and smacked it heavily on the monkeys head. ”STAY PUT! MONKEY! ”

Thud! Thud! Thud!

Consecutive sounds travelled in the kitchen, each one taking more time then the previous one.

After about 7 hits, Ferrins hand slipped and the chair fell down, his chest rose up and down heavily, his mouth open wide trying to catch his breath.

Seeing the motionless monkey seemed to have brought down his adrenaline level slightly.

Suddenly, the monkey opened one of its eyes and peeked at Ferrin.

”…Shit! ” Ferrin almost wanted to slap himself. Why did he stop when the monkey hadn even started bleeding?

”EEE! ” The monkey screamed loudly, realising it had been caught, in a desperate bid to free itself, it started struggling with all its might and flipped the fridge from atop its body and jumped to its feet.

Ferrin didn dare enter a staring contest and hurriedly jumped backwards, his back touching the kitchens counter, sweat poured down heavily from his forehead.

Damn! This is something! A grin stretched across Ferrins face as his eyes landed on a knife, some distance from his hand. His eyes glanced towards the monkey who had its claws outstretched, ready to pounce on him.

Do it! Ferrin jumped towards the knife, almost at the same time as the monkey who jumped towards Ferrin.

Ferrin reached out and grabbed the knife, his heart throbbing uncontrabbly. His sudden jump caused the monkey to slam into the counter, Ferrin didn waste the opportunity and did a small spin before slamming the knife into the monkeys back.

”Eee! ” The monkey screamed in pain and grabbed its way atop the counter-top.

Seeing the blood dripping from the monkeys back, Ferrin felt relieved, thankfully its dumb skin wasn tough to the point of resisting knifes.

The monkeys resentful gaze lingered across Ferrin followed short by its bushy tail.


Ferrin swiftly ducked, barely escaping the swift and nimble tail.

Yea! Keep going baby! Ferrin felt ecstatic at his cool duck… wondering if he had been a martial artist in one of his lives.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

The monkeys tail travelled back and forth a few times causing Ferrin to constantly get up and down like he was doing sit-ups.

Nice weight-loss training! Sadly my stamina is already limited, think fast! I can go on like this! Ferrin dashed back and grabbed and chair, he clenched it tightly and hurled it towards the monkey, causing it to jump down.

He grabbed another chair and once again threw it at the monkey, causing it to use its tail to smash it away.

The tail shifted momentum mid-flight and came for Ferrin.

Shit! Mom is behind me! Ferrin gulped nervously and braced himself for the impact.

Boom! Thud!

Ferrin crashed heavily into the top of the dinning table before sliding away due from the glass cover and falling on to the ground.

”AWWW! ” A wretched scream came out of Ferrins mouth, the pain caused him to fell like he was about to die any second.

The monkey grinned savagely and jumped across the table and landed ontop of Ferrin, ”Kekekeke! ”

The table flipped pretty cleanly, the monkey ignoring the pain on its back slapped Ferrins chubby face heavily, causing the latters whole world to go for a ride.

”KEKEKE! ” The monkey laughed manically, fingers brilliant after finally returning the many favours.

”WHATS SO FUNNY ABOUT HITTING MY SON, HUH? ” An exceptionally enraged scream erupted from behind the monkey, causing it to vigilantly turn its head.

But it was too late, Arias hand clasped around the knifes edge and pulled pulled down with ever ounce of her strength and weight.


”KEEE! ” The monkeys skin tore apart, the knife was whole embedded inside it and most likely had reached its backbone. The monkeys head fall down lifelessly atop Ferrins chest.

”Ferrin! ” Arias enraged face instantly lost all strength, turning ashen as she hurriedly pushed aside the monkeys body and reached out for Ferrin.

Despite not being able to see clearly,

Ferrin clearly recognised the warmth around him. His hand weakly arose and pointed towards the monkey, his lips quivered but he failed to speak aloud.

Aria glanced at the monkey and looked at Ferrin, her eyes became resolute as she placed him gently on the ground and went towards the monkey, she pulled out the knife and stabbed it heavily into the monkeys head.

… Aria fearfully gazed at the monkey, her fingers trembled as she pondered about having taken a life.

Ferrin felt something revitalising his body, instantly his body became vigorous again. He weakly stood up and went towards the monkey, seeing its lifeless state, his previous experience told him that… this tenacious faker was still alive.

A cold grin stretched across his face as he took out the knife, as the knife was pulled out, the monkeys eye opened abruptly, coming face to face with Ferrin who was eerily close to its face.

”EE- ” The monkeys scream came to an abrupt half as the knife in Ferrins hand once again pushed deep into its skull.

Puchi! Puchi! Puchi!

Ferrin, admits his crazy rampage, whilst shocked Aria into numbness felt something drilling inside his body and imprinting itself inside him. The process didn feel weird but actually somewhat soothing, even the last of his pain vanished after that feeling.

Ferrin finally calmed down, seeing the unsightly monkey corpse, he spat on it and spoke coldly, ”Don scare my mom like that again, you scum! ”

Arias eyes widened slightly, the tears welling up inside her eyes finally letting out slowly. Her figure dashed forward and tightly hugged Ferrin.

”My son, sniff, don , sniff, don do such things again! ” Aria rubbed her face again his cheek, feeling her heart which had been madly throbbing since Ferrin rushed out from beneath the table till now, finally starting to ease up.


The warmthful and lovely feeling welling up inside Ferrin suddenly came to a halt, replaced by a pungent cold. He fearfully pushed Arias hand away, whose breath had stopped due to the horrifying scream and dashed towards the window, his eyes once again lying upon the tge gigantic, skyscraper size king monkey.

Damn! Why is that monstrosity heading this way? Ferrins eyes shook in fear, he could feel his whole body trembling in suppression.

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