she decided to put on the showerhead first before taking off her clothes. Ava wondered what it was but didn ask. Rylees problem started when she realized she didn really know how to use a shower.

”I think Ill help with that. ”

She turned swiftly to see Kai standing at the door with a smirk.

How? Im sure I heard him sleeping before we came in here, Rylee panicked.

Maybe he just pretended to be asleep, Ava said nonchalantly.

She blushed as he showed her how to use the shower. ”You understand, right! ” he asked afterward.

She nodded in affirmation, too embarrassed to say anything.

”Okay. Ill leave you to it. ”

She was out sooner than he expected. Kai gulped at how nice she looked in his shirt. The water from her hair was dripping all over the floor but all he could see was her smile and how much her skin shone without all that dirt to cover it.


”Sir, its time for lunch, ” Beta Christian said as he came into his Alphas room.

Kai and Rylee were talking so intimately in whispers. They were so engrossed in their conversation that they didn notice him come in. It was unnerving to see them almost kissing and he doubted they even realized it.

”Sir, its afternoon, ” Beta Christian announced — louder this time. ”I got the things you requested for. I think you two should go together. ”

Alpha Kai raised his head when he heard Christian. His face reddened a bit having been seen. What annoyed him was his Betas smirk. Christian was gone with a bow and some hurried steps.

Kai handed her the bag Christian dropped. Rylee opened it to see a lovely blue sundress. ”Wow! Thank you. ”

”Id like you to wear it. Well be going out to eat. ” She nodded and excitedly took it to the bathroom where she changed.

He marveled when she stepped out. It fit her perfectly. ”You look lovely, ” he complimented, making her blush.

They were about to leave when Esther came in. Rylee could feel Ava snarl inside her.

”Oh, so you
e leaving your duties to go out now, ” Esther sneered.

Alpha Kai didn need to be told that this was Rylees sister. ”You should mind how you use your tongue around me, ” he said coldly. She dared to look into his face and she was scared out of her wits. Alpha Kai went on. ”I think itll be better for everyone — especially you — if you mind your own business. ”

Esther might have been scared but she wasn one to back down without a fight. ”But shes my sister. She can just leave me here to do everything for her. ”

This abomination of every wolf pack is your sister? Ava asked Rylee. Her tone was dripping with disgust.

Well, yes.

Kai dropped his dates hand for a moment and took two steps toward her sister. ”You are the last person who can tell me what to do around here, dearest Esther. Secondly, your sister can do as she pleases honestly. She isn bound to you. Lastly, dearest Esther, this is my future luna and you will respect her. Anyone who disrespects her becomes my enemy and an enemy of my pack. Do you understand? ”

He took Rylees hand and left without awaiting a response.

Some of the other servants they encountered on their way out were surprised to see Rylee with him. Some of them didn even recognize her and others wouldn have if not for the bruises on her skin.

She finally found her voice when they left the mansions premises. ”What you said to my sister back there, did you mean it? ” she asked him.

He caressed her hand. ”I meant every word I said. ” He could see Christian from the corner of his eye following them with the car. He sighed. Why couldn the man just do something else with his time? He had specifically asked him to stay off.

There was nothing else to be said. She knew there was an attraction between them but she thought it was all a fairytale she made up in her head.

”Is there anything else you would like to ask? ” Kai asked her. He could sense her confusion.

”Uh, no. I don think so. ”

”Very well. But just in case, yes, I meant what I said. You are my future luna, ” he repeated, kissing her hand. Rylee fought back a smile. as her heart fluttered

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