”I wasn looking for anything at all when I met you.…. ” he sighed, I looked over at the man beside me, his towering height was kinda domineering, I stared at the defined lines of his beautiful face but these were the things that captivated me to him, his mesmerising smile.

”I wasn planning on falling for anyone so soon but then you came into my life and that was it… ”

My heart hammered, adrenaline rushed in and I felt my cheeks heating up when he lifted his eyes to look at me, his hazel eyes pierced through my body and I felt myself thawing under his burning gaze. Just a glance and I saw myself melting, everything about this man drove me insane…..why does he love taunting me like this? No matter how much I tried to refuse him, no matter how much I wanted to believe those words aren true- I can .

I tore my gaze away from him cause I feel my eyes tearing up even though I knew he isn true and he didn come to stay. Reading meaning of those words that came out of his mouth is like embracing the forge.

I don want to see the look in his eyes because they aren real, just my illusion.

”I guess things just happened, ” his deep husky voice came again sending chills down my spine, electrifying everything in me.

”I found you and….I found myself wanting to spend more time with you. ” I lifted my eyes to him again and in as much as my heart was leaping in joy, I knew I had no right to be. They are just mere words which probably mean nothing to him.

Letting his words get to me is like falling into the devils trap, I will be the only one getting burnt in the fire.

”It was simple and it was easy and I guess thats how the best relationships start. ”

I scolded and willed myself to believe they were just mere words with no depth. ”When

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