uld you excuse us, please? ” Rylee requested.

Beta Christian was not comfortable with that but he couldn refuse her so he left with a bow.

”So youve got a man wrapped around your little finger, ” Esther sneered.

”What do you want from me? ” her sister asked with a sigh. The air from the AC was as high as it could be but she still felt a bit cold. Esthers presence there only made the feeling worse.


Christian stormed into the room. The voices he heard even when the door was closed were just too loud.

”You can just order me around like a little kid, Esther! I am your elder, ” Rylee scolded.

”Elder, my ass. I don care about any of that. What Im telling you is that I got a tip and you have just gotta come back. Youll either come willingly or by force, ” Esther sneered.

”And whos going to force me? You? ” Rylee said with a laugh.

The younger girl smirked. ”No need for me to answer that since you already know who. ”

”Don speak to her that way! ” Christian scolded Esther. ”Shes your elder sister and you will regard her as such. ”

There was silence in the room. Esther rolled her eyes and said, ”Yeah, right. ”

She started talking rapidly and Rylee told her once again that her earlier decision stood. Beta Christian tried stopping the two girls from arguing to no avail.

Rylee was the first to stop talking. Her eyes remained trained on the doorway, which was still open. Esther noticed her silence and turned. She was startled to see Ashs father in the doorway.

”Your Majesty, ” Esther called with a frown while her sister continued to keep mute. The room lapsed in silence.

Alpha Aiden took a look at the younger sister. ”You know, you should be more respectful to your elders, ” he said.

”But sir- ”

”Im talking about the one on the bed. She is older than you, isn she? ” The girls jerked in surprise. Before they could react properly, he said to Esther, ” Get out. ” She scurried away, frightened.

He looked at Beta Christian, expecting him to leave as well but Christian had had enough of leaving the room. Who knew what would happen this time? When the alpha saw they would be in the company of the Beta, he sighed and sat down on the bed. Rylee didn attempt to move away. She didn want to give the impression that she was scared of scum like him.

”How did you feel? ” he asked.

”Quite alright, ” she said curtly.

He tried making conversation with her but with each new topic, she simply gave a one-worded reply.

She was sure he was only there to make trouble. Either that or he wanted to make himself look better. ”Its surprising to see you care about a servant, ” she teased.

His patience caught. ”How dare you? ” he snarled. He raised his hand to strike but before he could bring it down, Christian held it.

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