Strange Bet

Chapter 1 –

”Gooolllll! ” happy screams blared throughout the Cafe room where I watched football with my friends. Marcel and Didu jumped for joy while cheering. Then they both turned around, looking at me with a mischievous grin.

”You lose Bro, remember our agreement! ” quipped Marcel.

”Y-yes, I won forget. So whats my punishment? ” I replied coolly.

”Hmm, haven thought of it yet. Later, the important thing is you have to be ready! ” Didu threatened. I give two thumbs up to them, friends and colleagues in my company. Tonight we made an appointment to watch a football match together which was broadcast live by one of the private television stations in the cafe we ​​subscribe to to hang out every night.

”Lets go home Bro, its past midnight tonight! ” asked Marcel suddenly. I glanced at my watch, it was already 2 in the morning, no wonder my eyes started to feel heavy.

”Why Cel? The security guard at home keeps on ringing. So don be a husband afraid of your wife! Hahaha! ” teased me avenge my defeat earlier.

”Ah, you
e still single bro. Just be careful when you have a wife later, I swear you won have anything to do with her! ” Marcel replied with a blushing face.

”No, I will rule over my wife later! ” I boasted sure.

”Never mind, lets just go home. Tomorrow we have to cool down! ” invite Didu to finally mediate the debate between us. Finally we left the Cafe with our respective cars. With high speed I cross the streets that have been quiet and deserted. It didn take long, I had arrived in front of my house.

No, my parents house to be precise. I slowly opened the door and entered the house with the key that I always carry with me. After closing the door behind me I walked slowly to my room. The dark atmosphere of the room made me have to sharpen my eyes.

Its not funny when I suddenly bump into Mamas favorite flower vase which costs tens of millions.

”You are like a thief in your own house Hisham. Sneaking around like a thief! ” my mom cried and suddenly all the room became brightly lit. Mama and Papa were standing straight in the threshold, their faces looking very angry. I rushed to them, I shook hands while apologizing.

”Sorry Ma, Pa. Hisyam was so busy watching football that he forgot the time. But Hisyam isn drunk, ” I said softly.

”You, if youve done something wrong, you always make excuses. How long are you go to keep on like this Hisham. How old are you, you
e almost in your 3s. Friends your age, their children are already going to school! ” nagging my mom again.

”Gods match is in the hands of God Ma, when Hisham has to force God to give Hisham a match, ” I replied slowly. Im just afraid that Mama and Papa will raise their blood pressure.

”What did you say, you even brought all God around. Eh Hisyam, Allah will not change your fate if you don change it yourself. Do you think that a soul mate will come to you alone and

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