“Haha! It seems you heard what your brother and nephew said…… Sure, report me to the police! There’s no evidence so I’ll just be questioned and let go!”

As she had said, poison made with magic would disappear after a few hours.
There would be no toxic substances found in Baek No-pyeong’s body or room.
And since the average person needed specialized equipment to detect mana, there was no way she would get caught out in the country like this.
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However, she had no chance against my status window.

“Why are you calling my name?”
“Real name, Gye Chun-hee.
19 years old.
Second class body acting substance secretion user.”
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As her real name and specific ability came out of my mouth, Chun-wol turned pale.

“H-How did you……?”
“I can know anything.
Your file was in the Special High School Mana Crime Bureau.”
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Of course, this was a lie.
Even the ability name itself, it appeared as “toxic secretion/B-class” in the status window, and I didn’t know what it was called in this era, so I just made it up on the spot, and, of course, what I said about the Crime Bureau was also a lie.

However, Chun-wol was completely mortified.


Perhaps she thought there was no point in evading me now, she raised both her hands and began to pray.
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“M-Master! Young master! P-Please have mercy.
W-What should I do? Should I kill the old man? Or rather, should I tell him to rewrite his will? I will do whatever you ask of me!”

I told her.

“Keep him alive.”
“Pardon me?…… Keep him alive?”

The old man had to live on.
Considering I couldn’t earn my own money right now, I needed him to stay alive if I wanted to keep on getting my tuition and living expenses covered.
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If the old man died and my half-brother, Baek Cheol-woo inherited the title and property, or my nephew, Baek Nam-soo took all of the inheritance, what would happen? From that day on, I would not be able to go to school and just become a beggar!

No matter how I went about it, I didn’t think there was a chance for Baek Cheol-woo or Baek Nam-soo to pay for my tuition.
I was a thorn in the side, so why would they spend so much for me to have food, clothes and an education?

‘I can’t have that happen!’

I continued.
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Keep him alive at least until I graduate.
However, don’t keep him too healthy, just keep him breathing like he is right now.
And, of course, don’t let it go the way Baek Cheol-woo or Baek Nam-soo want.
Understood? If you do as I say, I’ll get rid of your files at the Jongno Police Station.”

After hearing this, Chun-wol was even more surprised than earlier,

“C-Can you really get rid of them…?”
“I’m close to Murasaki of Jongno Police Station.
You’re heard that name as well, right? I see him every day because I work with him, and well, hmm! Getting rid of a piece of paper is a piece of cake…….”

Of course, I had only identified her name and ability through my status window, I had never even seen such a document.
As for what I had said about Murasaki from the Jongno Police Station, well, I was in the same squad as his son, so it wasn’t a lie.
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However, Chun-wol had believed me completely, and just continued to thank me.
I spoke condescendingly.

That’s enough…… Oh yes.”

I suddenly asked.

“You, can you by any chance make antidotes as well?”

I asked because I had suddenly thought about Professor Saigane.
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I had suddenly remembered how Professor Saigane still had hives on his face due to the allergic reaction he suffered from the anesthetic poison in the tea house the other day.

I mean, an antidote for anesthetic poisons.
Someone I know is allergic to anesthetic poison…… And he’s been suffering because of his allergy for a while.”
“Well, that I do have.”
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She took out a small bottle about the size of a Bacchus bottle from her chest.
But the glass bottle was tightly wrapped in black paper.

“Why is it wrapped so tightly?”
“Well, it is an antidote, but if it comes into contact with sunlight, it evaporates and becomes anesthetic poison again.
Tell him to take it at night.”

I put it in the inside pocket of my uniform’s top.
Then a question came to my head.
If she had the ability to make anesthetics, as well as antidotes on top of that, wouldn’t her abilities shine through if she applied them in a medicinal field?
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Of course, from what I had seen so far, it was common for Awakened Joseon people to fall into a life of crime, but she was only 19 years old.
What had caused a girl that’s only 19 to do such cruel things? I asked her.

“Anyway, why are you doing this kind of things? Do your parents know about this?”
“……Pfft! If my parents were alive, would I be living like this?”
“Ah…… I’m sorry.
I didn’t know they had passed……”

I apologized for insulting her parents without even knowing the situation.
But Chun-wol continued,

“Dead? Hoho!”

She laughed, and she continued speaking after taking a cigarette from the box she had in her purse and lighting it.
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“I wouldn’t know! They sold me over to a whorehouse when I was younger and ran away, so I don’t know where they are nor if they’re dead or alive! Even if they’re alive, I hope they die!”

I didn’t know what to think.
It was unfortunate, but there was nothing I could do.
Each person had their own circumstances.
Chun-wol flicked the fingers holding her cigarette and said.

“If you are finished, I will get going.”
“Ah, sure…….”
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She flung her hair as she turned around, and I also returned to the main house and went to sleep.


Second day, Sundary morning.

After saying goodbye to the old man, I left my family’s house and came back to Gyeongseong.
As I exited Gyeongseon station, I got into a taxi.

『Hai! Doko ni ikimasu ka?』
“To the Donamjeong tram stop.”
“Ah, you were a Joseon person.
Yes, understood.”
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The driver must have thought I was Japanese.
After all, taxi drivers would have more Japanese customers.

‘Even in the 21st century, I couldn’t take taxis whenever I wanted like this.’

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No matter the era, money is the best…….
I was thinking this to myself as I buried myself into the rear seat, full of satisfaction, but then Takahiro opened the passenger door and got in as if it were natural.
I asked Takahiro.

『What are you doing? Why don’t you go home?』
『……Did I not tell you? The Lady ordered me to accompany you……』

But still, was he planning on following me all the way to the boarding house?

『Hey! There’s no rooms for you in the boarding house!』
『I mean, there are empty rooms but…… Sigh……』

Ham Won-sam and his daughter would probably still be in the hospital, so their room was probably empty.
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The guy eventually did, after all, follow me all the way to the boarding house.
But I couldn’t possible have him use their room, so I had him come into my room, and then I lied down in my room for a bit

‘Damn, there’s nothing to do.
I might as well go to the hospital.’

And I got up.
As I did this, Takahiro, who had been sitting down on his knees on one side of the room, raise his head and asked.

『Where are you going?』
『The hospital.』
『I shall accompany you.』
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I stopped Takahiro, who was about to get up.

『Hey, hey.
You just…… Alright.
If you have time leftover, prepare dinner.』

At that, Takahiro, who was half stood up, stopped and asked, frowning.

『……Dinner, did you say?』
『You came to serve me, right? I mean, the girl that used to prepare me my meals is in the hospital, so I need someone to cook for me.
You know how to cook, right?』
『……Yes, sir.』

So I shook Takahiro off and left the room.
I was putting on my shoes when I heard the sound of the front gate opening.

『Is it here?』
『Yes! It is here.』
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Two men came in, opening the gate.
One of them was the officer I saw at the tea house the other day, an officer wearing a chief inspector police badge.
And next to him was a man in a leather jacket and wearing a hunting cap.

The man wearing the leather jacket glanced at me, and then strode across the yard, opened the door to Ham Won-sam’s room, and then turned to me and asked.

“You’re the student that’s staying here, right? What was it, Shirabayashi Detsuzen? Baekrim Cheol-yeon?”
“……? Yes, why?”
“Where’s Ham Won-sam? And his daughter?”
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The tone of his voice as he asked me this was rude, so I glared at him and answered bluntly.

“He was hurt so he is in the hospital…… What is it?”
“What? This guy is treating me like a 「bakani」 just because I’m a sen-jin detective…….”

The guy in the leather jacket mocked me saying I was taking him for a fool, snorted, and then pulled out his wallet from inside his jacket and showed it to me as he said.

“I’m Special Detective Kang, with the Gyeongseong-bu Jongro Police Station.
This man is Chief Inspector Tanimura Ichiro.”

I had seen the chief inspector a few days ago, but special? Did he mean the Special High Police when he said “special”? They were a police force that arrested people for being thought criminals and what now but…… What was such a terrifying person doing here?
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The man who identified himself as Detective Kang put the wallet back into his pocket and continued.

“Anyway, we don’t have business with Ham Won-sam today.
We came here because we have business with you.”
“With me?”
You were at the tea house during the robbery the day before yesterday, right? Chief Inspector Tanimura here says he saw you.”

Detective Kang pointed at the Chief Inspector next to him.
Yeah, that man did write my name down that day.
I answered.
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“What about it?”
“Yeah, we arrested the robber and let him go again…… But he went missing last night and was found dead this morning.
So you who are an Awakened who had connections with him, have also been identified as a suspect – is what I’m getting at.
Let’s talk about the details after first getting to the police station.”


“I’m a suspect……?”

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