She took a deep breath before walking into the room that held her next series of torture.

”Where have you been? I called for you ten minutes ago! ” Luna Sophia yelled.

”Yes maam. Thats because you said I should be here in ten minutes, ” the girl said to her, not bothering to keep the displeasure out of her tone.

The room was spacious, as that of a princess. Every piece of furniture in it was brown. The Luna was sitting on the large bed which belonged to her daughter. Each time she came in there, Rylee hated the room more. With each look, glance, gaze she had of the sheets, the shelf, the reading table, she despised both the room and its current occupants.

”All these years and you still refuse to tame that mouth of yours, ” Luna Sophia hissed as she advanced toward the slave girl. Angry, she raised her hand to strike her.

”No, Mother, ” her daughter said, causing her hand to stop midair. Rylee spared the fair princess a glance before facing her mother again.

Cassandra smirked. ”Let her come to me instead, ” she told her mother. Rylee sighed before approaching the princess. Cassandras plain brown orbs pierced through Rylees sapphire ones.

”What may I do for you, Your Highness? ” Rylee forced herself to say. It was either that or they would continue to waste her time.

”Kneel, ” Cassandra ordered. Her eye twitched, but Rylee knelt, bowing her face to the ground.

”Youve gotten better, ” the princess said as she circled her serving girl. ”Thats good. After all, we wouldn want you getting punished for insubordination. Would we, Mother? ”

”I would, ” her mother said with a sneer.

Cassandra clapped her hands briskly. ”Chop, chop, servant. You have a lot to do this afternoon. ” Rylee let out a breath. She already knew what the next series of chores were. ”You will wash my sheets and change them with new ones. You will clean this entire room before coming down to my dressing room to make sure my dressing will be as stress-free as possible. ”

Who the hell needs others to help them dress up? Rylee wondered. This was the same thing she asked herself whenever Cassandra listed that as a chore.

”…and you must make sure you
e by my side tonight at the party. I wouldn want to move around so much when there are things you can easily get for me, ” Cassandra finished.

”Party? ” Rylee asked, unsure if she heard well.

”Yes, a party. Why do you seem excited? ” Cassandra asked, showing her confusion. Rylee was usually scared of parties because she always worked more there.

”Uh, I don have a dress to wear to the party, ” Rylee told her. ”You burned all of them two days ago. ”

Mother and daughter exchanged glances before bursting into laughter. ”Who cares about that? You
e not invited. You will be there simply to serve my daughter, ” Luna Sophia reminded her with a wicked smile.

”I know, Your Highness. But you also say I should never show up to a party in tattered clothes because you wouldn want people to complain about the way I smell. ”

”Thats true, Mother. I can barely manage being in the same room as her, ” Cassandra said with her nose closed.

Luna Sophia slit her eyes. She was used to the maid talking sometimes but this was the first time she said so many words in one meeting. Regardless, she decided to heed her daughter. ”Very well, then. You can get a manageable dress and a little deodorant from the servants store- ”

She was interrupted by the serving girls thanks. ”Thank you very much, Your Highness. ”

The Luna ignored her and went on with her earlier statement. ”You would be allowed this only if you finish all your chores for today at the time stipulated. Otherwise you won be attending at all. ” She turned to leave the room when she faced Rylee again. ”Oh, and don forget you have to join them in the kitchen as well. ” Mother and daughter left the room for her to start her chores.

Rylee burst into a fit of giggles when she was sure she was alone. ”Finally, ” she whispered to herself.

Looking around, it finally dawned on her why the Luna and her daughter were sure she wouldn finish on time. ”This room is a mess! ” she exclaimed, facepalming. Nevertheless, she took out the sheets to wash first. Thankfully, Cassandra wasn someone who liked smearing her sheets. She could put anything in shambles, but not the fabric she laid on at night.

Thirty minutes later, Rylee was back in the room to clean up. Staring at the scattered toys, the spilled makeup, and the ruffled clothes on the floor. The room was massive and with each corner she turned to, there was more work to be done. It only made her hate the family more, especially her mistress.

”The work can do itself, unfortunately, ” she said to herself in a bid to motivate. She had started sweeping when she realized what the Luna meant when she reminded her of her kitchen duty. The cooking was being done while she cleaned. ”She wanted me to be stuck here cleaning, so theyll say I didn complete my chores, ” it dawned on her.

Tears ran down her cheeks. All she wanted was to attend the party, even if she were to be serving Cassandra while there. She was tired of being hidden. And she just wanted to see a few new faces. It had been two months since the last party they had, and that was when she finally appreciated their unnecessarily frequent parties. But at least they were better than living the same way all the time.

Luna Sophia was doing this not because she didn want her daughter to be served at the party, and it wasn

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