Kai called his beta when they were done eating. Christian had been tailing them from the beginning. It didn make sense to let him tail them again when he could simply drive them back.

Beta Christian was waiting for them in the car when they came out of the restaurant. As they drove past the many buildings and people, Rylee never let her eyes leave the scenery. This was the first time she was coming this far out. The only other times were when Alpha Kai rescued her. It was difficult finding her way back those two times but she never forgot how exciting it was to be outside those walls.

I wish this could last forever. Just away from those horrid people, Rylee thought.

That is if our mate chooses to take us with him, Ava replied.

Alpha Kai watched her from the corner of his eye. She was beautiful and he was happy that others could get to see just how much that beauty shone. He hoped to continue seeing her beautiful face.

You won possibly leave her here, his wolf, Adrian said.

That is if she decides to come with me. I won force her.

You have to be more clueless than I thought. Of course, she wants to leave this place!

Kai glanced at her for what felt like the twentieth time since they got into the car. His mind compared the Rylee he met to the one that was seated beside him. No, there was no way he was going to let her take any more of this hatred. He would take her home with him to his pack. He was willing to forsake his friendship with Ashford for her. Just thinking about everything they had done to her made him thirst for blood. But his friendship with Ashford still meant something to him. Hopefully, they would allow him to take her peacefully but if they dared come after them, he would end them without hesitation.


”Hey, Dad. Where are you going? ” Kai asked his father. He had walked into his fathers chambers upon the latters request.

”Ill be going to visit an old friend of mine. Hes also an ally of this pack. I think you should come with me since youll be alpha one day and you
e almost eighteen, ” Alpha Neon said.

Kai had been looking into the mirror and momentarily got lost in wondering how he and his father looked so much alike.

”Kai. ”

”Oh, sorry Father. This pack we
e visiting, where is it? ”

”Its in France, ” his dad replied. Kais jaw dropped. How were they supposed to leave America for Europe? His father wasn one who got on flights often.

”How-? ”

”I know what you
e thinking, boy. We will fly there. You
e not as conversant with the woods so youll only slow us down if we walk, ” his father said.

Kai was annoyed that his father considered him a liability but he didn push it. ”How long are we staying? ”

”Two days. We just need to discuss matters of state, thats all. Ive had your serving boy pack the clothes youll need. All you need now is to open your eyes and ears. ” Alpha Neon patted his son on the shoulder before leaving.

Hours later, they arrived at their destination.

Alpha Mitchell Jackson Duquesne was happy to see them. ”My, my. Youve grown so much, young man! ” Kai smiled and gave a bow.

As they went into the mansion, a little girl ran out. ”Papa! ”

”Thats little Lee? Shes a lot bigger than she was a few months ago, when I was here, ” Kais father gushed. His son was surprised. It was hard to see his father like that.

”Shes a very active child, ” Alpha Mitchell said as he knelt on one knee to speak with his daughter. ”What is it, child? ”

”Esther has refused to play with me, ” she said with teary eyes. ”Will you play with me, Papa? ”

The man patted her head. ”Im sorry, my dear but in busy right now. And by the way, you haven said hello to our guests. ”

She peeped behind him. Her sad face was elated when her eyes landed on Alpha Neon. ”Monsieur! ” she screamed and ran to hug his leg. The adults laughed. The little girl exchanged pleasantries with his father as if they were old friends much to Kais surprise.

”Lee, this is my son, Kai. Kai, this is the next luna of this pack, Ryan Lee. ” Rylee smiled widely at him. He could only manage an awkward smile. Alpha Mitchell wanted to send her away but Kais father said she could stay. It wasn time to get to business yet.

As the little girl bounced around them, Kai couldn help but notice her beauty. She must have been about eight years old. She was very spirited and active as her father had described. But all Kai could really see was how beautiful she was. It was almost unnatural to him for a child to be that attractive.

She bumped into him as she was running. He lifted her. ”Thank you! Do you want to play with me? ” she asked. He looked to his father who gave him a sign to say yes. He nodded and smiled at the little girl.


Father and son were ready to go home to their pack. Alpha Mitchell had been a wonderful host to them and was rather sad to see them go. Alpha Neon felt a bit sad too though he didn show it. He and Mitchell had formed more than an alliance, they had formed a friendship that he hoped would never die.

The person who felt their departure the most was Rylee. ”I will miss you, Monsieur. You
e the best playmate Ive ever had, ” she said with tears in her eyes.

Kai cleaned the tears away. ”Don worry. Youll see me again soon, ” he assured her.

He never saw her again.

His vision moved to her immediately. It finally made sense. This wasn just any girl. They had met before.

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