Ash hissed, pushing all the books on the table down in one sweep. ”This can be happening, ” he whispered in annoyance.

What? came Kendricks voice through his head.

Ashford hissed again. ”Didn you just say that you felt yourself being replaced? ”

Yes, I did. But I don see his thats surprising thanks to a certain someone, his wolf fired back. And besides, Im surprised I can feel anything since you cut the connection.

”I can ask Father about that later. But this is stupid really. I just rejected her and now she already has a second chance at mating? ” he muttered as he ground his teeth.

Ashford, you should stop lying to yourself. Youve liked the girl in the past. You wanted to stop your mothers abuse once upon a time. Why you never did that is beyond even me, Kendrick said.

”Shut up. We have work to do, ” Ashford snapped and stormed to his fathers chambers. There had to be an explanation for all this.


The alpha king took out the pipe from his mouth when his son joined him at the balcony. He was a tall man with scars all over his face. Just his demeanor was enough to get anyone trembling on their feet. His reddish hair gave him a youthful look. His muscles ripped through his shirt.

”Father, ” Ash called as he went to stand beside him.

”You wanted to see me. Well, here I am. Whats this about? ” Alpha Aiden asked.

Ash picked his words carefully. ”That maid. The defiant one- ”

”Is she giving trouble again? ” his father snapped and turned to the door, about to storm out.

”No, Father! ” Ash screamed. ”I just wanted to ask something about her. ”

The alpha raised an eyebrow but nodded in anticipation of the question.

”Shes not like other maids and shes constantly defying Mother. Where did you pick her from? ”

The alpha king sighed, convinced that it was time his son knew. After all, he would take over control of the pack soon and the last thing Alpha Aiden wanted was to have that girl out of their sight.

”Very well then, let me tell you. Shes the daughter of Mitchell Jackson Duquesne. ” He ground his teeth at the name. ”You remember the story I told you about him and that cursed pack of theirs. ”

”Yes. They were the only pack in this region that refused to bow to your control, ” Ashford said.

”Exactly. So when we destroyed them, I decided to take his daughters as hostages. They made good prizes and at least while they
e here, I can be sure that they won try anything stupid, ” Alpha Aiden said to his son.

Ashford nodded. ”Thank you, Father, ” he said with a bow before leaving.

Well, now youve done it, Kendrick scolded but Ashford ignored him. The realization kept setting with each moment. He couldn believe he was that blind.

Ashford, 13.

He walked past his mother. She was beating the hell out of the serving girl again. He wondered why. It hadn been long since that particular serving girl had joined their home but she had taken more beatings than the rest of them put together.

He was walking with his father, who didn seem bothered about the violence going on behind him.

”Father, why is Mother so mean to that other girl? ” he asked.

His fathers deep red eyes flashed at him in anger. ”Never use such words on your mother again. Shes doing what is best for you and this pack. Do you understand? ” he sneered.

Ashford nodded in dear. His father went in, a bit calm. ”As for your question, never mind the lowly servant. She likes to think its funny to disrespect your mother. And you know what I always say about disrespect. ”

”Its wrong and punishable by death, ” Ash said and his father applauded him.

Going into his room, he facepalmed. I grew thinking she was nothing but a disrespectful servant.

Ashford, 14.

He saw the little girl sitting at the balcony beside her mop and broom.

”Hi, ” he said as he tapped her shoulder. Thrbgoel jerked and crawled back when she saw him. She quickly dried her tears and got up in a bid to get back to work before the luna found her there.

Ashford frowned but offered her a cookie before she got the chance to leave. She frowned but accepted it before leaving to clean another section of that floor.

Later that evening, at dinner, Cassandra ratted him out. It turned out she was nearby when he gave the serving girl that cookie. He was beaten into avoiding her at all costs.

All this while, he was deceived.

You and I know you weren deceived. You were told something and you took every word like your life depended on it. You could have avoided her but no one told you to join in her problems, Kendrick said sadly. The kiss of his mate still hurt but no matter how he tried, he just couldn let go of the person who caused all this. But what hurt the most was seeing that the reason he was denied of her was even non-existent.

”We will have to find her, Kendrick. She has to be somewhere in this house, ” Ashford said as he left his room.

By the way, your father said her father had daughters. That means there are more than one, Kendrick said.

Whats your point? Ashford asks him as they went down the corridors of the mansion.

Don you think her sister would be the best person to ask of her whereabouts? Kendrick suggested. They should stick together at least.

That is a good idea.

Kendrick was silent for a while but he soon spoke up. Go into the library, he said suddenly. Ash didn know why but he went into the library, which was just up ahead. Go through the records. If you want to prove a point, you should have all your facts straight, Kendrick said.

Ash didn understand what he was talking about. ”Finding the girl is more important right now, ” he hissed.

Yes, it is but you
e looking for her because you rejected a princess. You should know something about the princess in that case. Because I doubt you
e remorseful about what youve done, Kendrick growled.

I am. I regret it, ” Ash responded.

Yeah, right.

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